Lindy smiled, more than willing to meet the others and make new friends. She wanted to do everything that was right to be a good wife to Rush. There was so much to learn, so much to remember. Susan was already a valuable friend, and now she was willing to show Lindy the ropes.

When they left the restaurant, several couples stood outside waiting, and Lindy and Rush were bombarded with flying rice.

Rush had chosen a hotel close to the restaurant for their wedding night. He’d checked in before the ceremony and had their luggage delivered to the suite.

"I didn’t think I was ever going to get you alone, Mrs. Callaghan," he whispered to her in the elevator, wrapping his arms around her waist and looking very much as though he wanted to kiss her.

"And exactly what are you planning to do once you have me all to yourself?"

"Oh Lord, Lindy." He breathed in a giant whoosh of oxygen. "You have no idea how hard it’s been to keep my hands off you these past few days."

"Yes, I do," she answered softly, blushing just a little. "Because it’s been equally difficult for me."

The elevator came to a smooth halt and the door glided cheerfully open. With Rush’s hand at her waist guiding her, they walked down the long narrow hallway to the honeymoon suite.

When they reached the room, Rush gently scooped her up and into his arms, managing to hold onto her, juggle the keys and unlock the door.

Rush carried her into the room, slammed the door closed with his foot and gently laid Lindy upon the huge king-size mattress.

Lindy’s arms curled and locked around his neck and, unable to wait a minute longer, she smiled up at him, raised her head and kissed him. Rush groaned and pressed her deeper into the pillows, covering her upper body with his own. Her breasts felt the urgent pressure of his chest, her nipples already tingling with the need to experience his touch. The hammering rhythm of his heart echoed hers and seemed to thunder in her ears. Lindy had waited so long for this night.

Poised above her as he was, Rush’s mouth dipped to capture hers.

"I can’t believe we’re finally here," he whispered, his mouth scant inches above hers.

"I can’t believe we’re actually married."

"Believe it, Lindy." The moist tip of his tongue outlined her bottom lip.

"I’m going to be a good wife to you," she whispered fervently, planting her hands on either side of his face and guiding his mouth to hers, taking his tongue in her mouth. "You won’t regret marrying me – I promise."

"I have no regrets. Dear God, Lindy, how could I?" Again and again his mouth claimed her until she lost count.

"Lindy, Lindy," he whispered against her neck. "I don’t think I can wait much longer – I wanted to do this slow and easy, but already I feel like I’m going to explode, I want you so much."

They kissed again tempestuously, their mouths grinding hard, their tongues meeting. The kissing sparked the coals of their desire with an urgency that left Lindy trembling in its wake.

Reluctantly, his breath coming in uneven gasps, Rush moved away from her enough to start unbuttoning his jacket. Lindy noted that his movements were abrupt, impatient.

With trembling, uncooperative fingers, she reached for the zipper at the back of her gown, letting the satin and lace knee-length dress fall to the floor.

She was about to slip the pale pink camisole over her head when Rush stopped her.

"Let me," he murmured, his eyes consuming her with a need he couldn’t disguise.

She nodded and let her hands fall slack at her sides.

He stood before her – so tall, so solemn, so intent. Lindy could feel the spiraling desire wrap itself around them both, binding them to each other as effectively as any cord. His hands reached for the garment’s hem and she raised her arms to better aid him. The silky material whispered against her skin as he drew it over her torso, and Lindy heard Rush’s soft gasp as her breasts sprang free.

To her surprise, his hands came up to caress her neck and not her breasts. His touch was unbelievably light, as though he feared the slender thread of his control would snap. His hands gently stroked the sloping curve of her neck and then traveled down to her shoulders, his fingertips grazing her soft, smooth skin. Lindy’s eyes grew heavy under the magic he wove around her and her body felt warm and restless. The fresh, clean scent of him filled her and her head rolled to one side. She was caught so completely in the spell he was weaving around her that she feared she might faint with her need for him.

With the softest of touches his hands found her breasts, fitting to their underswell, lifting them, weighing them as though on a delicate balance. The thumb on each hand grazed an already erect nipple. Lindy must have moaned or emitted some kind of sound, because he whispered, "I know, honey, I know."

Something like a flame began to warm the pit of her stomach – Lindy could think of no other way to describe it. The sensation grew more heated and more intense with every passing flick of his thumbs, until her nipples became throbbing velvet pebbles beneath his fingertips. When Lindy was convinced she could endure no more of this sweet torture, Rush lowered his mouth to hers. Gently, moistly, he kissed her lower lip, tugging at it with his teeth. Then he repeated the process and feasted feverishly on the upper.

Rush broke away from her long enough to finish undressing, then lowered himself to the mattress, propped beside her and slightly over her. The hand he slipped beneath her back felt cool and smooth against her heated flesh. He used it to arch her toward him, and she gasped when his hot mouth closed over a breast, feasting on one and then the other in turn.

The fire that had started in her stomach spread its flickering flames through her until Lindy felt she was about to be consumed by the heat Rush had generated.

If he didn’t take her soon, she was convinced she’d melt with her need. Everything in her seemed to be pulsating. Her breasts throbbed and the apex of her womanhood beat its own pagan rhythm until Lindy tossed her head back and forth, trapped in a delirium of sexual tension.

Rush kissed and caressed her endlessly, his mouth exploring her breasts, her soft belly, her long legs until Lindy thought she’d go mad. Every nerve in her body was shouting with need. Once he had reduced her to quivering helplessness, Rush changed positions so that he was poised directly above her.

His knee parted her thighs and she willingly opened to him. Rush guided himself into position so that the tip of his engorged manhood was pressed against her moist opening.

"Lindy," he whispered hoarsely, "I…love…you." With each word his pulsating warmth plunged deeper and deeper into her, until he was so far inside her, so firmly locked within her, she was sure he had reached her soul.

Slowly, gradually he began to move, and his swollen heat created the most delicious, most pleasing friction against the most intimate of her surfaces.

Lindy’s hands clutched at his broad back, wanting him closer, needing him. She was filled with a taut-ness, and indescribable demand that became more intolerable with every heart-stopping stroke until she was sure she would scream.

As she struggled to catch her breath, Rush’s hands caressed her once more, finding her tingling breasts and then the flat of her stomach.

"Rush… oh Rush---" She tossed her head from side to side, completely lost in the pleasure.

"Kiss me," he pleaded. "Give me your tongue." He put a hand under her head, lifting her mouth to his.

Gingerly she explored the hollow of his mouth, running her tongue over his smooth, even teeth. His lower lip was full and when she nipped at it the effect on him was electric. He drove into her again and again, gaining momentum with each thrust until there was only the insistent friction and the sweet, sweet pangs of an all-consuming pleasure. When he climaxed, Lindy felt him throbbing in the innermost recesses of her body and smiled, depleted and utterly content.

Panting, Rush rolled over and pulled her on top of him. He was as breathless as if he’d run for miles, and Lindy’s own breathing was as labored as his. Exhausted, she closed her eyes and pressed her flushed face to his heaving chest, allowed herself to be transported, floating in the warm aftermath of his love.

Lindy slept in his arms and Rush watched her, astonished at the woman who was now his wife. Even though he would do nothing to change the deed, he knew deep in his heart that they should have waited before marrying. But he’d wanted her so desperately, and the thought of losing her had been more than he could bear. So he had sealed their future. It was what Lindy wanted – it was what he wanted.

These past weeks with Lindy had begun to fill the emptiness in his soul. His heart had found a home with her. She had wiped away years of cynicism with her smile, erased the bitterness from his memory with her tenderness, healed him and given him a reason to live.

A thin ribbon of sunlight peeked through the crack in the drapes but Rush dared not raise his wrist to check the time for fear of disturbing Lindy’s sleep. Lord, what a woman he’d found. Twice more during the night they had made love, and each time she had opened herself to him, holding back nothing. As their bodies had come together, their souls had merged as well. Their lovemaking was as Rush had always known it would be. He could hardly bear the thought of waiting six months to love her again. And they only had one night more.

"Rush." She tossed his name over her shoulder. "I’ve got to push your things aside if I’m going to get all my stuff into your closet."

"Then do it," he said, delivering another armful of dresses and blouses to her.

They’d decided to transport her personal things into Rush’s bedroom; she could sleep in his room when he was away, which only made sense.

"I can’t believe you hauled ail this to Seattle in that dinky Rabbit you drive."

"I did."

She was so intent on her task that she didn’t notice that Rush had moved behind her. He slipped his arms around her waist and hugged her, resting his chin on her shoulder, kissing her neck. Lindy finished pushing the hangers to one side before twisting around and shyly kissing him back.

"Is that everything?" she questioned, looping her arms around his neck.

"Just about. You know, there are better ways to spend a honeymoon."

Her lashes fluttered down. "Yes, I know, but…but I thought you’d be exhausted by now. I mean… well, you know."

Rush started unfastening the buttons of her blouse. "I find that you bring out the animal side of my nature."

Already Lindy could feel her body starting to respond. "You seem to be doing the same thing to me."

"We’ve got a million and one things to do," he muttered, but his fingers were intent on only one task.

"I know," Lindy returned, pulling his shirt free from his waistband.

He stripped the blouse from her shoulders and removed her bra. Her breasts stood out firm and round. He fondled each one, then kissed them in turn. "Did I ever tell you about the morning I walked in on you in the bathroom?"

"Yes," she whispered hoarsely.

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