The seven treants stood in a row, instantly erecting a wooden wall in front of the elven ranks.

Three sacred unicorns, two big and one small, stood behind them.

They were handsome white horses. Apart from their black hooves, the rest of their body was white. Their surroundings were rich with a powerful sacred aura, and milky-white light glowed from the jade-white horn upon their heads.

It was almost as if the unicorns all possessed an individual, sacred halo of their own. The green lights carrying the plague viruses would automatically fade away wherever they went. None of the green lights could get within twenty meters of them. Moreover, many of the elven civilians had successfully taken shelter within the tree hall thanks to their blessings. None of these civilians had been affected by the plague curse.

The witches couldn't help but feel their hearts burn with excitement when witnessing this miraculous feat of neutralizing the poison. The eyes that gazed upon the three unicorns were all filled with some trace of greed and passion.

The young unicorn seemed to have been affected by the heavy atmosphere. It constantly dug at the ground with its front hooves, as if it was extremely anxious. The female unicorn walked to the young unicorn's side and rubbed her child with her snout. She then shielded her child behind her own body.

The Second Grade weapons master stood upon the tree hall. He wore only simple leather armor as he lightly brandished a strange weapon with both of his hands– Moon Blades. It was a type of peculiar weapon that resembled a crescent moon. Sharp bladed teeth filled the curved sword, except for a small handle on its back.

The moon blades would inflict horrifying slicing and cutting damage to enemies when it flickered and spun rapidly. It was also particularly suitable for piercing armor. However, due to the difficulty of controlling the weapon, most elven warriors that had yet to reach the level of a weapons master didn't dare to use this weapon.

A beautiful female elf with a slender figure also stood at the weapons master's side. She held a large bow in her hands with an arrow nocked upon it. The edge of the arrowhead shimmered with the light of dense magic.

She was probably the Second Grade elven deadshot who was the deputy captain of the garrison!

Greem's vision was excellent. He even saw a group of druids in green leaf robes and wolf, eagle, or deer helms behind the ranks of the elves. They held large oaken staffs in their hands. The green light of natural power shrouded these staffs as the druids gazed upon the battlefield with eager and determined expressions.

Perhaps they were the only ones among the elves who felt no fear!

According to the information that Greem had obtained, the way in which Grades were defined in the Faen Plane was very similar to the World of Adepts. The only difference was that the strength of each Grade was slightly watered down when compared to the World of Adepts.

At least among the elven fighters that Greem had come into contact with, their basic grade levels were as follows:

Flower Fairies (Intermediate Apprentice)—— Green Fairies (First Grade).

Creatures like flower fairies were still pretty good options as scouts and messengers. Sadly, their bodies were far too frail, making the appearance of First and Second Grade fairies a rare thing. It was apparent that their maximum development potential was basically First Grade.

Blade Dancers (Advanced Apprentice)——War Dancers (First Grade)——Weapons Master (Second Grade)——Weapons Grandmaster (Third Grade)——Storm Sword Saint (Fourth Grade).

It was an assassin or warrior-type profession that possessed great mobility. They were good at using rapid attacks to defeat the opponent while using their quick movements to avoid most of the enemy's attacks.

Of course, there was a significant flaw in this profession; they couldn't wear heavy armor. That also caused their overall defense to be shallow. To make up for this weakness, the low-grade blade dancers would often carve confusing war tattoos upon their exposed bodies to achieve the effect of obscuring the human eye and redirecting the enemy's line of sight.

Elven Bowmen (Intermediate Apprentice)——Elven Archer (First Grade)——Elven Deadshot (Second Grade)——Magic Marksmen (Third Grade)——Phantom Ranger (Fourth Grade).

In all honesty, the elven archers were probably the only long-ranged units of the elves.

However, considering the elven racial talent for archery, almost all elves possessed superior skills at firing an arrow. That was why the elves were a fearsome race in the event of an all-out war. They were a race where every single civilian could pick up a bow and become an archer.

If the elven archers were compared with the adepts, the archers would come off superior when comparing explosive power. However, the combat techniques of the elven archers were far too simplistic and repetitive. It was easy for them to die to the countless strange skills that the adepts possessed if an elven archer were to ever engage an adept in a duel.

Then again, if the location of the fight was set in the Great Fantasy Forest, the results would become a lot more unpredictable!

Apprentice Druid (Advanced Apprentice)——Druid (First Grade)——Druid Master (Second Grade)——Druid Elder (Third Grade)——Shapeshifters (Fourth Grade).

If one were to be honest, the druids were the unique jack-of-all-trades profession of the elves.

They wielded nature magic and could be considered casters of some sort; they could summon animal companions and could, therefore, be seen as summoners of some kind. Druids possessed Wild Transformation and could change into all sorts of ferocious beasts to take on the role of tanks at the frontlines. They could even use swords, staffs, and various melee weapons while also being capable of simple healing.

In all seriousness, the druids were more than qualified to fill in any vacant role that appeared on the battlefield!

Tiny Treants (Advanced Apprentice)——Treant Warriors (First Grade)——Deadwood Guard (Second Grade)——Ancient Treant (Third Grade)——Nature's Herdskeeper (Fourth Grade).

Nature creatures like treants were practically the greatest treasure that the Great Fantasy Forest had bestowed upon the elves. The elves had always been a race of frail and weak individuals. Their society often consisted of only casters or agile warriors and archers. There was no tank or meat shield to be found among their ranks to hold their own at the frontlines.

It was then that the closest ally of the elves, the treants, became especially important!

The treants had extremely long lives and exceptional defensive abilities. They even possessed fearsome regeneration while in the forest. These creatures were more than qualified as frontline tanks. Moreover, the treants also had a potent defensive skill– Entangling Roots.

Any enemy that stepped into a treant's defensive area would be bound to the spot by strong roots that broke out of the earth. Without great strength or the ability to teleport, the entangled enemy would have no path to escape other than shutting their eyes and waiting for a merciful death.

One couldn't look down upon ordinary treant warriors because they were only First Grade. Even many Second Grade magical beasts would not hold a candle to them if they were to apply themselves. These Second Grade beasts could only run as far as they could away from the treants.

Young Unicorn (First Grade)——Adolescent Unicorn (Second Grade)——Holy Unicorn (Third Grade)——Protector of the Woods (Fourth Grade).

Compared to the treants, the unicorns were stronger magical beasts that were even harder to deal with.

The fearsome spiral horn on its head possessed a powerful halo of purification and dispersion. It could even inflict a terrifying blinding effect upon being stabbed into an enemy's body. The unicorns also possessed robust magic-resistant skin, causing most elementium spells to deal minimal damage to them.

That was why the unicorns were even tougher opponents compared to the treants!

If Greem had the choice, he would rather fight two Deadwood Guards alone then deal with a single adolescent unicorn. Magic would not do much to it, while it could easily blind you before kicking and knocking you around. Greem felt himself shiver at the very thought of such a horrible situation.

Greem assessed the enemy's forces while silently waiting for his own magical machine army to enter the fray.

This troop of fifty-one magical machines had bulldozed their way to the tree hall, leaving a trail of slaughter behind them. The price they had paid in exchange was no more than five magical machines.

Tigule led his magical machine army slowly into the large square before the tree hall against the elven ranks defending ahead of them. They assembled into a neat formation and squared off against the opponent.

The Fate Witches that arrived shortly after gathered behind the magical machines and silently prepared their spells.

The dance between the dark witches and the elven archers had ended with the defeat of the elven archers.

The final number of the elven archers that had made it back to the army could be counted with a single hand. In addition to the archer squad that had been standing guard by the hall, they were just barely able to put together a team of twenty-five archers. However, they also brought with them a bunch of ordinary elves to serve as their reserves. That caused the number of long-ranged attackers on the side of the elves to instantly become a hundred men strong.

The dark witches circled the skies upon their flying brooms as they whistled and screeched. They occasionally dove down and threw clusters of shadows into the ranks of the elves. Sadly, these Shadow Eclipses were dispersed by the unicorns' purification halos before they could take effect.

The dark witches had no choice but to return to the sky after several failed attacks, cursing as they did so.

They didn't dare to get too close to those two adolescent unicorns with their power. Otherwise, a single Cleansing Light thrown their way would spell immense trouble. Their First Grade shadow bodies couldn't possibly endure the wondrous powers of Second Grade unicorns.

It wasn't much of a problem if their forms were purified. At the very worst, they could simply return to the shadows and reform their bodies. However, if their Spirit and consciousness brand that was assimilated into the shadows were purified alongside their bodies, then these dark witches would truly be dead.

"Devils of the other world, retreat from our home." The Weapons Master fixed his hateful gaze upon Dark Witch Uzzah. After all, she was the most powerful person here, "Otherwise, leave your lives behind upon this battlefield!"

With the loud cry of this elven commander, the elven archers pulled their bows and nocked their arrows; they were prepared for battle at any time. The other elven soldiers also started cheering and letting out battle cries.

Sadly, their display of intimidation couldn't scare off these otherworldly adepts who came prepared.

Disdainful and chilling smiles appeared on the faces of all the adepts as they drove the magical machines to press forward.

The massive flying ship also started to descend slowly, extending several dozen cannon barrels from its hull.

It was clearly taking advantage of the elven army having no powerful flying units. They were ready to use their powerful arsenal to crush the enemy.

The evil witches had traversed worlds for the very sake of abducting the elves, taking their lands, and exploiting their resources. There were no grounds for negotiation between the two parties.

Thus, with a deafening roar from the elven commander, the tense string of battle finally snapped in two! Copyright 2016 - 2024