Chapter 605 Freezing Breath

There were only a mere six or seven seconds between the activation of the first magical trap and the awakening of the frost dragon.

Yet, in these insignificant six or seven seconds, Greem and the others had managed to make it through the hundred-meter long trapped corridor with Zacha's reckless charge, then rushed to the frost dragon's side and unleashed their first wave of attacks upon her body.

[Beep. Target creature's life energy drastically falling. Currently at 78%…77%…]

[Beep. Target creature has been temporarily stunned. Duration of stun is 2.37 seconds.]

[Beep. Defensive effect of target creature's shields lowered by 46%. Defensive elementium shields will completely vanish in 1.18 seconds.]

[Beep. Target creature's right hind leg has received devastating damage. The hamstring has been severed. Target creature's ground movement speed is estimated to be reduced by 56%.]

[Beep. Target creature's left wing root has received multiple attacks. Obvious damage is showing. Target creature's flight speed is estimated to be reduced by21%.]

The series of Chip notifications rang out in Greem's mind, providing him with the most objective view of the situation in battle.

Greem, Mary, and Oliven were like three annoying mosquitoes. They circled Frost Dragon Aruntini's massive body, using their mobility to move around as they put out tons of damage upon her with every passing second.

Greem's fire spells intended to harm as large an area of Aruntini's body as possible. Both the Magma Fireballs and the Explosive Fireballs could instantly cover half of the frost dragon's body. However, he never unleashed a single one of his sizeable area-of-effect fire spells. That was because these spells would disrupt the melee attacks of his companions, even as they would hurt the frost dragon.

Mary's attacks had fundamentally improved after her advancement to Second Grade.

Her attacks were no longer negligible, even in the face of a terrifying frost dragon that stood near the upper middle ranks of the food chain.

Mary turned into a crimson silhouette and circled the frost dragon. She relied on the combo of Bloodshade Strikes and Shadowstrike to rapidly launch crimson arrows at the enemy. Every single one of her attacks could simultaneously trigger Bloodshade Strikes and Shadowstrike, dealing increased blood damage to the frost dragon while also inflicting shadow damage.

Both of these attacks ignored defense!

That meant the frost dragon's tough ice armor and fine dragon scales were like paper before Mary. They broke with a single attack.

On the other hand, there was Oliven who held the title of Dragon Devourer. She was truly one of the dragon killers, infamous even throughout the multiverse. Her racial powers and close combat techniques were mostly targeted at creatures of the draconic bloodline. Her Strength, Speed, Agility, and explosiveness would increase several times when fighting with dragons.

It allowed her to possess unparalleled lethality when facing off against a dragon of the same grade, even though she didn't have the advantage in size. Moreover, some unique racial powers of the dragons would have no effect on Oliven.

Disregarding everything else, just the annoying dragon's aura of might that all dragonslayers had to deal with did not affect Oliven.

All the individuals within the ice palace could feel an indescribable feeling of oppression when the frost dragon let out a furious and desolate roar. Those with weaker Spirits would give up on attacking and defending when within the radius of the aura of might, almost as if a Fear spell had hit them. They would toss away their weapons and run across the battlefield fearfully with their hands above their heads.

Even an elementium adept like Greem that specialized in Spirit felt his brain faze for a second during the battle, despite already drinking the Potion of Spirit Protection. A single moment of interruption like this could cause a large spell that had been channeled for a long time to fail or cause initially smooth movements to stall for an instant.

Such a phenomenon could not be seen upon Oliven.

Oliven completely ignored the frost dragon's aura of might. Her petite body leaned against the dragon's, avoiding the wings and dodging the claws and bites. She was like a stubborn plaster stuck to the frost dragon's body, continually using the Slicer and Cruel Claws in her hands to attack the weak spots of the dragon's body.

Dragon eyes, nose, throat, belly, the root of the wings, anus, back of the head…

As long as it was a part of the body where the frost dragon could not defend, you could be sure that this fearsome dragon killer had already taken care of that spot. It left Aruntini with the helpless feeling of being unable to retaliate and an unforgettable pain!

Frost Dragon Aruntini had just woken up from her sweet nap and was already beaten half to death by a dragon slaying squad of four before she could understand what was happening.

The intense pain from her entire body. The resentment of being attacked by unknown enemies. The fearsome feeling of death that rose from the depths of her soul. All this caused the anger in Aruntini's heart to explode like a fireball.

[Beep. Detecting high-intensity frost energy gathering within the target creature's body. Initial estimates suggest this to be a dragon's breath. Ice attribute. Energy level is estimated at three hundred to five hundred points. Host is advised to quickly retreat. Safe distance: two hundred meters.]

The abrupt notification from the Chip caused Greem to jump up in shock.

Between three hundred to five hundred points?

Even he couldn't escape death if he were to be blasted directly by an attack of this intensity.

"Retreat two hundred meters away. Zacha, you go forward."

Greem gave out a series of orders while an expression of shock still hung upon his face. Mary and Oliven, who were having a great time attacking the frost dragon while sticking to the creature, paused for a moment upon hearing this.

Mary would never doubt the accuracy of Greem's commands. She immediately retreated upon receiving her orders. Oliven hesitated for a short moment. She only needed three more slashes before the frost dragon's left wing was completely cut off at the root. Wouldn't her earlier efforts be for nothing if she retreated now?

However, they were allies after all. Greem must have discovered something for him to give out such an order. Moreover, that female vampire had been so resolute in her retreat. It seemed they weren't lying to her to cheat her of her contributions.

Oliven's black silhouette flashed after a momentary pause. She quickly escaped back after Mary.

Just then, Frost Dragon Aruntini let out a reverberating dragon's roar. She opened her mouth wide, and a Freezing Breath that covered the entire space blasted out of her throat. It surged in every direction like a relentless tide.

For a moment, the massive room was filled with white and swirling dragon's breath.

The temperature of this Freezing Breath was exceptionally low. It had the terrifying power to freeze all things.

Everything within the room was frozen in a thick block of ice as the white mist dispersed. Even the frost dragon herself and Zacha, who was surrounded by an Ice Barrier, was frozen within.

Greem and Mary hadn't been caught in the ice due to their timely retreat. Oliven, on the other hand, had been a little late. The ice mist had caught up to her body. Fortunately, she drew upon her strength quickly and managed to break free of the ice mist and escape, especially with her on the edge of the breath radius already.

However, Zacha, who had been ordered to intercept the frost dragon, could only be frozen five steps away from the frost dragon.

Oliven cast a subtle look at the Second Grade Fire Adept Greem upon escaping the ice mist. She couldn't help but secretly wonder how he had managed to discover the actions of the frost dragon before the explosion of power. She had been closer to the frost dragon at the time. Yet, Greem had been able to discover the gathering of the frost dragon's ice energies before she had even realized anything.

Could he have any precognition abilities?

While Oliven was sorting out her doubts, Greem had already walked forward. He continuously used his fireballs to bombard the massive ice crystal before them.

One could imagine that this was an ultimate skill that the frost dragon had only used to save her life and buy some time.

Once the Freezing Breath surged out of her mouth, all the enemies within the room would be sealed in a thick block of crystalline ice along with herself. This way, she would be able to save her life in a moment of crisis, as well as buy some time and wait for her dragonborn servants to come as support her.

Greem had already tried to place as high an estimation as possible to the effect of the Freezing Breath. However, he still realized that he had underestimated the Second Grade frost dragon by the time all the mist had dispersed and the ice crystal was perfectly exposed before him.

The ice crystal was durable enough to match even diamond. While it had frozen both the frost dragon and Zacha, it didn't affect the frost dragon's movements and attacks within at all.

While dragonborn Zacha was frozen to the spot, Aruntini was casually extending her body and using ice mists to perform essential treatment upon her most serious wounds. She then swam like a fish in water within the ice, as if the substance wasn't solid, and took steady steps toward dragonborn Zacha.

Frost dragon Aruntini wanted to walk more elegantly and display her nobility, but the severely wounded left leg and right wing made her wince with every step. One could even see the broken bones within the massive wound on the right leg.

It made the frost dragon skip and hop when she walked. Aruntini didn't dare set her foot upon the ground for fear of touching the wound.

Frost Dragon Aruntini couldn't express any elegance or beauty when she walked in such a manner, regardless of how pretty her appearance was.

The enraged Aruntini's eyes had already turned milky-white, and a fearsome tide of frost was gathering within. She slowly arrived in front of Zacha and opened her mouth filled with sharp teeth. She used her slowest possible speed to bite down upon the dragonborn's head.

Aruntini was filled with hatred at this moment.

She wanted to use the slowest possible speed to torture and kill this wicked enemy and use the death of this dragonborn to warn the enemies outside the ice crystal. She could only relieve the anger and fury inside her chest through such a method. She still had no idea where these enemies came from, why they broke into her room, or why they had hurt her elegant and noble body.

Just as she was intentionally putting on a show of elegance, the two Potions of Melting that Zacha had drunk before the start of the battle finally took effect.

Something finally changed about Dragonborn Zacha's formerly restrained body as the frost dragon's teeth closed in upon him.

His thick fingers that held on to the two shields suddenly sprang to life. He could finally move. Copyright 2016 - 2024