There were no signs of battle in the skies, and it was hard to see anything happening either.

However, every dozen seconds, a deafening explosion or roar would ring out from the cloud layers high above. It was also quickly followed by a strange climate phenomenon in the form of swirling clouds or shifting winds.

Nobody knew when, but the moon in the sky also started turning a sinister crimson red. Billowing, inky clouds gathered around the moon, almost as if trying to devour it in a single bite.

Greem furrowed his brows and took a closer look. All sorts of feelings of impending danger arose in his heart.

Inside his mind, the Chip was also working at full capacity to keep close surveillance on any abnormality from the skies. Two pillars of light, one green and one black, steadily ebbed and flowed. They represented the abnormal concentration and activity of magical elementium in the skies.

The two pillars of light were maintaining some semblance of balance, but they would occasionally change and tilt in favor of one or the other significantly. Every time the green pillar of light obtained an overwhelming advantage, the moon in the sky would turn chilling and austere, its light radiating for tens of thousands of meters. Every time the black light obtained the advantage, the round moon would grow dim and turn hazy.

However, what concerned Greem was the fact that the green light was slowly crushing the black light after thirty minutes of conflict and battle. It showed signs of growing stronger and stronger.

At this moment, Greem lifted his gaze and looked into the distance. The large round disc of the moon was right before his eyes, the traces and threads of brilliant moonlight falling upon him, causing the circulation of his Spirit and magic power to stall and slow down.

An unusual feeling of hatred entered his mind from the moon. That instantly caused him to understand what was happening.

The land, the skies, and the entire world seemed to loathe and reject him!

It wasn't just him. All Dark Witches, Fate Witches, and Crimson adepts were despised and rejected by the land and skies. This sort of rejection gradually turned from a faint and vague feeling to a strangely clear spiritual brand. It firmly locked onto the adepts, making it hard for them to focus on the battle at hand.

It seemed the Goddess of Moonlight had already projected part of her spiritual consciousness into this world, and in doing so, triggered the planar law's backlash and rejection of the foreign invaders.

That would further shatter the power balance between the elves and the witch factions!

It seemed that today's plan of baiting the enemy would turn into suicide if he still refused to use that ace he had hidden up his sleeve.

Greem turned back without any hesitation and fled the frontlines of the battle.

"You guys cover for me. I want to…" Greem whispered some instructions to Alice before taking out a strange blue scale the size of a palm. He gripped it in his magma hand and started to chant a complicated, profound and drawn-out incantation loudly.

The strange syllables of the chant were insignificant on the battlefield where explosions were continually going off. Yet, for some reason, from the very first word of the chant that came out of Greem's mouth, all the Second Grade elves turned their heads to look at his position. A trace of shock appeared on their faces.

It didn't seem like a potent offensive spell. Instead, it appeared to be a type of otherworld summoning spell.

Only otherworld summoning spells of this nature could trigger the planar powers of Faen, causing all the elves present to sense the rage and tremors from the planar consciousness.

"Interrupt him."

"We can't let him continue."

"Let's attack together."

Eleven consciousnesses quickly communicated in their minds and promptly came to a unanimous decision.

The next second, the six elven deadshots gave up on dodging and intercepting the goblin rockets that the Goblin Shredder was constantly firing at them. Instead, they stood on the spot, exhaled, and sent out a raging flood of explosive arrows toward the Flame Fiend that Greem had turned into.

The Giant Raging Ape and Earth Mauler that the two Druid Masters of the Claw had turned into once again roared and charged forward. One of them went after the Flame Fiend of Terror and desperately stalled it with his very life on the line. The other crashed ahead with rumbling steps and lunged at the Goblin Shredder.

The Silver Pegasus Knight and one of the weapons masters were trapped in the shadows and mist by the Second Grade Dark Witch and couldn't free themselves. The only remaining weapons master stepped forth with agile and lithe steps. He dodged past one magical machine after another that roared and stepped forward to stop him. He pressed onward toward Greem at a tremendously fast pace that only appeared slow to the untrained eye.

Tigule piloted his Goblin Shredder and desperately intercepted the explosive arrows shot out by the elven deadshots. At the same time, he had to try his best to deal with that annoying Giant Raging Ape; he had no time or attention to spare for the weapons master.

Greem, on the other hand, was silently standing still, utterly focused on chanting the profound magical spell. A string of syllables of the chant rang out and rippled through the air, forming into a strange rippling wormhole in front of the Flame Fiend.

The spatial tremors created by the wormhole became increasingly frequent and indirectly started tearing at the protection of the plane barrier. One could already vaguely see the obscure and bizarre scene of another plane through the slowly opening wormhole.

However, the otherworldly creature that Greem wanted to summon was clearly a large monster. This tiny wormhole was entirely insufficient for it to pass through successfully. That was why it was squeezing its way into Faen through the wormhole while loudly and angrily roaring at Greem in Dragontongue.

Dragontongue? Dragon?

All the elves present in the place couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

The massive form in the wormhole couldn't be clearly seen, as it had yet to descend upon this plane. However, the loud dragon roars and the overwhelming dragon's aura of might had more than exposed its identity.

A dragon.

The one that wanted to enter this world through the wormhole was a dragon!

Moreover, judging from the strength of the spiritual pressure of the dragon's aura, this was a horrifying dragon of Third Grade and above!

The high-grade elves could no longer neglect the situation. They increased the intensity of their attacks, swearing to slay Greem before he could complete this otherworld summon.

Without the summoner, the dragon would quickly be bounced back to his original plane by the planar suppression the moment he appeared. It was the fundamental principle with which material planes functioned. All the elves present here knew very well how it worked.

The unchecked weapons master destroyed the two magical machines with five consecutive slashes. With a single flash, he charged toward Greem, who was mere feet away from him.

Sadly, at this moment, an indescribably charged web of electricity silently appeared before him. A ferocious and towering figure then stepped in front of the weapons master.

Dragonborn. It was that grievously injured Second Grade dragonborn!

Even at this moment, the weapons master could very clearly see the wound-covered body of the towering dragonborn, as well as that distressing injury on his abdomen.

It was almost as if someone had stabbed the dragonborn with a dagger and then proceeded to twist and turn the blade. The massive injury could hardly be healed with healing potions. It could only be barely close together such as to not expose the frail internal organs behind it.

This severely injured dragonborn helped Greem block the speeding enchanted arrows while wickedly glaring at the weapons master reaching near him. Purple and black blood once again flowed out of his wounds from the agitation of his movements.

"Zacha, don't feel pity for those potions any more! Do you want to die on the battlefield?" Alice loudly reprimanded from a distance.

An expression of pity appeared in Dragonborn Zacha's four amber eyes upon hearing Alice's words. He took out a small vial of potion, crushed the mouth of the container and started gulping down its contents.

A refreshing and dense surge of nature power filled the place upon the vial shattering. All the elves couldn't help but turn to look, their eyes filling up with extreme fury.


"It's moonwater!"

"These damned blasphemers, they actually have moonwater on them."

After downing a vial of moonwater, a surge of vast and vigorous life force burst forth from within Zacha's body. In the blink of an eye, the green light of life flowed all over Zacha's body, causing his body to appear as good as new. It was no longer as battered and weak as before.

The massive wound on his abdomen also silently closed after the green light rolled past. Blue dragon scales rapidly grew out of his rough skin, once again covering his exposed body.

Dammit, dammit, dammit!

All the elves cursed continuously in the depths of their hearts.

This legendary healing potion that should belong to the elves had instead appeared in the hands of the enemy now. This…how was this supposed to make them feel?!

In that brief moment of shock, the weapons master had engaged with the fully recovered Dragonborn Zacha.

Meanwhile, Wind Adept Deserra, Medusa Dana, Three-Headed Demonhound Unguja, and Poison Hag Endor had gathered around Greem, using all their various abilities to help him intercept that locust storm of magical explosive arrows.

At this moment, a horrifyingly powerful green aura suddenly erupted in the skies above. The Third Grade Dark Witch Uzzah then fell from the sky, screeching as she did so.

However, Uzzah managed to stop herself halfway down.

Uzzah turned and fled without another word as dense black smoke shrouded her body. She vanished from sight in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, the Third Grade God Messenger Xenia slowly descended from the skies like a mighty god, wholly shrouded in halos of light.

Even the corner of Xenia's eyes brimmed with joy and happiness at seeing the Third Grade Dark Witch flee in defeat. Yet, when her gaze fell upon the summoning wormhole in front of Greem that was constantly radiating intense spatial flux, her previous joy was utterly swept away, replaced instead with an indescribable frustration and shock.

"What have you people been doing all this while? We can't let him summon that otherworldly creature. All of you, charge!"

All the elves betrayed an expression of shame at being reprimanded by the god messenger. Their faces then filled with wild passion as they yelled and threw themselves at Greem.

The remaining magical machines, witches, and adepts on the deck surrounded Greem, forming a tight perimeter and desperately stopping the advance of the elves.

Sadly, the only ones who could stop the Second Grades of the elves were Second Grades of their own.

However, there were clearly fewer Second Grades on Greem's side compared to the enemy.

The adepts and magical machines of Greem's side paid a terrible price to stop the Second Grade elves from getting any closer. Copyright 2016 - 2023