This was insane. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

One hand tightened on her hip and the other traveled up her spine, leaving delicious shivers in its wake. “Probably not,” he admitted.

Good to know they were on the same page, but she didn’t pull away and neither did he. That traveling hand of his delved deep into her hair and cradled the nape of her neck. Her breath came out in short bursts.

“Chad…” She trailed off as the hand on her hip skated down, cupping her rear. Heat exploded through her core.

His lips were a hairsbreadth from hers, tantalizingly close. “Yeah, we shouldn’t be doing this.” His voice was a low growl. “But can you tell me you don’t want this?”

Bridget knew she should, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. She couldn’t look away from the intensity of his gaze.

“Didn’t think so,” he said, and lowered his head. His lips brushed against her lower one, and her hands tightened on his shoulders. “You want this as badly as I do.” To punctuate his words, his moved against her, and she bit back a moan. “Isn’t that right, Bridget?”

Oh, she did.

Chad made another slow, teasing sweep against her mouth. “Admit it.”

The hand on her ass tightened, and then he lifted her onto the tips of her toes so that his arousal pressed into her core. Her eyes drifted shut and her mouth opened. When he kissed her, his tongue slid over hers and then across the roof of her mouth, and she moaned softly.

“Admit it,” he said against her lips.

She shook her head.

He smiled and slipped his hand away from her neck, down to her aching breast. At first, his hand just skimmed over the swell, eliciting a muffled whimper from her. Then his thumb found the hardened peak and teased the nub until he was breathing as heavily as she was.

“I want to hear you say it, Bridget.” His thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple, and she cried out. A smug, satisfied grin split his lips. “Bridget?”

She clamped her mouth shut.

Challenge flared in Chad’s eyes. Letting go of her rear, he let her slide down and then both hands were on her breasts. Lowering his head, he caught the other peak in his mouth and suckled through the thin cotton. She cried out as pleasure rolled through her.

“Say it,” he teased, biting down gently.

Bridget could barely think around what he was doing. His fingers teased one nipple as his mouth tortured the other. He backed her up, until she was pressed against the glass shower door. The coolness against her back and the hotness on her front sent her mind spinning.

As he sucked harder, he slid a hand down her belly and over the flare of her hip, then to her front. He slipped his hand between her thighs, his fingers moving down the seam of her pajamas, creating a wild friction. Her hips rolled against the movement as she pressed her head back. She went wet between her legs, so close to release already she was sure her heart was going to explode in her chest. Her body shuddered.

Then Chad let go, taking a step away from her. His hands closed into fists at his sides as he stood before her, and she could see the length of his arousal pushing against his jeans. He stared at her like a man on the verge of losing all control.

“Say it, Bridget, or God help me…”

A wicked thrill went through her. “Yes.”

“Yes to what, Bridget?” The deepness in his voice stroked her.

An unbearable heat built. “Yes. I want you.”

Bridget had never seen a man move so fast. His arms were around her, his lips demanding and ravishing. Chad spun her around and they were moving backward, out of the bathroom, his mouth never leaving hers. His hands were everywhere, on her hips, her breasts, sliding between her thighs.

They didn’t make it to the bedroom.

When the back of her legs hit the couch, he hooked his fingers under the hem of her tank top. Not giving her much of a chance to feel self-conscious, he tugged the material up and over.

Standing back at arm’s length, she saw the muscles in his shoulders and chest bulge and tense, taking her breath away. “You’re so beautiful,” he said in a way that made it sound like a prayer of sorts.

Her heart fluttered crazily as she stood before him, letting him take his fill of her. A flush stole down her neck and traveled farther south. She’d never stood like this before, letting a man soak her in. She felt intensely vulnerable, and in the same respect, deeply powerful.

Chad moved forward and when he placed a hand on her cheek, she swore it trembled. “So fucking beautiful,” he said again, kissing her gently.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

He smiled, and his hands settled on her shoulders, pushing her down until she was on her back and he was kneeling over her. Then his lips were on the swell of her breasts. As he laved and suckled, his other hand slipped between her legs to her core. She pressed against his palm as she skated her fingertips down the hard planes of his chest and his stomach, and then lower.

His growl of approval brought a smile to her lips. Then he was tugging her bottoms down and she lifted up, aiding in the process. Their eyes met and air punched out of her lungs.

There was definitely no going back from this, as wrong or crazy as it may be.

Chad’s hard thigh parted hers, and then he was cupping her. A finger slid inside her slick folds, setting up a mind-blowing rhythm as his mouth captured her soft cries.

Unlike last time, she was going to touch him.

Bridget tugged his jeans down his legs and his hard, hot length landed on her thigh. Good Lord, he was big—bigger than she expected. She wrapped her hand around the base of him and he stilled, his finger deep inside her.

“Bridget,” he ground out. “If you touch me, I’m not going to last. I want you too badly to play around.”

His words hummed in her blood, melting her into a pool of heat. She wanted him to lose control, to prove just how affected he was by her. Bridget’s hand slid down the smooth length of him, and she loved how his body jerked at her touch. She did it again, and he rewarded her by slipping another finger deep inside her. Her thumb smoothed over the head and his tongue speared her mouth. They moved against each other, their hips straining. A tremble ran through Chad, transferring to her. Every muscle locked up. Chad’s movements picked up pace, his fingers going in and out of her as she moved her hand over his pulsing sex.

When he pressed down on the bundle of nerves, her world tilted and then blew apart. His kisses caught the sound of her release as she shattered, her body spasming against him and her hand tightening on his sex. Chad let out a ragged groan as he punched his hips in her hand. As aftershocks rocked her core and her entire being, Chad came with a roar, his big, hard body shaking against her softer one.

As he settled down, she tentatively moved her other hand to his bent head, running her fingers through his hair. He turned into the touch, tilting his head to the side. Dark lashes framed his cheekbones as she stroked him. They stayed like that for several heartbeats, and then he opened his eyes.

“I’m not done with you,” he said. “Not yet. Not until I’m deep inside you.”

She felt him thicken and harden against her belly, and a shudder rocked her. Oh yeah, she liked the sound of that. Her body was primed and so, so ready.

Chad prowled over to her, and she felt good caged in between those powerful arms, but when he kissed her flushed forehead and then the tip of her nose, she lost a little of herself forever. The sweet gesture swept through her, and she squeezed her eyes shut against the sudden rush of tears.

There was nothing sexy about what he just did, not sexy in the way it was all about two bodies coming together with one goal in mind. The act was something lovers did, and her heart swelled so fast she was afraid she was going to say something stupid and horrifying.

They wanted each other—yes. There was a mutual, powerful attraction between them—yes. He was going to bring her pleasure she had never imagined—yes. But none of that changed the fact that they were pretending to date. There were no feelings. No future. All made worse by the fact that Chad could be incredibly charming.

But having sex with him, forming that kind of intimate bond, was going to be so much harder to break and get over when this month ended and she never saw him again.

Bridget had gotten her heart broken before, and she really didn’t want to experience that crushing weight again—not with someone like Chad, whom she doubted she could easily recover from.

For the second time, she put the brakes on what was happening between them.

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she pushed. It wasn’t a hard push, but he stilled and stared down at her with eyes the color of the deepest, clearest oceans. “What?”

She took a stuttered breath. “I think…I think we should stop here.”

His eyes searched hers intently, seeking answers she was unwilling to give up easily. “I know you want this.”

“I do.” Oh God, did she ever. It took all of her effort to keep her body still. “But this is going to just make things complicated, right?” She pulled her hands back and closed them into loose fists in the air between them. “And at the end of December you’re going to go your own way and…and I’m going to go mine.”

Chad stared down at her. For a moment, she thought he might say something about not denying what they both wanted, and oddly she almost wanted him to try to convince her otherwise, to change her mind and…and what? Work for this? This was nothing.

He slid off her and quickly pulled up his jeans. “Yeah, you’re right. We wouldn’t want to complicate things.”

Chapter Sixteen

Over the next two weeks, things progressed as planned. To the public and the Nationals, their relationship was a blossoming love affair of epic proportions. Even Miss Gore was starting to think that something real was going on between them.

“Are you taking her to buy a gown for the Christmas event?” she asked, eyeing him above the rim of her glasses.

Chad pressed the up arrow on the treadmill, hoping to drown out Miss Gore’s voice and his own internal annoying-as-hell voice. They’d done the required three dates a week and the stay-over on the weekend, but since the night on the couch, things had been tense. It wasn’t that they weren’t getting along, because they were. They were getting along “famously,” as Miss Gore had put it. Yesterday, he’d taken Bridget to the clubhouse and taught her how to hold a curveball, a change-up, and a fastball. She was ridiculously horrible at positioning her fingers, to the point it was entertaining.

Afterward, they’d had lunch at Hooters down the road with Tony.

Tony liked Bridget, more than Chad appreciated, which was stupid, because God knew they didn’t want to “complicate” things.

Things were already fucking complicated.

Not to mention he was jerking off like he was in damn high school again. Thirty years old, a pro athlete, and richer than sin, and he was jerking off every day instead of getting off in a woman. That’s what his life had come down to.

But the even more fucked up thing was that he still could get a piece if he wanted to. Hell, he knew how to be discreet when he chose, but he didn’t. He didn’t want anyone except the redheaded vixen. Copyright 2016 - 2024