“There was no wrong done on your part. It just wasn’t meant to be.” I wish I had known because neither of us would have chosen that fate for her. She loved life and deserved to live.

Sebastian steps forward. “There’s one last bit of news.” He appears happy–probably the happiest I’ve seen him. “Anteros has the ability to reunite me with Ella in a parallel world–much like the one where you join your agápe when you share your special connection. It’s what I want but joining her means leaving all of you behind and I’ll never return again.”

Ella is Sebastian’s heart so he deserves nothing less than our full support. “We’ve had a great run, my friend. You’ve taught us well and your work will continue to be done here but it’s time for you to be reunited with your beloved.” I hug my teacher. My confidant. My friend. “You will be missed greatly.”

We say our goodbyes but I’m not sad about Sebastian’s departure. I’m happy for him because the vampire mate within me understands. He must go to his agápe.

And in the blink of an eye, he is no longer with us. Vanished–gone to be reunited with his beloved.

But Anteros remains. “Curry and Solomon, you will train Abel in the ways of the Landra. The fighting techniques you use to apprehend and tame out of control vampires will become vital if you are to defeat Marsala and the army she is building.”

“And our agápes?” Curry asks.

“They will be turned and trained after your children are weaned.”

I’m frightened for Avery. I’m not sure she’s cut out for vampirism and battles.

“I can do this, Sol.” She senses my fear.

Anteros hears the exchange of words between us. “None of you should waste time worrying about your agápe’s transition. They will adjust quickly and become exceptionally powerful because of what they already are. Their strength will double yours and triple that of any young vampire they meet on the battlefield.” That was a plus. If Marsala was building an army then they would all be fledglings.

I want Avery to be strong if she’s to fight but I’m not sure how I feel about her having the ability to overpower me.

She laughs because she’s so good at deciphering my thoughts. “Don’t be that way, Sol. You might like being subdued. It could be really hot but let’s face it. I’ve never needed physical strength to have my way with you.”

So this is my fate. A beautiful agápe wife. Two lovely, healthy daughters and more happiness than I deserve. Not bad if I do say so myself.

I entered Vincent Godfrey’s house months ago believing I was part of the plan to rescue Avery–a mysterious blood jewel–yet she was the one to rescue me. I couldn’t have envisioned her in my sweetest fantasy but Avery Violet Ferrand Alexander isn’t imaginary. She is real. And my dream come true. For eternity.

The End

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