Chapter 357 Murder of Cackling Crows

What did the Death Witches like best?

Corpses, souls, and any items that were soaked full of death energy!

And Greem had quite a few of such items in his collection.

The first thing Greem took out was a massive block of ice. One could see the frozen corpse of a human knight through the crystalline ice.

"The corpse of a powerful human? Not bad, I like it," One of the semi-translucent projections floated past the block of ice and cackled, "But at our level, these ordinary things aren't enough to move us. Let me first see what Grade this corpse is!"

A string of strange and awkward-sounding syllables rang out in the air as a magical gray light arced towards the corpse.

The knight's body instantly glowed with a blinding red radiance!

However, there were clusters of dark spots mixed with the red light, causing it to appear impure.

"The body of a Second Grade knight? It's the body of a Second Grade knight…" The projection's voice suddenly became excited and loud.

The other projections also became lively when they heard her exclamation. Several probing spells penetrated towards the block of ice.

"It's Second Grade."

"Indeed, a Second Grade knight from another plane."

"Sadly, the refinement of the body is far from perfect."

"It is certain that this is the corpse of a knight native to some lesser plane. What could you expect from a world weaker than ours."

The entire room was filled with the chattering voices of the witches as they discussed the corpse in front of their eyes. It was clear that they were interested in this thing.

Every clan and organization would have some lesser planes under their control. While the native individuals of other planes were much easier to deal with, even if they were of the same Grade, it was still not within a witch's ability to kill a Second-grade native.

The Death Witches had some corpses of Second Grade plane natives in their inventory, but the higher Grade witches often claimed these. The occasional body that fell into the hands of theses First Grade witches would either be incomplete or had to be exchanged for with a high amount of contribution points. That was why the green light of greed glowed brightly in all the witches' eyes when they saw the Second Grade Radiant Knight corpse.

Even though the body wasn't of the best quality, it was still a complete corpse preserved in reasonable condition.

There would necessarily be a decrease to its powers if it were turned it into an undead. However, using a Second Grade corpse that was in excellent condition would undoubtedly at least yield an undead at the level of a First Grade elite. An undead like this was a huge help for these Death Witches, who were still at First Grade!

In fact, an undead of this level could undoubtedly obtain the position of a commander in the army of the witches' undead.

"Sisters, I have been thinking of raising a top-tier Skeleton General. Why don't you all let me have it first!" One of the slightly younger witches couldn't wait to put out her request.

"A Skeleton General? Give up, Namu. Your undead craft still needs more practice. Don't waste it on such good material." A witch who had her face obscured mocked her colleague.

"Yeah, yeah. Namu, your craftsmanship is the worst among us. Don't embarrass yourself now. This corpse even had his flesh and blood preserved. While it's been a while since he died, and the flesh is a little withered, it's still most ideal to turn him into a zombie."

"Yes. That way, we won't waste the flesh."

Greem interrupted as he listened to the ongoing discussion, "If everyone is satisfied, then have we come to an agreement?"

"Little handsome boy, who knew you had good stuff like this, eh?" A sweet voice that could soften the bones of any male whispered near his ears, and a pair of white and smooth hands brushed his face. An unreasonably beautiful face appeared before Greem.

Alice instantly started pouting in anger, despite having watched the entire spectacle in silence the whole time.

"Hahaha, little Alice is getting angry!" The young witch with the seductive voice leaned into Greem's ears and whispered, "You are right, your item is a very satisfying offer!"


“But, I will have to remind you. Given that Cheryl actively called for us sisters, it is clear that she will support sending you to the lesser plane. And your gift would be more than enough to bring you another supporter, regardless of which of us sisters you give it. However, you need at least three Death Witches to support you if you want to go into our lesser plane. So…"

"So I'll have to win over another witch!" Greem sighed.

"Bingo, you are right! Unfortunately, you don't get a prize for that." The seductive witch chuckled as she floated away.

However, the very next second, her cheerful chuckling was utterly interrupted by Greem's 'tycoon' moves.

Dong! A muffled boom rang out.

Greem threw another golden and shiny human knight corpse, glowing with the radiance of power, to the ground.

The first corpse had been Fügen's gift to him. This one was a spoil of war he had obtained through his strength alone. It was the true-blue body of a Second Grade radiant knight.

"It's Second Grade."

"Yet another Second Grade."

"Did this brat wander to some plane of corpses? Why does he have so many Second Grade corpses?"

"I want this for sure. No one fight with me over it." It was obviously Namu again.

"Hmph! What do you think is yours?! Everyone here as executor rights. Now we let that brat decide who gets the corpses!"

The Death Witch that was too beautiful to be a Death Witch once again floated back.

"Yeesh. I didn't expect to misjudge a person! Very well kid, you win. Your offering is sufficient to win the support of two of us sisters. Now, of we twelve sisters, pick any two of us to be your guarantors, and you can enter the clan's lesser plane."

The beautiful witch's voice had just left her mouth when the whole room filled with the wailing and swooshing of ghosts.

"Brat, pick me, or I'll release my ghosts to haunt you." This one tried to use threats of violence.

"Kid, if you pick me, I can give you…" This one tried to win Greem over with benefits. She sent the latter half of her sentence over the more private mental connection.

"Kid, do you want to enjoy a blissful night with your elder sister over here?! I can make sure you are entirely satisfied." This one was just straight-up trying to seduce him.

For a moment, the room felt like it had been taken over by a murder of cackling crows. Countless sharp, or hoarse, or excited, or seductive voices and mental messages were sent Greem's way. Greem felt like his mind had been crammed full of demonic chantings. He couldn't even think.

"Stop for a moment. Please, stop." Greem instantly ordered the chip to cut off all the mental connections the witches had established with him. He rubbed his forehand as he smiled bitterly, "It is thanks to Lady Cheryl that I have this opportunity in the first place. So, I will have Lady Cheryl decide in my place."

The floating projections fell silent. Then, all of them turned to look at Cheryl.

The dignified Cheryl was cheerfully looking on at the entertaining drama that was happening. The smile on her face instantly collapsed now that Greem had thrown the whole mess to her.

"Sisters, calm down!" Cheryl knew what was about to happen and immediately stopped the witches before they could erupt into chaos once more, "We are the proud and noble Death Witches! We can't let outsiders see us as jokes. I suggest we go through with Sir Greem's request for shelter before we slowly discuss the ownership of these items."





It was clear that the Death Witches were remarkably cohesive on the inside. Cheryl's simple suggestion immediately gained the agreement of the witches. Thus, Greem's safety was guaranteed. At least, within the Death Witches' territory, the warrant for arrest issued by the Witch Council only existed in name now!

Moreover, Greem couldn't help but start thinking about the future, with these many Death Witches standing before him.

"O respected Death Witches, other than the previous agreement, I also wish to purchase some items to guard against spirits, curses, and illusions. It doesn't matter whether it's a spell, an item, or a potion. As long as they work effectively, I will be willing to purchase them with items that you will be interested in!"

"Oh, do you have anything else that can satisfy us other than those two Second-Grade corpses?" One of the more veteran Death Witches let out an ear-piercing cackle.

"Take a look at this. Will this work?" Greem smiled.

He took out a gray, spiral-shaped crystal from his pouch.

The light from outside the window allowed the witches to see the object contained within the crystal. A faint gray mist furiously crashed against the gem, as if it wanted to break free of its prison.

Every time it crashed against the crystal walls, the gray mist would turn into the ferocious face of a human male. The face cursed and roared in anger.

"The soul of a Second Grade Knight."

The eyes of the Death Witches once again shone with greed.

If the Second Grade knight's corpse could be used to create a high-quality undead subordinate, then this Second Grade soul could most definitely bring about tremendous growth to the Spirit of their accompanying spirits.

That was indirectly increasing their own powers!

Cheryl was finally unable to hold in her sigh.

If she had known Greem had so much 'good stuff,' she would never have called these greedy sisters over.

For the first time, she felt genuine regret!

"I have a Voodoo Puppet."

"I can help you make a Wraith Doll."

"Revenant Herb. I have a Revenant Herb here."

"All those things they mentioned are consumables. I can teach you how to cast Soul Barrier."

An old voice suddenly rang out amidst the wave of noise.

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