Chapter 303 Tragic, Tragic, and Tragic

Dammit! Stop!

Greem roared with all his might. His unsealed heart began beating rapidly.

Fire energies surged out of his heart and coursed through his body, providing Greem with an endless fountain of strength.

Once again, the balance of the battle tipped towards Greem.

The two gleaming crystals Greem threw into the distance had just landed. Two fearsome golems with different appearances materialized where the cores fell.

The Decayer and the Roaring Monster!

The Decayer looked like a slime monster with viscous green liquid slathered all over its body. A strange green radiance emanated from its body. All the plant life that it neared would wither and die. Only a slimy, poisoned path followed where the Decayer walked.

The Roaring Monster was a gigantic stone golem five meters tall. When it roared and charged towards the battle, the ground itself would tremble and shake, making it hard to stand still.

If it were any ordinary circumstance, Greem wouldn't have had the ability to summon three golems at once. His Spirit wouldn't have been able to bear the strain of calling forth the Decayer and the Roaring Monster after having already released the Infernal Tyrant.

This situation was the first time all three of his adept-level golems appeared simultaneously in battle!

All the troublesome situations he had gotten into in the past had only warranted the use of the Infernal Tyrant alone. If it were a simple battle, even Greem alone would be enough to deal with it. That was why these two mediocre, adept-level golems never had a chance to shine since their creations.

However, the newly enhanced Flame Fiend Transformation caused an exponential increase in Greem's Spirit. The rise in Spirit had also caused his other attributes to increase. All of them had exceeded 15 points except for Agility. Thus, he had the spare Spirit to summon the Decayer and Roaring Monster.

The Bloodhand Butcher felt despair at the sight of two adept-level golems coming at him from both sides.

These dull, dumb elementium golems, which only rivaled newly advanced adepts in strength, would be no problem if he were unwounded. He could crush them all regardless of how many there were.

But now.

The Decayer stopped a distance away from the Butcher. Its viscous body shook, and swift green light shot towards the Bloodhand Butcher. The rumbling stone golem also picked up a massive boulder and threw it towards him.

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

The Butcher cursed as he waved his sword. Two crimson blasts launched from his sword, shattering the enemies' attacks before they could reach him.

The pungent acid was blown away by the crimson energy, and quickly spread across an area of fifty meters. The woods, already ravaged by the fight earlier, was once again corroded by the poison. The remaining trees and grass sizzled in the acid gas.

A strange and pungent smell instantly filled the entire area.

The boulder also shattered into thousands of shards that flew everywhere. The rocks carried powerful kinetic energy and were no different from crossbow bolts fired at a close distance. They left behind deep holes wherever they pierced.

If the Butcher was at his peak condition, these shockwaves from the clash might not have even been able to pass through the blood barrier he had around his body. Right now, the rocks were able to hit him on his regenerating wounds. He stifled a grunt as he endured the pain.

The Butcher no longer thought about aiding the serpentine adept. He was barely holding his own against the two adept-level golems.

Greem couldn't spare any energy to command the golems, but the chip could effortlessly do it in his place.

The Roaring Monster charged forward under the chip's orders and shielded the Decayer. Meanwhile, the Decayer fired off acid attacks at the Butcher, leaving him no option but dodging and drawing out the fight.

Now that his golems had managed to stabilize the situation, Greem turned all of his attention to the fight with the Giant Black Mamba.

If this particular Black Mamba were an actual ancient magical creature, Greem would never dare to engage in a melee with it. He would have fled far as he could and never looked back. After all, magical serpentine-creatures had always been known for their endurance and ability to outlast their opponents.

However, the enemy Greem fought against was only the bloodline transformation of a serpentine adept. Just like his transformation, there was a time limit to the ability. The more intense the battle, the quicker the bloodline energies were exhausted, and the shorter the time of the transformation!

Greem's time limit was far shorter than his opponent's bloodline transformation in ordinary circumstances. However, the unsealed Flame Fiend's Heart was now able to pump pure fire energy into his body and reduce the power consumed to maintain his Flame Fiend form.

He had gained the ability to engage in a clash like this and wear out the opponent with pure strength.

Greem wanted to leap away with a Fire Teleportation and barrage the enemy with spells instead of doing something like this. After all, he was the Flame Demon and known for his ferocious fire powers. Sadly, the summoning of three adept-level golems occupied over eighty percent of his Spirit. The Infernal Tyrant was even powerful enough to rival an elite adept, and its maintenance required that much more Spirit.

What remained of his Spirit was barely enough to sustain the Ring of Fire, which was relentlessly roasting the serpent. Other spells? It was unfortunate for Greem, for even if he could get the space he needed to cast, he had no more energy to spare.

Of course, the six powerful spells stored in his Scroll of Voodoo didn't cost anything to cast. He had hidden the Scroll in his chest, but the current circumstance didn't allow him a chance to use it.

Greem reached forth and grabbed the Black Mamba's long neck. He pried it away from him, barely stopping the snake from biting him with its threatening fangs. The clash between its Eye of Petrification and his Solar Ray was still ongoing. Both parties had already sustained damage from the overflowing energies.

Large patches of dark spots had started appearing on Greem's blazing body. A thin shell of stone slowly spread across his body, fighting for control with the flame energy.

The flames had also almost roasted the Giant Black Mamba as well.

A thick and fragrant smell of cooked meat wafted throughout the battlefield. An acrid smell of burnt and charred objects permeated the odor.

Clusters of red flame flickered on the serpent's body. They were starting to spread all over its body. The Solar Ray had also left a burn mark on the snake's neck that looked severe.

The serpentine adept fumed!

He had never faced such humiliation in his hundred years of dominating in the Zhentarim area. Every time he transformed into the Giant Black Mamba he ruled the battlefield. It was his stage to perform on.

Fine grey scales covered its entire body. Not a single spot was exposed. These scales were tougher than tower shields enhanced with magic. They also had superior magic resistance. Due to these strong traits, the Giant Black Mamba was practically a bulldozer wrapped in heavy armor. It could crush all enemies under its body with its overbearing strength, lasting lifeforce, and enduring defense.

That wasn't to say that there were no flaws in the Black Mamba bloodline.

The problem was that it was hard to take advantage of its weaknesses and flaws.

It was impossible to exploit the serpent's weakness if you didn't at least have a robust Physique that could endure its charge, constriction, and petrification. There was no need to even think of defeating it!

Thus, for awhile, the serpentine adept had been a difficult opponent for all the elite adepts.

Who knew? It was only a simple assassination mission, and he was pit against a person terrifying enough to deal with his Giant Snake Transformation.

What was even more unbelievable was the fact that his opponent was a newly advanced adept!

The serpentine adept wanted to shred the person who introduced this mission to him to pieces.

What in the bloody hell? Was there supposed to be such a newly advanced adept with such might in this world?

The serpentine adept even wondered if this was intentional sabotage. Had someone planned this conspiracy against the serpentine adept and put him in this awkward position?

He would probably have escaped a long time ago if it was possible!

The misinformation before the battle had led him to believe that this was going to be a simple one-sided battle. That was why he had recklessly hurried over and instantly tried to settle the fight with his domineering body.

Unfortunately, the serpentine adept met a painful revelation when he clashed with the enemy. It had now become nearly impossible even to disengage.

Their bodies were too tightly entangled. The two pitted everything they had in this fight. A slight distraction would cause the opponent to put in everything they had to end the battle right there. If he let go even a little, the blazing claw that gripped his neck would instantly tear his body apart.

If the opponent's fearsome flames entered his body, they would be able to roast him from the inside and turn him into a dead serpent!

The serpentine adept had repeatedly considered letting go of his pride and dignity to ask for a truce. After all, this was a meaningless bounty mission. He didn't have a vendetta against the enemy.

The serpentine adept was still engulfed in his thoughts when two silhouettes, one tall and the other short, appeared on the battlefield. Lights flashed in the air.

The towering figure was the Infernal Tyrant that had been sealed into the illusion barrier. The shorter person was the beautiful illusionist.

The fight against the Tyrant in the pocket dimension hadn't gone well either. Elementium golems were relatively immune to charms and illusions.

As such, the illusionist couldn't help but screech when she fell out of the pocket dimension, "Are you two not done with the target? Come and help me, quick…"

She stopped mid-sentence.

Her pretty eyes opened wide as she looked at the forest. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"What are you guys doing? How did it end up like this!"

A ten-meter long snake entangled with a five-meter tall flame giant. The two rolled and fought in a field of fire dotted with pools of magma. Every blow shook into the earth, and elementium tides blasted in every direction.

If this was still a stalemate, then the other continuing fight was going terribly against their favor!

A green slime golem worked together with a stone golem as they chased the Butcher back and forth. The Butcher had been wounded all over by the two golem's strange spells. There were green and black bruises all over his body. He was even limping as he ran around. It was a tragic scene to behold.

The Infernal Tyrant broke free of the illusions while the illusionist was stunned at the sight of the battleground. It raised its arms and a massive fire spell formed before it.

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