Chapter 577 Wind Dragon's Luck With Women

Wind Dragon Cherkes' visit caught the dragonborn of Doomsday Castle by surprise.

Doomsday Castle belonged to the Star of Disaster, Philippa Eilhart, Third Grade Fire Dragon.

Philippa Eilhart was a sexually voracious female dragon and loved to keep male consorts of her own in the palace. She had collected beauties and handsome men of various races from all over Lance inside her Doomsday Castle. The dragonborn army she had created was also undoubtedly the largest and most diverse of all the dragon lords.

Philippa Eilhart would not have had such a bad name if she was simply sexually active; that wasn't a flaw in the eyes of the dragons.

The true reason for her notorious reputation was her unsavory preferences in bed that frightened all the other male dragons.

It was rumored that it would be a miracle for any male that had slept with her to live. Her greatest habit was to transform back into a fire dragon during the height of the act and use her intense flame breath to warm the hearts and bodies of her and her lover.

It was important to note that, as a Third Grade female fire dragon, Philippa Eilhart's true form was at least two to three times larger than an ordinary male dragon. She was at least several dozens of tons heavy.

Such a terrifying act wouldn't matter if her lover were a male dragon. At the very worst, it would only mean a couple of bone fractures. However, any other species would be squashed into unrecognizable meat paste.

Still, even if the strong male dragons could endure Philippa's weight, they couldn't deal with her great flame breath that reached up to five thousand degrees. Flames of this intensity were already as hot as the core area of a volcano.

Not all dragons loved to bathe in surging lava, and not all male dragons could endure Philippa's reckless moves.

That was why every single young male dragon in Lance had avoided Philippa once her reputation got out. Otherwise, if she abducted them into her Doomsday Castle... having a bit of their dragon essence squeezed out of them was secondary. More importantly, it was the utter trampling of their body and mind that terrified them!

Philippa had been setting her sights on Wind Dragon Cherkes for more than several years now, especially with the close proximity of their territories. However, while Cherkes couldn't beat Philippa, who was known for her fierce temperament and prowess in combat, he could easily outrun her.

That was how the two of them managed to live the past hundred years in relative 'peace' as neighbors.

Cherkes let out a short dragon's roar which counted as a greeting of sorts. He then beat his tattered wings and slowly landed on the stone square in front of Doomsday Castle. The boiling stone was enough to cook any flesh, but it couldn't do much to a Second Grade dragon.

Seven or eight muscular dragonborn with red scales emerged from the stone houses around the square. They approached from every direction, cautiously looking at this uninvited wind dragon. The two dragonborn in the lead were also very obviously at Second Grade.

Even though Cherkes had a much nobler status compared to all these dragonborn combined, wounding Philippa's subordinates in her base would make it a lot harder for him to make his request later.

As such, Cherkes only hesitated for a moment before transforming. An odd silver light engulfed his body as he instantly transformed into a young man in a silver shirt.

"Isn't this Lord Cherkes, known as the most handsome man in Lance! Why would you have time to visit Sister Philippa today? Sister wants you to come in." A fragrant breeze of wind blew toward Cherkes as a seductive and charming succubus walked out of the castle.

That blushing expression, those arousing curves, that pair of fire red lips, and those full breasts and bottom, as well as the bat wings and the agile bone tail behind her back…

The natural seductiveness of succubi didn't discriminate by race or sex. All intelligent lifeform that looked upon a succubus' body would feel an irrepressible desire rise within their hearts.

That was why the succubi were one of the few demon races that survived by entertaining and pleasing powerful individuals, even amongst the multiverse. Their birthplace was in the lower realms known as the Bowels of the World, but their footprints could be found in every corner of the multiverse.

Be it within the private tower of some powerful adept, or the den of a powerful otherworldly creature, or even amongst the harem of a human king; these powerful and sly demonic creatures could be found in almost all areas with dense male auras.

Of course, Cherkes' powerful Spirit made it virtually impossible for him to be seduced by a little First Grade succubus. However, the dragons were sexual in nature, not to mention that Cherkes was a young wind dragon that thought the world of himself. Thus, the previously cold and arrogant Cherkes immediately betrayed a lecherous expression and hugged the succubus' smooth waist with his thick arm. He then followed the succubus back into the magnificent and towering Doomsday Castle.


It was two days and three entire nights later when Cherkes finally stumbled out of Doomsday Castle.

He painfully transformed back into his wind dragon form and panted on the ground for a long while before finally taking to the air. There were several times where he almost fell straight into the boiling lava beneath due to exhaustion.

If something like that had actually happened, Cherkes would undergo plenty of pain and agony, even with the exceptional magic resistance of a Second Grade dragon.

Wind Dragon Cherkes roared furiously at the bottom of his heart as he struggled to keep himself in the air.

"Just you wait. Once I advance to Third Grade… no, Fourth Grade, I will definitely kill all of you bastards. All of you that have humiliated me, bullied me… I will kill all of you. Ow…"

Cherkes had been just a bit too emotional and flapped his wings with a little too much strength and immediately stirred the wounds on his body.

His body had already been tattered and riddled with holes by the otherworldly metal monster in Azurelode. After recovering in his den, he had immediately come here to ask for help from that damned female fire dragon and had been wickedly treated to some love for two days and three nights straight.

Cherkes might look alright and unharmed right now.

However, he knew very well how bad his injuries were. There were bone fractures on at least five parts of his body, and two of those were comminuted fractures that looked like a tree branch after being repeatedly crushed by a raging chariot. The fact that he could still fly with these wounds was a testament to the exceptional talent of the wind dragons in the air.

"Damned monster, just you wait! Once the dragonborn army that fat hag lent me arrives, I will let you experience a thousand times the pain I am currently feeling. I will tear you into shreds and pieces... ow."

Cherkes could no longer endure the eruption of pain this time. The pride of the wind dragons let out a shriek as he crashed from the skies. Fortunately, he had already flown out of the area of the lava lake during this short time. Apart from a massive dragon-shaped crater being imprinted upon the scorched earth, Cherkes' life wasn't in much danger.

The wind dragon had to wait another thirty minutes before finally finding the strength to take off once more. Slowly, Cherkes flew toward the Twin Peaks, shaking and swerving as he cut across the sky.

Twin Peaks, as the name suggested, were a pair of oddly steep peaks that stood across from each other.

Cherkes had turned one of these peaks into his lair, and the other had been turned into the chambers where he kept beauties of various races.

Whenever he was in a bad mood, he would visit the chambers and enjoy the welcoming of those beauties, occasionally using them to breed some mixed-blood descendants for himself.

It was challenging for two pureblooded dragons to breed a descendant of their own, but it was effortless for them to give birth to mixed-blood descendants. Thus, the lustful dragons often used breeding offsprings as a reason to spread their seed across the world, spawning countless descendants of various types across countless plane worlds.

Some busybody adept had even verified that the dragon bloodline had even been found in a certain tribe of the numerous and vile kobolds.

The adepts couldn't help but shiver in disgust when they imagined a lusty dragon transforming into a kobold to mess with another kobold over tens of thousands of years ago.

Kobolds, underground fire dragons, nine-headed lizards, dragonborn, dragonblood goblins, human dragon disciples.

One could find some dragon bloodline in the offshoot branches of almost all intelligent lifeforms the adepts had ever heard of. It was apparent how potent the dragons were in this regard! It would make any adept speechless to learn of all this!

Cherkes was practically squeezed dry at this moment. Where was he supposed to find the energy to enjoy himself amongst his beauties? Thus, he beat his wings and carefully landed upon the platform in front of his lair.

Cherkes shivered intensely the moment he entered the winding corridors of his lair.

He could vaguely smell something out of the ordinary in the air.

Almost…almost as if it was an indescribable stench of blood.


The wind dragon instantly completed a short chant, and an Eye of Truth shining with bright silver light floated above his head. The Eye illuminated the corridor before him and the mountain of gold coins at the end of the passage.

A slender silhouette was curled up amidst the pile of mountains and jewels as if they were preparing to ambush Cherkes.

Sadly, while the opponent was very well-hidden, they were completely exposed before the wind dragon's Eye of Truth.

How the enemy had gotten past all the dragonborn scouts, how they had managed to break through all his magical traps; Cherkes couldn't care less about these things anymore. He was only concerned about whether he could escape from this death trap today.

That was because he vaguely heard the grunting of dragonborn scouts and the thud of them falling to the ground from the platform outside, even at the same moment he had discovered the female assassin.

Enemies both behind and in front of him!

Wind Dragon Cherkes opened his eyes wide, and his aura increased tremendously. He then let out a reverberating roar and courageously took the initiative to strike at the enemy. Copyright 2016 - 2024