Carson peered and the baby and smiled. “Hey, girlie. I hope that red hair means you’re gonna be a feisty hellion who gives your mama as much trouble as she gave me.”


“She is a beauty,” he said softly. “Like her mama. And her grandmamma.”

Keely teared up but she held it together.

“There ain’t pictures of my mom around, but she was a natural redhead,” Carson offered.

Jack kissed his daughter’s head and pulled the hat back down. “When I called my mom, she said her mother was a redhead.”

“After all the dark-haired babies born into this family...leave it to Keely to do something different.”

It’d been a long day for everyone, so Carson and Carolyn stayed about ten minutes.

Jack walked them to the elevator.

Before Carson got in, he clapped Jack on the back and choked out, “Now, son, you’ll know.”

“Know what?”

“Why I am the way I am about my daughter. Now you’ll know what it’s like to have a baby girl who lights up your entire world.”

The doors closed, leaving Jack feeling like he and Carson McKay had finally found common ground after all.

All Knocked Up: Chapter Three

Two months later...

“Keely, I think she’s hungry.”

“Again?” Keely put the lid on the potatoes and walked over to where Jack stood, holding Piper. The man was always holding Piper. If he was home, their daughter was in his arms. He was a doting father absolutely smitten with their child. They both were just giddy about their girl.

They’d adjusted to parenthood much quicker than expected. Mostly because Piper was a ridiculously good baby. She slept for a few hours at a time and only had one fussy night feeding. And Jack insisted on handling that one.

Keely peered at Piper’s face as she wiggled and made snuffling, working-up-to-a-big-cry noises. She stroked her chubby cheek. Immediately Piper turned and rooted around looking for food. “Poor starving girl.”

“Get settled. I’ll bring her to you.”

She planted herself in the middle of the couch and lifted her shirt. She hadn’t been sure how she’d do nursing, but so far so good. And her boobs were huge, which caused more discomfort, and less look at my huge hooters! pride than she’d imagined.

Jack handed Piper off to her, but sat on Keely’s left side, snuggled close to watch their baby feed.

Keely breathed a sigh of relief as the tiny mouth latched onto the nipple and her milk let down.

“I can’t believe how big she’s getting.”

“Gavin said she’ll be asking for the car keys before we know it.”

He shuddered. “I can’t even imagine. Let’s enjoy every second of her being entirely helpless.”

Later that night, after Piper had been tucked into her bassinet, Keely lingered in the bathroom, psyching herself up.

So they hadn’t had sex in eight weeks. Getting back into the swing of it shouldn’t be hard, right?

Keely’s image in the bathroom mirror didn’t answer her.

She sucked in her stomach, but the pouch of fat didn’t budge. But if she was lying down, then her stomach would look flat. Maybe even sort of close to her pre-pregnancy size.

She fluffed her hair into the just-tumbled-out-of-bed style Jack loved. Although lingerie would hide the curvier aspect to her ass and hips, getting it on was too much trouble. Her husband tore the lace and satin off her in record time anyway.

Hand on hip, she practiced a “come and get it” smile. Then she opened the door and sauntered into the bedroom.

Jack sat on the edge of the bed. Her gaze tracked his body. He had the sexiest back. Wide shoulders, rippling muscles tapering into a narrow waist. He’d maintained his drool-inducing physique with the same rigorous attention to fitness as he gave to his business.

So what will he think of her extra softness?

Call it what it is, Keely. Not extra softness. Extra pounds.

Man, her body image was for shit today. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.

But when Jack glanced over his shoulder at her, gifting her with his sexy grin, she was pretty much toast.

She crawled onto the bed and followed the curve of his spine with just one finger. She spread her hands over his back, from the bottom of his shoulder blades to the top.

“What are you up to, wife?”

Her damp lips touched his right ear. “Just admiring the view.” She let her mouth connect with his nape as her arms twined around his torso.

Jack released a soft groan when her thumbs brushed over his nipples.

“I love that noise,” she murmured. “I love touching you like this.”

He hissed when she sank her teeth into the arch of his neck.

“I want you, Jack.” Her hands slid down the front of his body to the drawstring on his sweatpants. “I want you in my mouth before you pin me to the mattress and fuck me.”

“The doctor gave you the green light?”

“Uh-huh.” Keely blew in his ear. “Last week. But we’ve been so baby preoccupied or tired, or the timing has been off.” She tugged on his earlobe. “So are we in synch tonight?”

“Perfect synch.”

“Good. Crawl up here and lemme put a smile on your face.”

Jack kissed the tips of her fingers before disentangling her arms. Then he stood and ditched his sweatpants. Not a shock he’d gone commando. She allowed a smug smile she’d already gotten him hard.

He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. Not the sweet, lazy kisses they’d shared over the past two months, but a white-hot explosion of passion. Keely had to wrap her hands around his wrists to keep from toppling over backward.

“Maybe I want you on your knees in front of me,” he said against her lips.

“My idea. I get to be in charge. Besides, do you really care what position I’m in as long as my mouth is around your cock?”

He laughed softly and pulled away. He stretched out on the bed, spreading his legs and resting his hands behind his head like he was watching TV.

“Is this a challenge?” She scooted between his thighs and let her hair swing across his groin, bracing her hands by his hips. “Because I’m up for it.”

“I know you are, cowgirl.”

Her wet tongue followed the rim of his cockhead, stopping only to flick the sweet spot. Or to go round and round the engorged tip until his belly muscles quivered.

Keeping her eyes on his, she parted her lips, opened her throat and swallowed him.


She intended to work him with her mouth. Tease and retreat. Build him up and back off. So when he couldn’t take it anymore, he’d take her. Face to face. Basic boring, missionary style sex. But missionary position was anything but boring with Jack Donohue. It’d been six long months since they’d been able to do it that way. And she couldn’t wait to be pressed beneath the weight of his body and look into his eyes while he made her come undone.

But first she tortured him. Using every trick she’d ever learned with her teeth, her lips, and her tongue to keep him on edge.

Heady stuff, hearing him groan. Feeling his hips buck up. Knowing he clenched his ass cheeks to try and retain some control. Her oral worship of his cock made her equally squirmy. Her skin tingled from her scalp to her toes. Her pussy was drenched.

“Keely. You’re killing me here. I can’t hold off.”

Those were the magic words. She raised her head and trailed her hair up his torso as she levered her body over his.

The next thing she knew she’d been flipped on her back and Jack hung above her. “As much as I love seeing my come on your face, I much prefer the look on your face when I do this.” He plunged into her to the hilt.

Keely arched hard. “Yes. More like that. A lot more.”

Jack pressed a kiss on her collarbone. “Can’t. Gotta slow it down.” He rolled his hips. A steady slide in; a leisurely retreat out.

She drummed her heels on his ass. “Jack. Go faster.”


Her fingers mapped the muscles in his arms. The smooth arc of his shoulders. The strong line of his jaw. “You’re so pretty, GQ.”

“I’m not fucking pretty,” he half-snarled.

“So very pretty,” she whispered in his ear. Her mouth followed the corded tendon in his neck, loving the taste of him on her tongue.

Jack kissed her in that bone-melting way of his, giving her that fluttery feeling in her belly. She thought for sure her “pretty” comment would have him all fired up to prove his rougher side.

Wait…was there another reason he kept the pace so slow besides his need to constantly prove his “me man, me satisfy my woman” mantra? Could there be a…physical difference for him?

“How does it feel?” she panted against his throat.


“Any different? Looser or whatever?”

Jack pulled back and looked down at her. “Feels like I’m making love to my wife after a long stretch of not making love to my wife.” He threaded his fingers through hers and pinned her arms above her head on the mattress. “Watch my face.” His hips began to move again, more forcefully as his cock shuttled in and out of her.

She could never get tired of looking at him. This stunning man who was perfect inside and out. Perfect because he got her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Not a damn thing. Just thinking that I missed seeing you like this, moving above me.”

“I missed it too. And you’re about to get your request for me to move faster.”


He pulled out completely and thrust in fully on every stroke. It was glorious reminder how in tune they were with each other. Such a secret thrill to realize having a baby hadn’t changed this between them.

Her breath caught. So close.

“Come on, buttercup. Take me with you.”

The instant she felt the tingling in her groin, signaling her orgasm was about to start, she felt the other tingling sensation in her breasts. The one indicating that her milk was about to let down. Copyright 2016 - 2024