“Yes. Yes!”

He automatically looked up to watch her as she unraveled, but he couldn’t see over the baby bump. No matter. He could feel the strength of her orgasm pulsing against his lips. Those low-pitched groans of pleasure did it for him every fucking time, and his cock jerked against his fly in anticipation.

Keely didn’t slump back on the bed and sigh when the last pulse faded. She curled her hands around his face. “You rock at that, GQ.”

He dragged an openmouthed kiss from one side of her belly to the other. Keeping his heated gaze on hers, he said, “Stand up.”

Soon as they were both upright Jack claimed her mouth again, twisting a handful of her silky hair around his palm. He maneuvered her against the wall. He let his lips drift on the underside of her jaw, stopping at her ear. “I want to fuck you hard. You all right with that?”

She nuzzled his cheek. “I’m always all right with that.”

“Turn around and brace yourself.”

Keely nipped his jaw hard enough he felt a bite of pain before her saucy, sassy tongue snaked out and soothed the sting. Then she spun around and waggled her ass at him.

Oh, she’d pay for that taunt.

Jack ditched his pants and boxers. Then he swatted her right butt cheek hard, keeping his hand between her shoulder blades when she emitted an indignant yelp. “That one is for whipping your boots at me.”

Her butt cheeks clenched; she knew he wasn’t done.

Jack smacked her left butt cheek. “That one is for throwing a flower pot at me.” Then he slapped both butt cheeks simultaneously, down low, where her ass curved into her thighs. “And that one is because I know how much you love me smacking your ass before I fuck you.” He aligned his cock and filled her with one deep thrust.

Keely lifted her head and moaned. “Just like that.”

Tempting to deny her and stay balls deep in her tight, wet heat. Barely moving. He could come that way, never pulling out fully. It drove her crazy because it took longer to reach the detonation point, even when the explosion was always worth the wait.

But he wanted it hard, fast and without pause. Needing that adrenaline pumping though his body as he bottomed out in her soft cunt on every deliberate thrust.

He pulled out and rammed into her again. And again. Loving the sensation of her softness cushioning his pistoning hips as he pounded into her over and over.

“God, I missed this.”

“Me too.” His heart thundered. His pulse throbbed in his ears, his groin and his neck. It’d been ages since they’d gone at it this intensely; he wouldn’t be setting endurance records because it felt too goddamn good to stop and savor it. “Keely, I can’t—”

“Don’t hold off on my account, Jack. I already came once. Even if I don’t come again, I love it this way.”

His hands gripped her hips as he powered into her. His body urged faster. His brain...well, his brain wasn’t really functioning beyond convincing him his basic life need at that moment was to come.

Six more rapid strokes and he was there.

“Squeeze around me,” he rasped.

Keely bore down with her inner muscles.

His cock jerked, sending blasts of heat against her pussy walls as those muscles clamped down, pulling every bit of seed from his balls. Every bit of reason from his brain.

Every bit of anger and frustration with his wife was gone as well.

Nothing compared to make-up fucking after a big fucking fight. Nothing.

He hadn’t realized he’d been holding his breath until black spots wavered behind his eyelids and he swayed. He reached for the wall.

“Jack? You okay?”

“No.” He laughed. “Sorry that went so fast.”

“Mmm. I’m not complaining since I had another O at the end,” she purred.

He eased out of her body and curled his hands around her shoulders to lift her away from the wall.

“Thanks. I’m a little off-balance these days. And that’s without you fucking me senseless.”

He slid his hands down her chest, stopping to caress her breasts before placing his hands on the outer swell of her abdomen. “Keely, I love you. You are my world. I’m sorry you doubted that even for a second today.”

Keely leaned back into him. “I don’t doubt that. I just miss you. I miss us. I miss us bein’ together nekkid and sweaty like this. I miss spending time with you even if we’re snuggled up on the couch when you’re working on your laptop.”

“I know I’ve been distracted trying to get everything done before baby D’s birthday... I miss you too, cowgirl. So please, come to bed with me,” he murmured in her hair, his body still quaking from sex that always rocked his world.

“I have to go to the bathroom first.” She sighed. “Sorry to dampen the afterglow of hot sex.”

Jack chuckled and kissed her temple. “It’s okay.”

As soon as Keely rolled onto the bed—naked, that was a bonus—Jack pulled her close. “Rest that baby on me for a while.” He wedged his right side under her left side, his stomach bearing the weight of hers, nestling her head on his shoulder and tangling their legs together.

Keely sighed.

He lived for that contented sound. He played with her hair, and placed his other hand on her belly. “Baby been active today?”

“Really active practicing martial arts moves with flying elbows and kicking feet. But naturally it’s asleep now.”

“Did it sleep through...?”

“Us fighting? Or us fucking?”


“Slept through both.”

“Good.” Jack pressed his lips to her forehead. “I’m sorry. About earlier.”

“Me too. We haven’t had a fight for a while.”

He looked down at her with disbelief. “Uh, yeah we have.”


“Last month? When you took after me with a pitching wedge in the driveway? That wasn’t a fight?”

Keely snorted. “No. That was a warning if you left your stupid golf clubs on the front porch again, I’d repurpose them as weapons.”

“So noted.”

“Might come in handy to use on my brothers. Are they gonna show up tomorrow gunning for me because you called them to tattle I was MIA?”

“No. Jesus. Don’t even joke about that. And for the record, I didn’t call your whole family. I called Cam and your mom.” He groaned. “Except your dad answered the phone and demanded details on what I’d done to piss off his daughter now. After nearly four years of marriage I’m still trying to prove I’m good enough for you.”

“I’m a daddy’s girl, what can I say?” She poked him in the chest and teased, “You’ll know what it’s like to have a daughter in, oh, roughly two months.”

“Wrong answer, cowgirl. We are only having boys.”

Keely propped her chin on his shoulder and looked at him. “Jack, we haven’t even discussed baby names.”

“Because we only need one.” He grinned. “Jack junior.”

“Be serious.”

“I am. Our first son will be named Jack Donohue, junior. We can call him JJ.”

She rolled her eyes. “And I suppose a girl would be called what...Jackie?”

“Nope.” Jack kissed her nose. “Because we’re only having sons, remember?”

“Whatever. But no matter the first name, the middle name of every child—boy or girl—will be McKay.”

“Your dad will love that.”

“I could tell him it was your idea,” she cooed with total sarcasm. “That’d earn you some brownie points.”

“I am not a suck-up. And Carson would just think I was a pussy if I acted like one.”

After a while, she said, “We start childbirth classes next month.”

Don’t groan. “I know.”

Keely drew circles on his chest. “Us having a baby hasn’t impacted your life much at all, has it? Besides having to deal with your moody pregnant wife.”

The odd thing was, he’d thought about this, but they’d never discussed it. “Us having a baby hasn’t impacted my life yet,” he emphasized. “So yes, to some extent, I can forget about it while I go about my daily business. But I never forget it’s always there for you. You’re the one literally carrying the load, Keely. The baby is changing your body, your moods, determining what you can and can’t do. I feel like...” He paused, unsure how she’d take his brutal honesty.

“You can tell me anything, no matter how strange it might be.”

“Our baby is some vague concept. I see it moving in you. We’ve readied the nursery, we’ve looked at the ultrasound pics, which is just fucking bizarre because they make me afraid we’re having an alien.”

Keely laughed. “Doesn’t look like a human, that’s for sure.”

“Us being in the family way won’t affect me until you go into labor and I know that baby is coming out—one way or another. So I’m in stasis.”

“That’s how I feel most days too.”

The skin beneath his hand rippled and he watched as an elbow or a knee moved along the surface like a shark’s fin on the water until it disappeared. “Holy shit. Did you see that?”

“I definitely felt it.”

“Does it hurt?”

“A little. Mostly it’s just weird having something living inside me.” She smiled softly—almost serenely and placed her hand over his on her belly. “But it is really freakin’ cool, too.”

Jack tucked a hank of hair behind her ear. “That it is.”

She yawned. “Sorry.”

“I know you’re tired. Can you fall asleep like this?” Keely’s tendency to snuggle up with him at night had ended the fourth month of her pregnancy. He’d missed her sprawled all over him.

“Uh-huh. But I’ll probably wake you when I have to get up in a while and use the bathroom again.”

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