“Still feel like laughing?” he asks in a low, rough voice.

Laughing? What’s laughing? Who’s laughing?

I can’t remember how to speak, and when I don’t answer him, he bends his knees again and pushes up, his erection hitting me right between the legs now that he’s got me spread open for him and still holds my thigh tightly in place on his hip.

“How about now?” he questions in a quieter voice, dipping his head down and pressing his lips to the skin of my neck right under my ear.

Even if I could figure out what words mean and how to use them, I wouldn’t open my mouth to answer him if you paid me all the money in the world. My silence just makes him keep going, and there’s no way in hell I’m stopping anything right now.

His lips make a trail of kisses across the edge of my jaw until he gets to my mouth and pauses before putting those masterful things back where I want them.

“Just to give you a head’s up, I’m gonna touch your ass again. Then I’m gonna kiss you while touching your ass because I really like how it feels in the palm of my hand. Just for the hell of it, I might even touch your tits because they feel really fucking good pressed against my chest right now. Any objections or laughter you need to get out of your system before then?” he asks in total seriousness.

I shake my head frantically back and forth, the tingling between my legs while he spoke growing into a damn inferno while I thought about and anticipated everything he said he would do to me, wanting it more than I want air to breathe right now.

“Excellent. Brace yourself.”

Leo’s mouth crashes to mine again and he swallows my groan of pleasure at the same time his hand slides back up to palm my ass and he pushes his hips harder between my legs.

I see stars, I hear choirs of angels singing, and I most definitely am not thinking about the workings of a pig’s urinary tract. When he pushes his tongue past my lips and kisses me deeper, all I can think about is that tongue pushing into another place on my body and his hands touching more than my ass.

My hips move up to meet him, wanting to feel more of that hardness between my thighs, wondering how in the hell I’ve gone thirty years without ever experiencing this kind of heat and need for another person and the crazy, insane notion that the person I’m feeling it with is someone I’ve known practically my whole life.

Leo lets out a groan from the back of his throat when my thigh tightens around his hip to pull him into me harder. My hands move from his shoulders to grab onto fistfuls of his hair at the back of his head, clutching and tugging on it to make sure he keeps his mouth on mine and never stops kissing me. My back slides up and down the wall with each slide of his hips between my legs and when my toes leave the floor, I take the opportunity to wrap my other thigh around his waist to join the first one. I’m so lost in the moment, clinging to him like he’s a tree I want to climb, that I don’t hear the creak of the stairs until it’s too late.

“OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD!” Emma Jo shouts in surprise.

Leo throws his arms up in the air like he’s being held at gunpoint and moves away from me so quickly that I slide down the wall and land in a heap on the floor.

“Heeeeey!” I complain, scrambling back up to my feet and rubbing my sore ass that slammed against the hard ground.

“I’m sorry! Oh, my God, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were still awake, and I didn’t know Leo was here, and I’m sorry! Oh, my God!” Emma Jo rambles, throwing a hand over her eyes.

“You don’t have to cover your eyes now, the show is clearly over,” I deadpan, shooting Leo a glare for dropping me on my ass. The same ass he just told me he really liked and I can’t believe he would let that kind of harm come to it.

“Sorry,” he mouths to me with a sheepish grin and a shrug of his shoulders before turning to face Emma Jo. “Sorry about that, Emma Jo. Did we wake you?”

“Nope, no, not at all. I just got up to get something to drink. Don’t mind me, feel free to carry on with…whatever,” she tells us with one hand still covering her eyes and the other one making some sort of circular motion in our direction before she turns around and runs face-first into the wall behind her. “I’m fine, it’s okay, I’m fine!”

Walking around Leo, I rush over to Emma Jo. Grabbing her by the shoulders, I turn her to face me, reaching up and pulling her hand away from her eyes.

“Seriously, we’re done here,” I inform her.

“We’re nowhere close to being done here,” Leo says from behind me.

Emma Jo laughs and I roll my eyes, shooting him another glare over my shoulder since my bruised ass is a little pissed off at him right now.

There’s a light knock at the front door and when I move to answer it, Leo holds up his hand to stop me, stalking over to it and asking who it is.

“It’s Buddy, I saw your car out front. You got a few minutes?” we hear through the door.

Leo pulls it open and steps back, motioning for Buddy to come inside. Buddy lifts his foot to move, glances up and sees Emma Jo standing behind me, and immediately puts his foot back down and shuffles backward out onto the porch.

“You know what, I’ll just wait out here. It’s fine. Don’t want to impose or anything. How are you doing this evening, Mrs. Jackson?” Buddy shouts from out on the porch.

“Um, I’m fine. Uh, and you?” Emma Jo yells back.

“Fine! Just fine. Everything’s good,” he replies loudly.

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