Trust or no trust, the man simply turned her on like nothing else. She wasn't exactly sure how a simple attraction could have blown up to a need of this level. His dismissive attitude should have turned her off, which it did, mostly, but everything else about him turned her on. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair, trace his tattoo from his jaw to his c**k with the tip of her tongue, stare into his beautiful cold gray eyes as he slid inside of her and of course her new secret obsession, she wanted suck on the head of his c**k while she flicked the piercing with her tongue.

Yeah, this was pretty sad. Maybe becoming a Pyte had screwed with her wiring, she idly thought as Caine turned his attention to her other nipple and brushed the tip of his finger against her clit. As she tried to find the willpower to push him away and do the right thing her legs parted, giving Caine more access to work.

"Good girl," he growled approvingly as he moved his mouth from her aching nipple down her stomach, kissing and nibbling his way down to where she needed him most.

So, they'd never be friends and he'd probably hate her forever after this, but really, did it matter? Their friendship had ended years ago and he hadn't exactly been acting like he was eager to pick up where they left off. By ha**ng s*x with him, and she hoped that it was really great sex, she couldn't possibly ruin anything. They'd have sex, get further away from the Master after them, hopefully have sex again, and then go their separate ways.

Sure they'd probably run into each other once every other century, but that was to be expected with being immortal, something she was still having a hard time wrapping her mind around, but they'd keep it polite and continue to go their separate ways. As long as they kept their focus on escaping they should be fine, she decided as she rolled her hips, forcing his finger to go right where she needed it to be.

Really, when she thought about it, she was helping him by having mind blowing, God willing, sex with him. He had drugs, which were like a poison for Pytes, in his system and by ha**ng s*x with him she would help force some of it out of his system. At least that's what she convinced herself of when she reached down and threaded her fingers through his hair, giving it a slight tug and forcing his head up so that she could get the kiss her lonely lips needed before she shoved him back and straddled him to put them both out of their misery.

Just as she moved to lower her mouth to his he spoke, wrecking everything.

"I need you this one time, just to take the edge off. As soon as I find another woman I'll leave you alone," he swore almost desperately as he moved to take her mouth in what would have probably been a life altering kiss, but instead she shoved him back.

"Unbelievable," Danni snapped, ignoring his determined look as he moved to grab her once again, and climbed out of the car, pulling her shirt tightly around her as she stormed off towards the woods. She caught sight of the full moon hovering in the clear sky as she hopped over a downed log. Well, at least she didn't have to worry about rain, she thought bitterly as she fought against crying for the second time in years.

She might have been able to convince herself that sex with Caine didn't mean anything, but deep down on some level she knew she'd been lying her ass off.

Chapter 22

"Get back here, Danni," Caine snapped, trying to control the anger and need battling for control inside him.

"Go to hell," she said in a bored tone as she hopped over another downed tree and kept going.

"I'm already there," he muttered as he carefully adjusted the painful erection straining the front of his boxer briefs with a shaky hand.

She simply snorted and kept going, oblivious to the struggle he was battling. He needed her so f**king badly at the moment that he could hardly walk straight and did she care? No, she got him worked up and just when he was about to take her, she shoved him away and left him in agonizing pain. He would have gone after her as soon as she stormed off, but he found himself in a peculiar position of being unable to move without sharp pain shooting through his c**k and making him wish for death.

He tried to take himself in hand, picturing a beautiful na**d woman spread and ready for him, but each and every time the woman's face would shift and he'd be staring at Danni lying naked, panting and wet and his damn c**k would somehow swell up more, leaving him with no choice but to stop. For ten minutes he'd been forced to sit there, panting and trying not to cringe every other second when his c**k screamed in need and the drugs coursing through his veins simmered to a boiling point.

Once he could move without feeling like he was going to vomit, he went after her, determined to have what was his and she was his. When she walked away from him it felt like someone was tearing him in half and he knew that she belonged to him. He was done playing around. The second his blood mixed with hers she became his mate. She might not realize it yet, but she would. He had no doubt that she was ignoring the same instincts that he had ignored since the moment he changed her.

It didn't matter that he didn't want her, by changing her he had laid a claim on her that he could no longer deny. If it hadn't been for the drugs in his system he'd probably be able to ignore that fact for a while longer, but he knew deep down that a day would have come when he realized that she was his and he would have moved heaven and hell to get to her.

The need to mark her was nearly as overwhelming as the need for release. He would have both and he would have them with her. None of the other bullshit mattered right now and he knew if the Master managed to find them right now he would kill every last man he sent in order to get to her. Once he had her beneath him he would be done with her.

For now.

When he was sure that no one was on their trail he would hide her somewhere safe, somewhere secluded where he wouldn't have to worry about another male going after what was his. After he assured her safety he would go after the Master who orchestrated this whole mess and made him give Danni the life he never wanted for her. Then he would go after Greg, he thought with a feral smile.

He had plans for that little bastard and he planned on taking his sweet time. Of course, the Sentinel Council would put out an order for his capture after he was done with Greg, but he really didn't care. He had no plans on going back to work for them since he knew what would happen to him as soon as they discovered that he'd turned Danni.

This time they wouldn't catch him. There was nothing and no one that mattered to him in this world and the one weakness they might have been able to use a few weeks ago was now protected. Since he knew that the Council would be more interested in getting Danni to come back to them and continue working for them he didn't fear for her safety, he just didn't want the Council on his ass for the rest of his life and that is exactly what would happen when they discovered that he'd turned her.

No, the best thing for everyone concerned was for Danni to go into hiding and for him to continue on with his existence, after he took care of a few problems that is. Once he was done tying up a few loose ends he would....

Well, he didn't know what he wanted to do, but he knew what he couldn't do. He couldn't go back to work for the Sentinels and he couldn't keep Danni with him. She was a distraction that he didn't need or want. She was just an old responsibility that he f**ked up and made into what his body thought was its mate.

She wasn't, he told himself even as he longed to pull her into his arms and comfort her. He didn't give a f**k why she was mad. The only thing that he cared about was the fact that she turned him on like nothing else and then left him when he thought he would die if he didn't slide inside of her. Copyright 2016 - 2024