“Ugh, I think you might be right.” She got to her feet and brushed her teeth. Sitting on the toilet, she reached into a drawer, and pulled one out. “I bought them when we first moved in. They were on sale, and I love bargains.” She forced a smile to her lips. “Seems silly now.”

“It’s not silly.”

She took a breath. “This could be it. We could be having a baby.” Opening the test, she read the instructions. “Do you want to give me some privacy?”

He covered her hand. “Before we do this, there is something I want to say.”

Anya bit her lip, staring into his dark eyes.

“I love you. I’ve never known what love is, and I honestly didn’t think I’d ever feel it, but with you, I do. This is love. I love you, Anya.”

“You love me.”

“Yeah. Even if you’re not pregnant, I don’t care. I only care about you. I want you. This pregnancy, it’s something I want, but it’s you.”

“I love you,” she said, tears filling her eyes. “I’ve known for a while, but I was scared to tell you. I didn’t know if you’d like me to be that honest or not. We’re so different, and I didn’t know what to say, or what to do.”

He slammed his lips down on hers, taking away all protest or fear. “Hiring you was the best thing I ever did. It took us some time but we’re together now, and that’s all I care about.”

Holding on to him, she was the happiest she had ever been.

“Let’s see what the news is.”

“If you’re not pregnant, we’re going to the hospital.”

She smiled. “I can’t pee on this thing with you looking.”

“I’ll give you some privacy.”

He left the bathroom, and she couldn’t stop smiling. Taking a deep breath, she read the instructions again, and peed on the stick.

“We have two minutes, and we’ll know the truth,” she said, opening the door.

Xavier took her hand, and for two minutes he stared at his clock. Two minutes when waiting for an answer, were the longest two minutes ever.

Anya stared at them. He moved behind her, keeping his gaze on his watch, as he wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s time.”

Stepping toward the stick, she picked it up, and they both screamed their excitement. She was pregnant. They were both pregnant.

A knock on their bedroom door, had them both rushing forward. Logan was rubbing his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m so sorry, sweetie,” Anya said, going to her knees, she pulled him close, kissing his cheek. “We have some good news.”

“You’re going to be a big brother, Logan. We’re going to have a baby.”

Logan smiled.

When they had first told him that they were planning to have more children, babies, he’d been worried that they would send him back to the foster home. They had told him that no matter what, he was their son, and they wouldn’t be giving him back.

He hugged her tightly and giggled.

They were all laughing, and enjoying the moment. Xavier couldn’t stop kissing her. He spoke to her stomach, kissing her, and telling their baby that he or she was going to be loved so, so much.

They had a small family now. The penthouse in the city he kept for late nights at the office. If he wasn’t going to make it home, Anya traveled with Logan for them to spend time with him. She didn’t want them to be apart, or to miss any chance of them being together.

“What do you say to huge stacks of pancakes?” she asked.

“Yes!” Logan said, screaming.

He rushed outside of their bedroom. Anya made to follow, but Xavier caught her arm, pulling her back.

“What is it?” she asked.


He pulled her to him, and claimed her lips, the passion shocking her, the love delighting her.

“I feel I need to wake up.”


“I never thought I could be this happy,” she said.

“Me neither. I used to dream of these moments. Of being close to someone, and finding someone who’d want the same things that I did.”

“Nothing is going to change.” She cupped his cheek. “I’ll always be yours.”

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