The battle at Jintha'Alor lasted for two hours.

As the curtain of night slowly fell upon the land, the voices and sounds of battles started to fade from the woods, first growing soft before turning into a deathly silence.

The adepts had employed the appropriate strategies and came prepared. Thus, it took no more than an hour for the elves to go from stubborn resistance to complete defeat. The remaining one hour had purely been for dealing with the tougher Second Grade creatures.

Despite being the clan leader of the Crimson Clan and the commander-in-chief of this operation, Greem had also personally participated in the battle and gotten a full taste of the pleasure of beating down upon powerhouses of the same grade.

The sinister and dangerous environment of the World of Adepts raised a bunch of fearsome adepts who were learned in the ways of murder. These people that came from another world had almost no apparent weaknesses to be exploited. In comparison, the forest elves living on the Faen Plane's Garan Continent had weaknesses just as obvious as their strengths.

If this battle had only been an internal plane struggle, then they might still be able to use their understanding of the enemy and their home field to gain some advantage. However, when their opponents were elite adepts that came from another world, what little leverage they would usually have vanished instantly without a trace.

The weapons master had an agile body, expert weapons technique, pinpoint attacks, and astounding skill in combat. Sadly, his body was far too frail. His magical resistance was also not up to par. He couldn't even establish himself within Greem's stunningly powerful Ring of Fire, much less display his power.

The female deadshot faced the same problem.

Her archery skills were genuinely miraculous. She could casually bully the slow and clumsy Flame Fiend in all sorts of ways. Unfortunately, she also had the problem of an insufficiently powerful Physique. Moreover, compared to the weapons master, her body was even weaker and frailer, so much so that even strong winds could blow her to the ground.

The Magma Fireballs and Flame Pillars that Greem casually cast could all easily cover an area of ten to twenty meters in radius. These fire spells that reached power levels of over two hundred points were a disaster for the elven deadshot. Even slight contact with them would mean death for her.

Consequently, her athletic figure and movements were entirely spent on dodging the ferocious bombardment from the Flame Fiend. As for stopping to deal some damage? Sadly, such an opportunity would never present itself to her.

Moreover, the Flame Fiend that Greem transformed into might be somewhat slow, but it had no problem fighting two elves simultaneously with its unpredictable Fire Teleportation.

The weapons master occasionally charged to Greem's side and unleashed a combo on him, and the deadshot would also unleash her full power and use fearsome explosive arrows to create cracks all over the Flame Fiend's body. Sadly, the pressure from the Ring of Fire and the fire spells made it impossible for them to stay near Greem's side and continuously attack. They could only rush in, let loose a series of attacks, and quickly flee.

Otherwise, just the accumulated fire damage from the fires shrouding Greem would be too much for them to deal with!

In truth, the two elves had already lost the moment they failed to suppress Greem's ferocious fire output.

Fire spells were a talent most suited for war in most planes!

A fire adepts like Greem would turn the entire battlefield into a stage for his unrestraint performance if he were able to pour down elementium fires around him unconditionally.

The only ones present on the battlefield that could limit Greem's wild output were the two young unicorns.

Unfortunately, they were being stalled by the intrepid Dragonborn Zacha; they were no longer able to support the two elves. If one were honest, even the two of them together didn't face optimistic odds against a Second Grade dragonborn with powerful Strength, extraordinary Physique, and excellent magical resistance.

If the adolescent unicorns had to be categorized into some form of a combat unit, they would be support magical beasts that fought at melee range.

They had far too few offensive abilities. Most of their skills were support abilities that purified or dispersed conditions. Their primary means of attacks were Horn Attack, Blinding Light, and Trample. That was why they usually used their blinding attacks in tandem with their melee attacks in combat.

This kind of power allowed them to quickly deal with most of the foolish magical beasts in the woods. However, they appeared very crude when used against such a barbaric and mighty dragonborn.

Ignoring their support abilities, the Strength and Physique of the dragonborn completely crushed those of the unicorns. If they were allowed to engage in melee combat with no holds barred, the unicorns, with their simplistic and unchanging means of attack, would undoubtedly be the ones to have the worse hand. If it wasn't for the attacks that caused Zacha to turn blind occasionally, these two unicorns would already have been thrown to the ground by the dragonborn and bashed to paste.

That alone was more than enough proof of the difference in the quality of the creature grades of two different planes!

Second Grade adepts from the World of Adepts had no problem wrecking two Second Grade individuals from Faen simultaneously. Against these slightly weaker Second Grades, they would have no problem overwhelming three opponents at the same time.

The battle between the Second Grade dark witch and the two Second Grade druid masters was going much the same way as all the other fights. The dark witch very obviously held the advantage. It didn't matter how the druid masters turned into a wolf and an eagle respectively. Their attacks were sharp and fierce, but they were still suppressed by the dark witch's many strange shadow powers. It was such that they couldn't even catch their breath.

Once the small fries of the elves had been knocked down and captured by the magical machines, these Second Grade nature creatures started to panic.

Some wanted to break out of the siege, and some wanted to continue fighting, while others wanted to capture witches as hostages to trade for their companions. The utter loss of morale led to the barely maintained stalemate completely crumbling!

The first to break through was still Greem.

As the clan leader of the Crimson Clan, the power and resources he had accumulated were far beyond the reach of his opponents.

When he saw the sky quickly approaching the agreed upon time, Greem unhesitatingly flashed his first trump card.

Second Grade Elementium Golem!

Ever since advancing to Second Grade, he had been running all over on various errands. He'd had practically no time to calm down and focus on the research of his fundamentals– golem creation. It was only thanks to the Chip's lengthy calculations and optimization prior to this otherworldly trip that he had managed to put to use some functional Second Grade golem creation methods.

He had hoarded a batch of Second Grade elementium crystal cores during his time in the Sarubo Clan. Add to that number the cores that Snorlax had purchased, and the total number of Second Grade elementium crystal cores reached a peak of twenty-three pieces.

After many sleepless nights and constant failures, the first elementium golem that reached Second Grade was born.

The Flame Fiend of Terror!

Indeed, the first Second Grade elementium golem that Greem created was a Flame Fiend of Terror that copied his own abilities and post-transformation form. When Greem released the Flame Fiend of Terror, two horrifying flame fiends of nearly the same appearance stood at each other's side upon the battlefield.

They gushed out nearly solid elementium flames from all over their bodies. They strode forth with their thick magma legs forged of lava and fire and shook their five-meter tall bodies, casually strolling across the battlefield like deities.

Everywhere they walked would turn into a blazing sea of fire under the intense heat and scorching of the elementium flames; they didn't even need to lift a single finger. The ground upon which they stood would crack and split from being burned, and large clusters of underground lava would surge out from underground.

Greem's power instantly doubled with the help of this Second Grade Flame Fiend of Terror.

The situation thrust the two elves that had barely managed to hold him at bay into a difficult position.

The two Flame Fiends patrolled the battlefield and started fires in unison. The terrifying scene and pressing waves of heat caused the faces of the two elves to sour instantly.

They no longer held any hope of defeating this male adept. All they wanted now was to protect their surviving companions and help them break out of the siege. Unfortunately, this thought had appeared far too late in their minds!

Before this, the two elves had always been able to help each other escape Greem's pursuit when he used his Fire Teleportation. However, now that two Flame Fiends were charging at them upon waves of fire, the frail female elven deadshot no longer had the opportunity or angle to escape.

Her clothes and armor ignited, and half of her long hair burned away. Greem threw a violent Magma Fireball close to the deadshot. The explosion shockwave alone knocked the girl unconscious.

The furious weapons master wanted to charge forth and save his companion, but the Flame Fiend of Terror saw an opportunity and brought him to the ground with a quick slash of its fire whip. The Flame Fiend then bound the elf.

The two Flame Fiends were mentally connected, allowing them to work together with no delays or mishaps. It was clean and neat.

Moreover, Greem's soul aura had been left within the Terror Flame Fiend's core, making it easier for him to control. Thus, when they stood side by side, anyone would have trouble determining which was Greem's transformation and which was the golem based solely on appearance and aura.

When victory had been decided on the central battlefield, the battles at the edges of the fight gradually concluded.

The first to return victorious was naturally the Goblin Shredder that Tigule piloted.

The Goblin Shredder was in tatters at this point, covered all over with cracks, scratches, and dents of all sizes. The metal saw on one of its four arms had also been crushed flat. Even the alloy drill seemed somewhat bent. One of its four pairs of metal limbs had snapped. Electric sparks could be seen flashing where the arm was broken.

The Goblin Shredder might be in a terrible state, but its opponent, the Second Grade deadwood guard, had completely turned into a withered log. Its dry and cracked wooden body rested on the ground. A gaping hole had been drilled into its brow, and the thousand-year treeheart within it had been dug out. It was beating in the hand of the Goblin Shredder.

It was a thousand-year treeheart soaked with powerful nature energy. It was a valuable magical material that many casters sought.

According to past rules, the spoils obtained in the battles of adepts belonged to themselves. As such, Greem cast a glance and paid it no more heed. Yet, who knew that Tigule would wave his hand and toss the thousand-year treeheart toward him.

"Master, this magical machine warrior has many parts that still require improvement and optimization. I will be counting on master from now on!" Tigule's sharp voice rang out from within the machine as if he was trying to get on Greem's good side.

Greem smiled and didn't say anything more.

He turned and tossed the treeheart to Clan Adept Deserra, who had just arrived by his side; he had Deserra properly store the item. Greem himself lifted his head and silently looked at the night sky that was about to turn dark.

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