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Regarding Greem’s gratefulness, Mary expressed her disdain.

Mary lightly snorted, then the remaining pool of blood entwined her body fully, transforming into an exquisite red dress.

Greem called back his Demon Alligator and decided to rush back to Adept Tower but Mary, who had just recovered suddenly turned her head and stared at a random direction with her emerald green eyes.

“Wait, what is that thing?”

Greem was startled for a moment. He followed Mary’s line of sight and his glance moved over. He saw a yellowish green rock with a circumference of 1 meter, placed right in the center of camp.

Ugh… a rock?

Greem’s eyes scanned the surrounding area. Aside from the small and shattered ones that scattered across the entire camp, there wasn’t any large rocks that could be found. But now, a large rock suddenly appeared beside the only broken tent in this camp. It was rather strange and and abrupt.

Previously, Greem had all of his focus on saving Mary therefore he didn’t really bother paying attention to anything that was present in this place. But since what they noticed is clearly abnormal, he quickly activated his Elementium Vision.

Under the observation of the Elementium Vision which allowed him to see through every Elementium, the handsome face of Greem twitched a few times for reasons known only to him.

Damn, this isn’t a rock, but it’s a…

After his careless mistake of being deceived by the enemy, Greem angrily snapped his finger and commanded the Demon Alligator Hunter to stride towards the ‘rock’.

The ‘rock’ clearly knew it’s trick was already exposed, that’s why before the dirt spear of the Hunter impaled it, this ‘rock’ instantly disintegrated. Actually, it wasn’t disintegrated, but just a Goblin, slightly over one meter tall, putting away its cape, revealing its true form.

“Spare my life, oh great one! Mighty master Adept, please spare my life! Please forgive this Snorlax! This Snorlax is willing to be your slave! Just please, don’t kill Snorlax!”

Upon revealing its true self, the Goblin quickly threw itself onto the ground and kowtowed again and again, begging for his life while miserably howling to no end.

“Ugh… wait!” Greem stopped the Hunter, and said, “You know how to speak in human language? A low-grade creature such as goblin possesses intelligence?”

“Master, Snorlax is no ordinary goblin! Snorlax is the smartest goblin in the world, Snorlax can serve you tea and meals, prepare your sleep bed, and Snorlax can even guard the door for you. Snorlax is the most capable creature!” Realizing this young ‘malefic’ person showing interests on it, the goblin quickly promoted itself.

“What was the trick you used just now? If not because of my sharp vision, I would have been deceived by you.”

“That’s one of the tricks I secretly learned, a combination of a camouflage spell and a partial transformation spell, they are nothing much, really.”

“You know how to cast magic spells?” Greem’s face was plastered with astonishment, “Moreover, you know two magic spells!”

“A-Actually, I-I know three magic spells!” The goblin who called itself Snorlax stammered.

“Three? What’s the third spell you know?” Greem felt the world as he knew it, had turned upside down.

Even a mere goblin could master three magic spells, but he… up until now, he seemed to have only mastered four, no, the Flaming Spear was just a variance of Fire Arrow. Therefore, strictly speaking, he only mastered three magic spells!

Not knowing the complicated thoughts this young apprentice had on his head, Snorlax said under its breath with an embarrassed tone, “I… I also know I-Invisibility.”

Greem was completely speechless!

A goblin, which was regarded by the entire Adept world as the weakest demon beast, could actually possess its very own intelligence, and even master three magic spells. What were all these spells? Invisibility, Camouflage, Partial Transformation… these skills made it an expert in stealth. If not because Greem had the Elementium Vision, and Mary had the ability to sense life aura, perhaps this little guy with the name of Snorlax would really be able to avoid today’s unexpected calamity!

Greem cupped his hand under his chin, and contemplated.

At the time when he was still pondering what should he do to this strange goblin, Snorlax became frightened by Greem’s serious expression and quickly waved its hands around and exposed a bigger secret.

“Your mightyness, you don’t want to kill Snorlax! Snorlax knows a secret treasure of a master Adept. Snorlax can bring you there!”

If there was still anything that could move Greem today, what Snorlax said just now was definitely the one.

Greem’s pupils contracted, and he clenched his jaw tightly and said the following words with a cold voice, “Looks like you are an escaped magical slave from an Adept Tower. Tell me, which Adept Tower did you come from?”

Greem finally understood. How could a wild goblin suddenly be blessed with basic intelligence? Even if it did have it, from where could it get in touch with the mysterious and profound magical knowledge it possessed? Therefore, putting all those clues together, Greem came to the conclusion that this must be a magical slave who accidentally escaped from its Adept Tower that belonged to an unknown official Adept.

Snorlax hesitated for a few moments. Its tiny eyeballs could be seen moving around, but seeing the razor sharp dirt spear of the Hunter pressing against its shoulder, it realized there wasn’t any possibility of escape from this situation.

Probably thinking that it didn’t have any chance of surviving if it didn’t tell the truth, Snorlax bowed his head down in sorrow and said out a name.

“Elysium City! Master Adept Pridka!”

“Adept Pridka from Elysium City? This name sounds unfamiliar! Greem, have you heard it before?” Mary asked, perplexed.

Greem had a cold face, squeezing out shivering words from his tightly clenched teeth.

“Mary, you really should pay more visits to the library. Understanding our enemy is essential to protect oneself.”

“Is this Pridka really famous?”

“Of course. Because Adept Pridka is a Second Grade Adept!” Greem spewed out the last few words with great force.

Hearing this, Mary immediately drew in a sharp cold breath.

Although Mary behaved willfully and unscrupulously in normal times, but there was still a limit to her unbridled personality. When faced with an official Adept, she wouldn’t be as reckless as how she used to be, but instead, she would offer her respect wholeheartedly. Because she knew how frightening the existences known as an Adept are. They could easily kill her with just a wave of a single hand.

As for a Second Grade Adept, perhaps that would be a frightening existence even an official Adept would tremble with fear upon meeting!

Mary and Greem exchanged glances, and understood each other’s thought with just a look.

They have to make this Snorlax fall under their control!

This was a goblin who once served a Second Grade Adept! Any magical knowledge or special information dug out from its mouth would be enough to bring great benefits to both of them. As for the secret treasure of the Adept mentioned by Snorlax, they simply forgot about it and never bothered again to ask any further.

They weren’t idiots! Could a frightening Second Grade Adept really tell a mere goblin about the whereabouts of their treasure? This was a joke to an intelligent and experienced mighty Adept! Maybe this Snorlax had taken those magical experiment wastes the Adept casually threw away as treasure!

With his mind filled with endless speculations, Greem held Mary in a princess carry and climbed up to the Demon Alligator, also bringing along the goblin whose name was Snorlax. They, once again, submerged into the ground.

Within the broken-down tunnel.

Three figures of varying heights could be seen squatting in front of the remains of the Rock Snake, silently examining what’s left of it in front of their eyes. The broken core that had lost all its light and Elementium was now held in Pseudo-Adept Philip’s hand, as he gave it a thorough observation.

“How is it? Did you find anything?” The short Pseudo-Adept, Hegel, yawned and asked impatiently, “You have spent the last half an hour just looking at it, just tell me what’s so unusual about it?”

“This is an Elementium core taken from a Pseudo-Adept level Earth Giant!” After pondering for a long time, Philip finally voiced out his findings with a deep voice.

“Garbage! Anyone can tell that easily. If that’s the only thing you can tell, why do we still need you, an expert in Earth element, to give us your insights about this thing.” Hegel rudely said.

Meanwhile, Langdon was standing quietly on the side. His eyes were filled with a frosty glow. It’s obvious he still hadn’t gotten rid of the anger caused by letting his enemies escape.

“There’s a total of fourteen special rune arrays engraved on it, most of them are magical arrays used to absorb and store Earth element energy, while the rest have the purpose of Elementium Grant Life, Elementium Summoning, Mind Control Imprint System, and Elementium Tempering. Through a unique method, all these independent arrays are interconnected, transforming into a brand new three-dimensional magical array! This is the reason why this Rock Snake possessed such an incredible strength, able to trap a Pseudo-Adept which enabled their escape.”

Hearing the mocking words of the guy, Hegel was lit with the flames of anger.

“Damn it, can you really blame me? You told me to stop an Advanced Apprentice and a Beginner Apprentice from leaving this place, but you never told me that guy owned a large beast like this! Hey Philip, with your amazing magical knowledge, do you know any Beginner Apprentice who can control a Pseudo-Adept level Golem? Do you think this is logical?”

“Hmph. He’s an Intermediate Apprentice now!”

“Alright, alright! Even if he’s an Intermediate Apprentice, don’t you think this situation is rather abnormal?”

“This is nothing abnormal. If he can find a master Alchemist, drew out enough power from the core and utilized it, the amount of Spirit he will need in order to control it would be greatly reduced. It isn’t something unbelievable for a Beginner Apprentice to control a Pseudo-Adept level Golem. It’s just that with his Spirit, it’s very difficult to fully unleash the combat strength of the Golem!”

After listening to the conversation of the two, Langdon finally spoke.

“If these Golems were crafted by that Greem himself?”

Philip was stunned for a brief moment, but shook his head before saying, “Then he must be a genius alchemist of this generation! If not, then I can’t think of any other method that can utilize an Elementium core up to such an incredible level.”

“As for the answer, we will know the next time we meet him again. No matter what, he still has to come back to the Underground World. And at that time, we’ll know all the answers we want after capturing him.” Hegel said with a carefree manner, “Oh right, Langdon. Since I followed you for this mission, Mine No. Seven that I was supposed to guard had been robbed by those bastards from the surface. I’m afraid you will have to recompense for the losses! Also, if we are questioned by master Adept Puner, I hope you can calm down his anger!”

Upon hearing what Hegel said, the handsome face of Langdon had twisted once again.

The temperature of the cave dropped down by a few degrees!

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