Chapter 449 Chaos and Commotion

The Stone Tower.

Adept Greem had already been gone for over ten hours. Everyone was concerned and anxious.

Even though the wind dragon that Greem had summoned before he left was a boost in confidence, rumors still started to spread when he had yet to return after such a long time.

"Adept Greem must have run away," A slightly fatter advanced apprentice started stirring the crowd, "He abandoned us here and ran away. We will all be done for once the Aki Clan adepts arrive."

"Yeah! Yeah, Adept Greem hasn't returned even after so long. He must have run back to headquarters."

"Well then, what do we do?"

"Let us run too! I don't want to stick around to be cannon fodder."

These people aggravating the situation shook the other apprentices' wills.

Even Apprentice Captain Yuri seemed to be hesitant about the situation. His eyes gleamed with a complicated light.

They had lost the resource site and the mines to the enemy this time. Even though it was not a factor that was within their control, it was still hard to predict what the clan would do to them. It was extremely likely for people to assume to worst in this situation and, consequently, commit some actions they usually wouldn't do.

"What are you people doing?" At this key time, the first to step up was still Beginner Apprentice Billis, "Sir Greem has already gone out to deal with the Aki Clan adepts. I believe in Sir Greem. He can bring victory back to us. Yet, at this moment, all of you are only thinking about running away? Can you still call yourselves humans?"

"Indeed; we are not!" The one who spoke was still that fat advanced apprentice. He waved his fists and walked up to Billis. If it weren't for Sabrina standing in front of him and glaring coldly at him, he probably would have been unable to suppress his urge to hit Billis, "It's been such a long time, and your Sir Greem hasn't returned yet. What evidence do you have that Adept Greem hasn't run away? What evidence do you have that he can beat those malicious enemies? Perhaps he has already lost now, and is…"

"And is doing what?"

A firm and dominating voice rang out from outside the tower.

Wild winds blew, and the wind dragon's massive body descended from the skies. It spit out two worn-out and wounded figures from its mouth. Greem's tall silhouette then stepped off of the dragon's back with steady steps. Four stumbling people followed behind him.

It was his apprentice disciples!

"Bring the four of them down for treatment. Take special note of Hill. His injuries are quite bad!" Greem gave an order, and Sabrina bowed respectfully. She then stepped forward as several silver metallic appendages extended from her body, which she used to prop up the apprentices.

Billis' eyes shone when he saw Greem. He quickly stepped forward, "Sir Greem, these people…"

Greem raised a hand to interrupt him, "Go and help Sabrina. I'll deal with the situation here!"

Greem walked towards the fat apprentice while tapping his staff on the ground. He lowered his head and looked down at the apprentice, "You were the one rousing the others just now? You said I already lost and was doing what?"


The crisp sound of clattering teeth was audible throughout the room.

The pig-like apprentice's feet gave way. He crumbled to the ground, body trembling and shivering, as his teeth chattered in fear. He couldn't even muster a single word from his mouth.


A dull thud.

The staff in Greem's hand touched the ground, and a blaze of fire ignited on the fat apprentice's left hand. A terrifying cry of pain that resembled pigs on the chopping block filled the hall!

"You, you, and you," Greem turned to look elsewhere and quickly called out a few people, "Go and invite the two Aki Clan adepts in here."

Adepts? Prisoners?

It was only now that the apprentices realized that the two figures that spat out of the wind dragon's mouth were adepts. However, these two normally respectable adepts were in a lousy state. One was black as charcoal, with the thick smell of burnt flesh and soot wafting off his body. The other one was reasonably unharmed, but his robe, staff, amulets, rings, and all other magical items had been confiscated. Strange fire runes had even been attached to his shoulders, hands, and feet.

These fire runes looked to have the ability to seal magic power and limit movement. If this adept tried to move around or draw upon the magic powers within him, a burst of fire would emerge from the runes. It would sear his hands and feet and inflict immense pain on him.

"Yuri, take a few people to the resource site and bring the other apprentices back." Greem gave another order.

Once Yuri and the others had left, Greem looked down at the now unconscious fat apprentice. His left hand had burned to ashes. Just a single touch and it would crumble to dust.

"Take him away!" Greem demanded, "Have him return to the clan tomorrow. I don't wish to see him again! Hmph."

Flandre had been sent to Greem's side under the escort of the apprentices. He growled menacingly, "I have already handed over everything I have on me. You are not allowed to torture us any longer. You must give us the treatment we deserve as adepts."

"I'll ensure you are treated properly, but you will have to pay for that. Your companion is severely wounded as well. Just the treatment cost would be exorbitant. Do you expect me to shoulder this cost?" Greem snorted with disdain, "You can rest safely here in my stone tower. I will provide you with the basic treatment you deserve. However, if your clan doesn't hand over a reasonable compensation within ten days... hehe. We will need to talk about the matter of you lot destroying our mine and resource site."

Flandre let out a long sigh and lowered his head in helplessness.

Ten days? Who knew how the elders would respond? If they couldn't come to an agreement with the Sarubo...

Flandre looked at poor burnt Sicha beside him and sighed once again.


The conclusion of the battle at the resource site was transmitted to both clans by midnight.

The almost unbelievable news caused a commotion in both clans.

Feidnan City, Adept's Tower.

Sanazar quickly hurried back from her lands after she got the news. She silently sat on her chair and listened to Fügen's report. Adept Keoghan, who was a core member of the clan, also stood quietly by the side. He closed his eyes and said nothing.

A dozen apprentices had personally witnessed the battle at the resource site. Consequently, Adept Fügen's report was incredibly detailed. He analyzed every single detail that occurred during the fight. In particular, Adept Fügen gave the wind dragon that had emerged out of nowhere an evaluation of peak elite-level.

Disregarding everything else, Greem could count as an elite First Grade adept with just his wind dragon. Moreover, he still had plenty of room to grow. Once he finished tempering his body and soul, his fundamental attributes would skyrocket.

This person was someone who had immense potential to become a mighty adept!

It didn't matter what perspective you looked at it from. The rise of a powerful adept like this within the clan was a good thing rather than a bad one. Still, everyone knew that the number of resources that Greem got from the clan was even less than Keoghan!

A non-core adept of the clan displaying such tremendous potential caused them to be both concerned and joyous.

If they let a person like this continue growing within the clan, who among the First Grade adepts could compete with him? He would be like a magnet, quickly attracting a group of loyal followers behind him. If he chose to split from the clan to go his own way in the future, he would cause a division of power within the Sarubo Clan!

"My lady, do you think we should continue suppressing Greem?" Fügen couldn't help but ask once he finished with his report.

Adept Keoghan trembled when he heard this, but he said nothing.

After all, everyone present was a high-grade adept of the clan. A First Grade like himself could only listen without making any comments. He had no right to talk here.

However, his unusual behavior still caught the attention of Adept Sanazar.

"What is it, Keoghan? Do you have a different opinion on this matter?"

Sanazar had been busy with the improvement of her own powers in recently. She had already lost her patience for these annoying internal affairs of the clan. If it weren't for today's occurrence being a little too shocking, Adept Fügen might not have been able to summon her back from her territory.

"My lady. Sir. I believe that oppressing Greem from this point onward would no longer be appropriate." Adept Keoghan hesitated for a moment and finally decided to voice his thoughts.

"Could you not have seen through Greem's ambitions?" Adept Fügen snorted, "He chose to build his adept's tower in the Black Forest, far away from the clan. Moreover, he didn't choose to work with the clan, even after stabilizing the situation. Instead, he decided to work with the Zhentarim Association. What do you think he is trying to do?"

"He is preparing for his future endeavor for independence!" Adept Keoghan pointed out the truth.

"Hmph! And you still intend to favor him, knowing this? Do you know how massive a disaster it would be for the clan if we allow him to go on as it is?" Fügen's tone was becoming even more solemn.

"Then, sir, do you intend to drive him away before that happens?"

"Drive him away? Where can he go? He's signed a hundred-year contract with our clan leader!"

"He isn't as alone or without help as you would like to think. If you push him around too much, he..." Adept Keoghan's voice turned softer and softer. He turned to look at Sanazar. Or more accurately, the cloud of purple mist that shrouded her.

"You mean he will choose to join Alice?" Sanazar's voice suddenly rang out from the purple mist.

"I don't know for certain his relationship with Alice. However, I can tell that Alice was a chess piece that Greem set down beforehand. If the clan can no longer permit his existence, he need only bow his head, swallow his pride, and it wouldn't be hard to obtain the shelter of the Fate Witches. When that happens, would the clan choose to break off our friendly relations to the Fate Witches for a First Grade adept like him?"

No sound came out of the purple mist.

Second Grade Adept Fügen also frowned. That was apparently the first time he had seen things in this particular light.

"That Mary is about to return as well!" After a short break, Sanazar spoke.

"Adept Mary? Isn't that the vampire that's on good terms with Greem? The Knight's Plane still isn't completely pacified as of yet. Why was she sent back here at this time?" Adept Keoghan was thoroughly shocked. He couldn't help but voice the question that had suddenly popped up in his mind. He immediately realized he had stepped out of line and quickly bowed.

Sanazar didn't think anything of Keoghan's breach of conduct and gave a simple explanation.

"That Mary girl is a troublemaker in her own right. She ended up killing Acteon back in the Knight's Plane. She's being sent back to be reprimanded. The clan is still discussing her punishment!"

"How did that happen?" Even Adept Keoghan was interested in the situation.

Why were all the people involved with Greem so much trouble? What was Mary thinking? Did she not want to live any longer?

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