On the other side of the battlefield, the god messenger was frantically and frightfully looking away from the thunder dragon to the flying ship below.

The flying ship was releasing black smoke, and sounds of explosions seemed to ring out from within continuously. It appeared the earlier charged attack had also caused tremendous damage to the ship’s integrity.

However, there was no telling whether these signs were real or fake. She could only make her own guesses. That said, if she were to make a wrong assumption and be crushed once again between the ship and the dragon’s attacks, she would not be able to escape unscathed– even if the Divine Shield had yet to vanish.

The Goddess was immortal, but a god messenger like her was not!

That was why Xenia couldn’t help but start hesitating between retreating and fighting.

Almost as if she sensed the doubt and hesitation in her follower’s heart, the will of the Moonlight Goddess hosted within Xenia’s soul suddenly grew extraordinarily furious. The blasphemers were right in front of her, yet her own follower hesitated to go forward. It was an unbelievable humiliation to the Moonlight Goddess.

Xenia silently sensed the chilling will sent by the Goddess behind her, and her heart trembled. She no longer dared to have even a trace of doubt in her heart. The god messenger put her hands together, and instant-cast nature magic suddenly struck at Greem, who was standing upon the ship’s deck

She finally saw the situation for what it was. This seemingly insignificant Second Grade male adept was the real mastermind behind the enemy today. Be it those evil witches with their strange magic or this Third Grade thunder dragon from another world, the Second Grade male adept manipulated all of them behind their backs.

Moreover, Xenia also vaguely sensed the remnants of divine moonlight magic upon this male adept’s body and soul. That clearly meant that he was the blasphemer that had enraged the Goddess as well as the person she was meant to capture!

As a god messenger, she had a noble status and could even talk to the elven queen as an equal.

Still, it was a fact that she had no real freedom.

Take for example the situation before her. Even though victory was not certain, Xenia had no choice but to abandon her safety when the Goddess was enraged; she unhesitatingly committed herself to the execution of the Goddess’ will.

Thus, a new round of the battle immediately erupted!

Due to the tremendous pressure of the combat, most First Grade witches and Crimson adepts had retreated into the cabins. Only Greem, Zacha, Tigule, and two dozen magical machines remained on the deck.

The flying ship dragged a long trail of thick black smoke behind it as it escaped into the distance with much difficulty.

Thunder Dragon Arms and God Messenger Xenia were fighting furiously in the skies. Every time she found some space, Xenia would suddenly fire a chilling beam of moonlight at Greem. These beams of moonlight seemed light, weightless, and completely harmless, but they would always leave a terrifying ditch in the deck every time they swept past.

The large metal deck was scarred all over with crisscrossing marks after several attacks. The bridge was almost filled with ditches and notches of varying depths. It was a terrifying sight to behold.

After getting themselves back in order, the elven army started saving the few critically injured Second Grades. The relied on the remaining troops to continue assaulting the adepts’ defensive line. As long as they could charge inside of the flying ship and wreck its ability to fly, this metal monster would have to forever stay in this land.

When the ship crashed, the reinforcements from the neighboring elven cities would successfully obtain this war beast of immense strategic importance. One could easily foresee the value of the vessel. If the elven kingdom could construct an entire fleet of such powerful ships, they could load them with armies of elven archers and swarms of flying units. It would be an easy matter to fend off any attacks from the witches.

If they planned ahead, even crossing the seas and taking the Faen Continent for themselves wouldn’t be a dream!

Thus, after sensing the Goddess’ will, her followers that had teleported over immediately erupted with their fiercest attacks, instantly beating back the adepts’ defensive line and forcing the enemy to barely be able to defend the cabin entrance to the interior of the flying ship.

Xenia and Greem’s combat power might not be comparable to each other.

Still, when it came to this moment when one was trying her very best, and the other was being sly and slippery, the balance between the two started to tip in odd and unusual ways. From the thunder dragon desperately chasing after the god messenger, to the god messenger desperately maintaining her Divine Shield and chasing after the dodging Third Grade thunder dragon.

Of course, Xenia would still occasionally secretly use Lunar Teleportation to get to Greem’s position to attack him.

It was a Third Grade hunting after a Second Grade. Green could not retaliate apart from using his Fire Teleportation to dodge the incoming attacks repeatedly.

“Arms, what are you doing?” Greem, who was frantically stumbling here and there, shouted with a mental message, “I hired you here to deal with the god messenger. If you let her kill me, you won’t be able to get even a single penny.”

“Hmph, deal with the god messenger? That’s easy for you to say. She is possessed by a petty goddess. Do you think I could endure it if the goddess suddenly decided to reward me with a blast of offensive divine magic?” Arms roared, dissatisfied.

As a Third Grade thunder dragon, he was also furious at being backed into such a corner by a weak Third Grade elf. However, it didn’t matter how angry he was; there was no way he would risk his life to test the enemy’s limits. If that damned person still had another ace up her sleeve, he would be the unfortunate victim to be brutalized!

“Lord Arms, if I create a chance for you to deal with the god messenger, would you be willing to try?” Greem’s mind turned rapidly as he asked with a solemn tone.

“Little adept, you aren’t lying to me and trying to trick me, are you? A Second Grade adept like you dares speak such boastful words?” The thunder dragon’s expression shifted slightly, and he replied in disdain.

“Hmph! Lord Arms, it’s not as if you do not know what I am capable of. If I can truly create a chance to force the god messenger into a corner, will you be willing to try and exterminate her?” Green didn’t give up and continued to press the issue.

The thunder dragon paused for a moment. For the first time, he started to consider the problem seriously.

This kid seemed like he was serious.

Could he actually have some means to force a Third Grade god messenger into a corner and create an environment for him to kill her? It was a little hard to believe, but given the kids’ results in the past, he just might…

In the end, he had been forced to sign a cooperation agreement with this Second Grade adept precisely because he fell into his hands! He might be upset every time he remembered that incident, but it was more than enough to prove the ability of this male adept!

“Very well!” Arms gritted his teeth and spoke, “As long as you can trap the god messenger or force her into a corner, I will take the risk and try and kill her!”

“Understood!” Greem was thrilled to hear this, “Wait for my signal. Once I give my signal, use your most powerful Raging Thundertides to attack her. Failure or success will all depend on this.”

The conversation between the two parties might seem like it took a long time, but given their mental connection, all those words took no more than a moment or two. That was why both of them stopped communicating after completing their scheme. They both waited for the best opportunity and stored their strength for the opportune time to strike.

Thunder Dragon Arms only needed to dodge Xenia’s attacks while charging his strength, but Greem was instantly occupied with all sorts of jobs.

Greem constantly flashed about the battlefield while turning the snake-eye ring on his right pinky to send orders to his many subordinates.

Dragonborn Zacha was still standing guard in front of the cabin door, while Tigule had driven his Goblin Shredder into the cabins and gone somewhere. Greem, on the other hand, was still murmuring. His snake-eye ring continued to flash with a brilliant magical light. It seemed he was communicating with some mysterious figure.

A thick feeling of a plot being put into action rose in the battlefield!

The adepts seemed to be plotting something. Even the ordinary First Grade elves could sense something awry, let alone the god messenger.

However, they couldn’t find danger anywhere they looked.

That was why the elves had no better option to relieve their stress but to increase the pace of their attack.

Greek’s confidence was bolstered after the conversation with that mysterious figure ended. He flashed and appeared at the Flame Fiend’s side, once again using his ferocious fire magic to throw the elven ranks into chaos.

Greem’s powerful outburst drew the attention of the god messenger once more.

She gritted her teeth and forced the thunder dragon away with three chilling beams of moonlight. She then raised her head and gestured with her hand as a beautiful rain of starlight landed upon her body. She vanished without a trace the very next second.

That Lunar Teleportation again! Still, where would she choose to appear this time?

Those on the adepts’ side couldn’t help but be anxious when seeing the god messenger vanish. Even the Second Grade dark witch frantically dove into the shadows to avoid being the enemy’s first target.

Only Greem was sure that God Messenger Xenia would definitely try and attack him.

That was because the only shortcut to ending today’s battle was killing Greem.

Thus, Greem’s black eyes glowed with a chilling, cold light the very instant the god messenger vanished. His mind was strung like a drawn bow as he silently awaited instructions from Alice.

He had no ability to track or scan the high-grade magic of a Third Grade god messenger. He had to rely on Alice’s accurate predictions to do so. That said, the price that Alice needed to pay to divine the location of a Third Grade god messenger protected by a Goddess was immense!

“Fifteen steps to your right and back. Her position is at XXX.”

Finally, Alice’s anxious voice rang out through the mental connection.

Her voice was hoarse and carried with it a trace of fatigue.

Green didn’t dare to hesitate even a bit. He used his fastest speed and sent out a series of orders to different positions and various people. He himself leaped away with even higher speed.

As he jumped away, a laserbeam-like moonlight slashed past his previous position, leaving a deep cut upon the deck.

The Flame Fiend of Terror that had stayed on the spot roared; it didn’t even have time to cast any spells. He merely pushed both of his hands forward and used all his strength to pour the violent flood of fire onto Xenia’s shield.

“Hmph, you are looking to die!” Xenia’s vision cleared as she instantly realized the male adept had already taken the chance to escape.

Just as she wanted to strike out and exterminate this elementium golem that the adept had left behind, a perfect murder trap with her at the center had already been sprung.

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