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The biggest benefit of owning the Chip was the near encyclopedic knowledge it granted him.

After searching through its database, the Chip transmitted the most appropriate action into Greem’s mind.

After receiving this data, Greem bowed like a noble. He bent down on one knee and offered Mary his hand, allowing Mary to use his knee as a way to dismount the Demon Alligator.

Mary was obviously satisfied with Greem’s sweet and considerate behavior. She gracefully turned, her soft, striking red dress contrasting vividly against her delicate and fair skin. Under the reflection of the dim torchlight, she seemed to become the most dazzling object in the eternal darkness.

“I like this place and wish to take a bath here. So, I’ll need to trouble my honorable knight to stand guard for me!” Mary gave her wish, once again portraying the lofty manner of a noble lady.

“As you wish!”

Clearly, when compared to Mary, Greem seemed much more familiar with these types of role-playing games. Greem placed his arm on his chest and bowed. He then grabbed the Demon Alligator Hunter and left to patrol the surrounding area.

They were sent here to complete their mission and, coincidentally, the mission site was located in the middle of that water pond. So, after leaving Mary behind, Greem couldn’t refrain himself from starting to search for the biggest benefit of this trip.

There was a reason why this Underground Cave was so famous. This Underground Cave produced some rare and special resources that couldn’t be found anywhere on the surface. An example of one such resource was the Soul Mushroom.

The Soul Mushroom was a kind of white mushroom, which existed in two different forms: its incorporeal form and its corporeal one. It was one of the main ingredients used to produce Invisible Potion and Shadow Perish Enchantment. They grew in shady and cool places and were able to feed off of negative energy. Therefore, Soul Mushrooms were frequently found growing near evil spirits. This was the reason why normal people couldn’t see them. Only apprentice Adepts who possessed supernatural power, like Greem, were qualified to harvest them.

Before they left, Adept Angus had told them about these Soul Mushrooms, promising that if anyone was to find some on their mission, he would purchase them off them for a good price. From his desire for the mushrooms, Greem believed that Adept Angus had decided to become a pharmacist.

It was because of this that Greem showed great enthusiasm for this additional job, as he could easily accomplish it. After all, in order to prepare himself for this mission, he had depleted nearly all of his accumulated resources and savings. Right now, apart from some necessary spell casting materials and travel kits, the only things left in Greem’s waist pouch were three Magical Crystals.

With just this meager wealth, it was impossible for him to buy anything good in this place.

As Greem was traveling further and further away, Mary had just reached the edge of the pond.

Here in the Underground world, everything was covered in an oppressive, eternal darkness. From time to time, indistinct noises were even heard echoing throughout the caves.

If any ordinary human had found themselves in this place, perhaps they would have long screamed their lungs out by now, frightened by the terrifying and gruesome environment. But, Mary was the complete opposite to them. She inserted her torch into a crack in the wall, and, while humming a joyful tune, she slowly peeled the thin red dress off her body. She tested the temperature by

placing her perfectly shaped leg into the water, and, finding it to her liking, she cheered and dived in.

The water splashed in all directions, presenting a barely visible beautiful body. If this sight was not seen in the Underground, it would definitely be called a seductive and magnificent wonderland.

But, whilst Mary was happily swimming in the water, at the ceiling, where the light of the torch couldn’t reach, a pair of bizarre eyes lit up.

Clearly, those pair of eyes belonged to an intelligent creature. They were fluttering from side to side, looking puzzled and undecided.

To be honest, this Underground world was a land where darkness was eternal and slaughter and blood were as common as flies. Nothing in this land could be related to the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘warm’. Although he had learned about the free and peaceful life on the surface from books and knowledge shared by wandering travelers, he had never believed in any of those fairytales.

He knew that the surface was cruelly and brutally ruled by frightening and evil human Adepts. Since this was the case, how could the humans on the surface live a free and peaceful life? Those fairytales must be the lies that the evil Adepts used to deceive the weak-minded humans. From what he could tell, they had seemed to work, as the foolish humans had fallen hook, line, and sinker, into believing them.

This was something that he firmly believed in, so, when suddenly seeing a beautiful naked girl bathing in his hunting zone, he was struck with uncertainty.

The numerous ferocious actions, performed by apprentice Adepts, had caused a wariness to develop in him. Thus, without making any noise, he started to crawl along the ceiling, inching closer and closer towards the beautiful girl.

His delicate and flexible body enabled him to perform extraordinary movements, so, even if he was moving along a surface covered with slippery moss, he was still able to move as if it was flat ground. He moved silently, and, like a spider

creating its web in darkness, he slipped down a crack in the wall. He hid behind the various stalagmites and stalactites, and, unseen, he approached the edge of the pond.

Mary had just finished swimming and was now sitting on a rock at the edge of the pond, slowly and gently squeezing out the water from her hair. Her long, dark hair flowed down her body and reached just below her perfect asset. Her hair covered her body perfectly, preventing anyone from witnessing the ultimate beauty. What a sad moment!

The perfectly hidden humanoid figure stealthily arrived at Mary’s red dress. After searching for a while, he found nothing that seemed to be a storage pouch or a magical weapon.

Could this beautiful girl not an apprentice Adept?

After stealing a glance at the barely visible beautiful body, he couldn’t help but gulp. As he watched her an evil thought arose in his mind.

Regardless of whether she was an apprentice Adept or not, shipping such a high quality ‘product’ to Elysium city would definitely result in a high profit. If he could get that profit he would be able to live a nice life; he wouldn’t have to run around in the oppressive tunnels all day trying to make his living

The person who had left earlier was definitely an apprentice Adept. A man who was able to control such a frightening Golem monster was obviously something that he, as an Underground Rogue Hunter, could possibly deal with. However, since the beginning, this lady never showed any special ability. It was likely that she was just a mistress the male apprentice had brought along. If she was really a normal human, then it was possible that he could successfully abduct her.

After making up his mind, the shadowy figure hid behind the rock that the naked lady was sitting on. He quietly pulled out the leather pouch that was tied onto his waist. A palm-sized green object climbed out of the leather pouch and quickly moved onto the rock, climbing towards the naked lady.

After a brief moment, Mary cried out. As soon as this happened, the shadowy figure instantly bolted out, like a lightning strike, and placed his two bent blades against her neck.

The tiny green lizard opened its mouth, draping itself over Mary’s naked body and sticking its tongue out. It had actually bitten Mary’s sexy butt! Greenish liquid oozed from the small wound, and Mary seemed to be paralyzed, looking as if she could hardly stand by herself.

The shadowy figure had no use but to use one of his hands to hold up Mary’s body. He had to do this in order to prevent Mary from slipping into the pond.

“You better make sure to hold her tight. If you tear any of her skin then you’ll suffer some nasty consequences.” A deep and steady male voice suddenly rang out throughout the cave, scaring the shit out of the shadowy figure.

Somehow Greem had returned from patrolling and was leaning against a stalagmite. He was watching the scene with a smile on his face. Behind him, the frightening Demon Alligator Hunter walked out of the darkness. The noise it made as it walked was comparable to a giant.

The shadowy figure seemed not to have expected this situation. He stepped back and positioned his body behind Mary’s. He then raised one of his bent blades to Mary’s throat and gripped her arm with his other hand. He looked like he was holding Mary hostage.

However, the figure was puzzled, as the male apprentice didn’t seem to want to rescue his companion. On the contrary, he seemed to be preparing himself to watch a good show.

‘Her… life… is in my hands, don’t…try… anything rash!” The shadowy creature was speaking in the Salus language, which was different from the universally used human language. However, this didn’t stop Greem from understanding what it was saying. Language, with the help of the Chip, was perhaps the easiest thing for Greem.

Greem, still leaning against the stalagmite, watched the scene before him.

The perfectly curved, seductive body of Mary was a magnificent view and Green would never miss such a good opportunity to enjoy it. Also, as Greem was extremely interested in this creature, he ordered the chip to scan it.

“Beep! Scanning of creature completed. Found a matching species in the living beings database. Does the host wish to view it?”

“Yes! Show it to me!”

After Greem’s agreement, the detailed information on the creature in front of him was sent into his mind.

The Lizardmen race are intelligent creatures found in the Underground. They possess the bloodline of both a lizard and a human. They are mutated creatures and are able to move stealthily, and control their body temperature. In the Underground world, they are found in every major region working as assassins.


While studying the information, Greem quietly matched the shadowy figure in front of his eyes with the one in his mind.

The creature had a skinny, human-like body and wasn’t wearing any clothes. Dark green lumps could be found everywhere on its rough, thick skin. It only had four fingers, and its hands were like webbed like a frog. It also had long and curvy nails, which looked like razor-sharp blades.

The creature seemed to have human-like facial features, but, as its skin was too dark, no one could clearly see its expression. Its transparent eyelids kept blinking, allowing its protruding eyeballs to focus freely and turn in any direction it wanted.

Judging from its voice, it should be a man, no, a male.

However, this was beside the point. In any case, it was an ugly fellow who made Green feel disgusted after just one look.

Especially, after it recklessly abducted Mary!

Inwardly, Greem gave out his final verdict.

If it wasn’t for the advantage it had in this environment, it would only be able to, at most, match up to an intermediate apprentice. Greem scoffed. With this little ability, it still dreamed of abducting the frightening Mary?

A faint smile emerged on Greem’s face. He really didn’t know whether he should give a three-second tribute for its unfortunate encounter.

Greem only hoped that it wouldn’t come to regret its decision.

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