Chapter 621 Oppressive Power

One had to admit that certain military forces countered others.

Strange nature creatures like the flower fairies might not be large in size, but they had speed beyond what a human eye could follow and sharp poison claws.

Even dozens of human warriors would only be worn away if they met such an enemy in the woods, let alone an entire group of them.

Yet, when the flower fairies and the blade dancers ran into the Archer magical machines, they faced off against their greatest counter ever.

Who cared if they were fast? Who cared if they had maximum levels in their evasion skill? The Archers simply got into formation and gave them a thorough scrubbing with their storm of metal.

If it were human heavy-swordsmen who were dealing with the Archers, they might be able to block some of the damage with their massive armor. However, the majority of the elves were agility-focused warriors. Moreover, they were often unarmored or only wearing leather armor to not affect the agility of their limbs and the speed of their movements.

It was practically suicide to fight against the Archers with a defense like that.

The dense cluster of metal bullets shot toward them at speed faster than the eye could tell, instantly causing horrific damage to the ranks of the blade dancers and flower fairies. Their slender bodies were shredded into pieces in the violent storm of metal, and green flowers of blood bloomed in the skies.

"Dammit. What weapon is this?" The female elf captain had almost been driven mad by anger. It was the first time she had seen magic energy rifles. In a mere dozen seconds, almost all the melee forces of the garrison she had brought with her had been decimated.

The machines immediately turned the barrels of their rifles after exterminating the fairies and blade dancers. The firepower shifted upon the druids.

As expected of elites that had gone through many trials, the few druids at the front of the ranks immediately roared and swelled up like a balloon at the very first sign of trouble. Short, thick, and heavy black fur quickly grew out of their bodies as they crouched on the ground. Their jaw muscles started to tear and increase in size as they let out agonizing roars. Their bone structure distorted and snapped forward, turning into flat and broad snouts.

These druids had transformed into fearsome Earth Maulers in less than three seconds.

They slammed the ground with their thick limbs and roared as they charged toward the Archers against the bullet barrage.

Meanwhile, the other druids behind them transformed into all sorts of beasts. Some transformed into fire cats, while others transformed into Nightsabers or berserk apes or razor boars. For a moment, the druid squad had turned into a troop of beasts. They utilized the cover of the Earth Maulers and quickly charged toward the magical machines.

At this moment, the Second Grade druid was already in front of the Flame Fiend and was standing off against the adept from a distance.

They were both Second Grade, but the druid was clearly inferior to Greem when it came to their aura and composure.

One was a mediocre and unambitious individual living his life out peacefully while trapped in a mid-sized plane. The other was a killer whose mind had been forged into steel after multiple planar invasions. While the two stood off against each other, it was clear that the Flame Fiend's forcefulness and strong aura was the one that stood out. On the other hand, the light in the druid's eye was flickering, almost as if he was suffocating from the opponent's dominating atmosphere.

The spirit consciousness of the two individuals was very much linked to personal changes in their mentality.

Greem had already sensed the disorder and fear in the heart of the Second Grade druid when it arose. He laughed maniacally and vanished in a blast of fire.

Not good.

Aizac's heart shook. He could no longer care for using his Spirit to scan and track the enemy's movements. He took two steps backward frantically as his body started to distort and shift wildly.

Sadly, before he could complete his Wild Transformation, a strong gust of wind swept toward his back. A ten-meter-long fire whip lashed at his back, bringing with it furious winds as it cut through the air.


Aizac reared his head and let out a half-human, half-bestial howl of pain. He rolled to the side and dodged the followup strikes from the flame whip. Aizac had no time to deal with the whip sear that was causing him to wince. He held his oaken staff with both hands and slammed it into the ground.

The next second, a violent blast of lightning as thick as a stone pillar descended from the skies. It struck right upon the fearsome towering body of the Flame Fiend.

After the dissipation of the lightning blast, the two Second Grades were back to a tense standoff, though their positions had changed slightly. This time, the left hand that Greem had used to block the lightning had been seared black, while Aizac's vine clothes had been shredded, exposing his bloodied back.

Two hundred and seventy points.

Greem shook his charred left hand slightly and allowed the carbonized rock layer to fall off, revealing the steaming black and red lava beneath.

The enemy's destructive attack earlier was truly powerful. Still, an attack of this level was insufficient to take down Greem. Three to five seconds later, once his shielding flames had extended back to his left hand, Greem smiled chillingly and cast Fire Teleportation once more.

Aizac, who had traded blows with Greem, didn't have his opponent's amazing regeneration. The whip mark on his back might have scarred and stopped bleeding, but the intense pain was not so easily mitigated.

Aizac frantically motioned with his staff when he saw the enemy disappear once again. A Natural Ward appeared around him, and it was only then that he cautiously started searching for the enemy's new location.

Sadly, Greem was no longer planning to deal with him with this Fire Teleportation!

A resounding boom rang out, and Greem appeared amidst the druids who had surrounded Billis as an elementium halo exploded beneath his feet.

Dammit. The enemy went to find trouble with my subordinates.

Aizac only seemed to realize what was happening at this moment. He yelled and rapidly transformed into a windhawk. His entire body turned into a ferocious tornado and sped toward the battlefield.

Unfortunately, it was too late!

The exploding elementium halo from Greem's appearance rippled outward. All 'magical beasts' caught in its impact were turned into blazing torches amid agonizing screams. The more powerful ones were still able to use their own nature power to shield themselves and run out of the area enveloped by the elementium halo. They were then barely able to extinguish the fires burning on their bodies. On the other hand, the weaker druids were immediately incinerated in the elementium halo that washed across them.

The giant Flame Fiend that Greem had transformed into moved its thick magma legs and casually strolled inside the burning flames. It occasionally gathered a fireball of lava in its hand and threw it into the area where the druids were most concentrated.

These one dozen First Grade druids that had surrounded Billis were instantly met with a deathly calamity. It didn't matter whether it was the Resist Energy Damage shrouding their bodies or the defensive Stoneskin, or even the usually great Nature's Vigil; nothing could defend against the Magma Fireballs that Greem was haphazardly flinging at them– fireballs with power up to three hundred and twelve points.

At the moment of the fireballs' explosion, all druids that had been targeted by Greem could only flare up into human-shaped torches as they shrieked in pain. They would then turn into piles of ashes in less than five seconds.

First Grade druids were far too frail before a Second Grade fire adept from another world.

Greem had quickly slaughtered seven druids. The remaining druids frantically transformed into different magical beasts and escaped toward the surroundings. It caused the poor Bug Adept Billis to be revealed once again.

Billis' ability was extraordinary and powerful. Still, he was a First Grade adept after all. Even his superior powers wouldn't allow him to hold off a dozen druids of the same grade as him.

In less than fifteen minutes, five of Billis' fourteen scorpions had been crushed and flattened. Even the surviving ones carried all sorts of wounds on their bodies. Their appearance was terrible. However, it was these sting scorpions that had allowed Billis to not die at the bear paws of the druids.

Greem turned back to look at the fleeing Second Grade druids after dispersing the crowd. He grabbed Billis' skinny body of bugs and then vanished in a rising plume of fire.

Greem stumbled out of the blazing fire pillar after escaping from the siege of the druids with Billis in tow.

He let go of Billis before turning to pull out the elven arrow that had been deeply embedded in his right shoulder. Greem stood straight and grasped the shaft tightly in his hand. His burning eyes were fixed upon the slender silhouette standing at the bow of the ship.

The female elf captain!

It was the female elf that had taken advantage of his momentary pause before the teleportation to shoot him. If it weren't for Greem's alertness that allowed him to lower his head and brace his shoulders in time, this arrow would probably have passed through his brain, inflicting tremendous damage to him.

The red flames in his hand surged intensely. The heat rose exponentially and quickly reached a white-hot color.

The decorative feathers of the elven arrow had turned to ashes the moment the arrow entered the Ring of Fire. Even the remaining metal shaft had liquefied under the heat of the flames. It seeped through the knuckles of Greem's magma hand and dripped on the ground, burning tiny holes into the metal deck.

The female elf captain silently endured the spiritual pressure that Greem was remotely projecting upon her. She showed no intention of retreating even though her body was trembling uncontrollably.

Greem's large and fearsome body took a step forward, and a horrifying smile appeared on the burning face of fire.

"Since you have already come, then don't leave. All of you will stay!"

Greem shouted, and several doors of the ship opened simultaneously. Hordes of Archers swarmed out from within. A ferocious storm of metal bullets immediately covered everyone's vision in the very next second.

"Retreat, quick! Retreat!"

"Retreat into the forest!"

Seeing that the battle had gone far beyond the limits of their control, both the Second Grade Aizac and the female elf captain shouted out at the same time. Sadly, the druids that had surrounded the magical machine squad were too deep inside the ship. It was too late for them to retreat now.

Several druids that had transformed into magical beasts stumbled rapidly outward with the barrage of bullets exploding behind them. Blood constantly splattered out of their bodies, soaking the deck in crimson.

Aizac watched on with wide-open eyes as all this happened. He let out a furious cry and was about to charge forth once again. However, the female captain pulled him back.

"We need to go. The kingdom needs the information we have."

Aizac's body shook. It was only now that a trace of coolheadedness returned to his anger-filled eyes.

"Let's go!"

Aizac roared reluctantly before turning and rushing off the flying ship. Copyright 2016 - 2024