Chapter 533 The Might of Adepts

There were only six adepts in Greem's faction.

Apart from the non-combatant Alice, and Greem, who couldn't easily engage in the battle, only four adepts could participate in the fight.

Bug Adept Billis, Vampire Adept Mary, Berserk Witch Sofia, Poison Witch Endor.

Of these four people, the only one that could act as a meat shield was Berserk Witch Sofia.

Sofia strode forward with her muscular body in the face of the cannon barrage. She carried her thick wooden staff on her shoulder, roaring and increasing in size as she advanced forward.

As a berserk witch, Sofia had not learned many long-ranged spells. Even if she had mastery of such spells, all of her magic powers would automatically be converted into ferocious physical prowess upon transforming into a berserk witch. As such, what appeared before everyone after her transformation was a naked and muscular five-meter tall giantess.

The transformed Sofia appeared to be much larger than her transformed state from the past.

The massive muscles all over her body were as hard as steel. Fearsome and explosive strength hid within them. The piece of animal hide that had been draped over her body had now fallen to her waist and was barely covering that one last part of her body that wasn't exposed.

However, the two pieces of flesh in front of her chest were exposed for all to see. They quivered in an extremely eye-catching manner as she walked forward.

Any other witch would probably have been incapable of tolerating this feeling of being nude. However, Sofia had always been much rougher when it comes to these things. She didn't seem to care about her situation at all. Sofia had zero awareness of her identity as a female. She simply raised the thick, pillar-like staff and smashed it upon the two magical machines in front of her.

These magical machines were both First Grade. An explosive creak rang from the machines when Sofia's staff struck them in the waists. A terrifying dent immediately appeared in the metal plates before the goblin mechanics. One could vaguely hear the sound of the mechanics coughing up blood from inside the machines.

The barrage of bullets from the goblins sent sparks flying everywhere when they crashed against Sofia's steel-like body. The projectiles even squashed into flat pieces of metal under the powerful kinetic force and deflected to the side.

Of course, there were occasional bullets that managed to pierce through Sofia's skin and embed themselves in her muscles. However, Sofia would merely let out a furious roar and tense all of her muscles. The strength in her muscle fibers forced the bullets out of her wounds, and they clinked as they fell to the ground.

Sofia only needed to raise her left hand to protect her face!

Even the barrage of magic energy weapons could only wound Sofia on the surface; they failed to damage any of her internal organs. Sofia's ability to fight was not weakened or limited in any manner!

The three adepts behind Sofia had an easy time with the excellent meat shield defending them at the front.

They raised defensive spells to shield themselves from the barrage of bullets and started using their own tricks to slaughter the magical machine army that was rushing at them.

The first to charge at the goblins was naturally Bloody Queen Mary.

Her slender figure was shrouded in a mist of blood as she beat her wings and dashed into the center of the army like a crimson phantom.

The goblin magical machine army mostly consisted of magical machines and chariots, but there were still approximately seven hundred goblin soldiers among them. These soldiers weren't protected with the same thick metal plates as the mechanics in the magical machines were.

Mary's attacks had always been known for their speed and flexibility. The power of her attacks, on the other hand, was often inferior to other adepts. As such, Mary avoided the magical machines and goblin chariots. She flashed through the air, leaving afterimages behind her and causing all the goblin firearms to miss their mark.

Mary took the opportunity to charge into the crowd of goblin soldiers, using her crimson longbow to barrage them with scarlet arrows. Every one of her attacks was accompanied by shadow damage and the corrosion of blood energy.

The grunts and howls of the goblin soldiers could be heard everywhere in the army. A fog of blood slowly gathered in the room. Their arcanite rifles continued to fire, sending white smoke into the air. However, the goblins were still unable to catch up with Mary's shadow. In fact, more often than not, the furious goblin soldiers' random attacks resulted in plenty of friendly fire.

Mary continued to weave between the soldiers, intentionally baiting them into firing at her.

In particular, when Mary passed by two goblins with flamethrowers, both of them went completely out of their mind. They tried to use their flamethrowers to burn Mary. As they turned to light the adept on fire, they instantly turned each other into goblin torches with their streams of alchemical fire.

They ran about screaming in agony, trying to get their companions to help them extinguish the fires on their bodies. Sadly, the flamethrower on their backs exploded the moment they ran into the crowd.

The nearby explosions immediately set two dozen goblins on fire, sending another group of goblin torches running through the hall.

With the Berserk Witch dealing with the magical machines and Mary sowing chaos behind enemy lines, Bug Adept Billis couldn't suppress his bloodthirst any longer.

His entire body dispersed and turned into a swarm of black insects. These insects swarmed into the midst of the goblins and started to devour the defenseless creatures. Of course, he would intentionally avoid those goblins with flamethrowers and individually pick on the soldiers with only arcanite rifles to defend themselves.

With his immortal body of bugs, the barrage of bullets couldn't deal too much damage to his scorpion clones anyway. That made Billis grow increasingly reckless.

Princess Vanessa let out a battle cry and reassigned a large group of flamethrowing goblins to exterminate Billis. Just then, a dozen large sting scorpions murdered their way into the goblins. Billis himself might have been vulnerable to extended periods of roasting, but his scorpions were not.

With his sting scorpion squad keeping him safe, Bug Adept Billis turned into a black god of death. A terrifying tide of destruction would appear wherever he descended!

Poison Witch Endor hid behind Sofia but failed to obtain any kills even after several attempts.

The lethal poisons transmitted via air could hardly threaten the lives of the goblins now that they all had gas masks. Endor could only throw shadow balls at the goblins. A one-meter long shadow snake would emerge from these shadow balls and slither towards the goblins.

Sadly, all of the goblins were equipped with magic energy weapons. Arcanite rifles and magic energy cannons were both capable of killing the shadow snakes. Consequently, none of Endor's snakes could even get close to the goblins.

The dragonborn scouts had arrived after the adepts, and they gathered around Zacha, watching the battle unfold from a distance.

They goblin's power might not be worth mentioning, but they needed to be on guard against the evil adepts.

Second Grade Dragonborn Zacha's strange amber eyes were fixated upon the battlefield, constantly calculating the difference in strength between them and the adepts

None of the four adepts on the battlefield were his opponents in a duel.

The witch that transformed into a giantess might possess a magical resistant body and invulnerability to low-level energy damage, but she wasn't a counter to the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn weren't composed solely of individuals who only knew how to rely on their innate magic. Their resounding physical strength wouldn't be that much weaker than the giantess.

In fact, Zacha had the confidence to crush the giantess in less than eight minutes if they were to duel. As for the other adepts, the female adept with the bat wings would be the most trouble to deal with!

The Dragonborn were all brute beasts with large bodies. It was easy for them to become exhausted when fighting against an agile enemy like this.

In contrast, the bug adept wasn't too much of a concern for Zacha.

Strange fellows like that often possessed inferior offensive abilities. He might be able to resist the attacks of the dragonborn for a very long time, but if the dragonborn were to just ignore him, there wasn't much that Bug Adept Billis could do either.

Finally, the hag that used poison didn't seem to have any particularly extraordinary toxins. There was no need to pay too much attention to her.

A weak mental flux suddenly rang in Zacha's mind as he was silently assessing this group of adepts that had appeared out of nowhere.

"Lord Zacha, why don't we join forces?"

The voice sounded like that of the former old goblin Gazlowe.

"Join forces? How so?" Zacha might look like a rough brute on the surface, but he was a sly fellow as well. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been sent as the leader of the vanguards.

"We work together to kill these adepts, and then we sit down to discuss the other matters."

"Haha! Who knew you would still act like a lowly creature after advancing to a Third Grade lifeform!?" Zacha didn't betray any emotion on his face, but he was laughing out loud internally, "Those adepts are also here for the plane, aren't they? We Dragonborn only want to rob this place. We have no intention of staying here for extended periods of time. That's why our conflict of interests might be resolved through cooperation. Why should I help you deal with them under such circumstances? I don't get anything extra out of it."

Giant Brain Gazlowe fell silent for a moment before sneering coldly, "These lies of yours might work against some lowly lizards, but they're not at useful against a great brain like me. Since the master behind you has arrived, it is a certainty that he has ordered you to find an energy source! If you help me deal with the adepts, I will provide you with energy once more and allow your reinforcements to teleport over!"

Dragonborn Zacha's eyes gleamed with a cold light.

"Why do you keep provoking us to go deal with the adepts? Why don't you go yourself? Moreover, where are you supposed to go once we have taken over this plane? You would be foolish enough to give us a source of energy just like that?"

Gazlowe sighed softly.

"It's virtually impossible for me to stop the invasion of this plane now that both you and the adepts have set your sights upon it. It doesn't matter how strong I might be. That's why I have already made up my mind. I will leave the Goblin Plane in the Steel Capital and find a new world to reside in once I have killed these adepts. How about that? Do you believe me now?"

Zacha frowned. He lowered his head and fell into deep thought. Copyright 2016 - 2024