This was the third time Alice had used her Spatial Shatter skill.

As she had an innate talent for using space magic, although she was still an Apprentice, she was able to unleash frightening and devastating spells. However, obviously her body was not strong enough to withstand repeated usage of these high-level spatial magics.

Therefore, after ripping apart and shattering everything within a fifty-meter radius, part of her body disintegrated as well, showing just how much damage she had taken over the day’s events.

Taking the opportunity to escape while the red-dressed girl was being sliced apart by her devastating skill, Alice struggled and squeezed into a spatial tunnel that suddenly appeared behind her, disappearing without a trace.

While blood was spewing from every inch of her body, Mary remained standing at where she was, her body broken. There wasn’t a single patch of undamaged skin on her body. In his enitre life, he had never seen anyone in such a miserable state.

It was like she had just been thrown through a turbine, as all her skin was split and her flesh badly mutilated. Blood was flowing continuously from more than hundred wounds, of all sizes, dying her pale white skin a deep red. Underneath her feet, a small pool of blood was forming.

Greem slowly moved closer to the battlefield.

“Hey… are you still alive?” Greem asked in a shaky voice.

The bloody figure trembled, moving her blood red eyes and stared at Greem. An extreme thirsty look fully filled her eyes, which were had become as crimson red as her blood.

“Blood… I need blood… quickly give me blood…” The figure spoke with a deep and hoarse voice. If Greem hadn’t been paying extra attention, he wouldn’t have heard what she said.

Just by speaking these few words, the movement of her lips made the muscles on her face tear again, causing more blood to gush out.

“Don’t tell me you want my blood!” An unsightly expression immediately emerged on Greem’s face.

Judging from the severity of Mary’s injuries, even if she drank every drop of the blood in his body, it would probably still not be enough for her to make a full recovery!

Right when Mary nearly couldn’t control herself, and was preparing to leap on Greem, he recalled something. Without hesitating, he took out eight blood sacks, which looked like red beads, from a pocket at his waist. These were something he had ‘acquired’ from the Ghost Nanny’s nest.

Mary instantly grabbed the blood sacks and started crazily swallowed them, one by one, proving how frightening Vampires, a species that inherited from the ancient era, could be. The terrible wounds all over her body starting to heal at an incredible speed, and the whole process was so miraculous Greem simply couldn’t believe his eyes.

A second ago she was dying, looking like she could collapse at any time, but now, it was as if someone had just cast a magic spell that could turn back time. She was recovering at an unbelievable speed.

After devouring three blood sacks, all the tiny and small wounds on her body had disappeared, and those bigger wounds had started stitching themselves together. After swallowing the fifth blood sack, not a single one of the dreadful looking wounds on her body remained, and, once again, her skin, albeit blood covered, became smooth and fair. After the seventh blood sack, her entire body started to glow blood red and, finally, Mary came back to life.

When she was about to swallow the last blood sack, she hesitated, then turned around and threw it back to Greem. She had now fully recovered, so it seemed unnecessary to waste another blood sack. Looking at Greem’s heartbroken face, it was easy to tell that these blood sacks were, likely, very valuable.

After throwing the blood sack, a multitude of tiny cracking noises came from her body. This was the sound of the crystallized blood on her body starting to crack, falling off from her slim and fit body and revealing her perfect, curvy, seductive, and incredibly naked body to Greem.

Even though he had lived two lives, at this moment Greem blushed.

Although he had tried his best, turning his face to the side and pretending he was coughing, the image of her breathtaking, magnificent form had been burned into his mind.

Accident, this was totally an accident! This was in no way intentional!

… Though it seemed that she really didn’t care….

For some unknown reasons, the Chip actually completed a deep scanning process by itself. Although Greem only took a short glimpse at the report, every single piece of data related to Mary had been saved in his mind. Also, the ‘thoughtful’ Chip had saved a 100% accurate and realistic model of Mary’s current appearance…

Ugh… just by reading these ridiculous numbers, Greem felt his heart was going to stop beating.

Her Agility was 17, meaning she had extraordinary reflexes and was why she was able to move so fast. It was no wonder that, even if she wasn’t moving that fast, she could still produce numerous afterimages to confuse her enemies.

In contrast to that, her Strength was her weakest stat, but it was still quite strong.

With a Strength of 9, she could easily wield a two-handed bastard sword in a single hand, and could send a large man flying with a single punch.

While Greem was immersing himself in the world of data, Mary had put on her striking red dress. In fact, her method of dressing herself seemed impossible. With just a snap of her finger, the blood underneath her feet started to coil up her body, moving around, like a wave flexible snakes. When they finally stopped, a gorgeous red dress had appeared on her body.

A round object thumped against Greem’s chest.

Startled, Greem lowered his head and looked at the object. He was instantly taken aback by the twisted, ugly, frightening looking face in his hands, and nearly threw it away, out of fear. But, in the next second, he realized that it was Sinbad’s head.

“That girl had to make a hasty retreat, but she left this behind. Let it be the compensation for all those blood sacks you gave me!” Said Mary, showing a carefree expression while curled up her lips like she didn’t care.

“You… after suffering such a huge loss, did you even get what you were looking for?” Greem couldn’t hold himself from asking. When he thought of how body and disfigured she had been a few seconds ago, his heart almost stopped out of shock.

“Hehehe…” Mary burst out an extreme pleasure laugh when Greem mentioned this, blinding him with an incredible smile and saying, “I devoured some of the blood essence of that little girl, so it will take her at least two to three months to recover! Besides, I have a feeling that the blood of that little girl will help me make significant progress… haha…”

Greem was shocked, he was finally gaining a clear understanding of why Vampires were considered so incredible.

From what the Chip had detected of Mary’s attributes, her Physique was 10/11, and here Spirit was 17/18. The first number was her current attribute, the second value was its potential. Originally, Mary had a maximum of 10 Physique and 17 Spirit. Now that she had fed on the blood of that frightening Alice, she was able to quickly raise these stats.

Although they were currently still the same, as long as she continued her training over the next few days, she should be able to make both her Physique and Spirit reach her potential maximum, and only then would today’s harvest be considered complete.

A female Vampire who could increase her personal attributes just by sucking other people’s blood… Just thinking about this made Greem feel dizzy. Once again, it proved how powerful innate abilities were!

Judging from her appearance, that terrifying loli, Alice, was, at most, thirteen or fourteen years old. At this age, if she didn’t have an innate talent for Spatial Magics, perhaps she would just be a rookie who had just stepped into the level of Beginner Apprentice. But reality was quite different, as she was a frightening little loli with a high intelligence, but low emotional control. Because of her innate talent for Spatial Magics, she became an elite among all other Advanced Apprentices.

If not because she was at the bottom of fortune’s wheel, and thus met with freaks like Evil Bugs, Greem, and Mary, with her abilities, perhaps she could easily sweep through all the apprentices in the tower.

It was same for Mary.

Before this, she was only a Beginner Apprentice who had merely mastered two magic spells. But, after she was mutated into Vampire, her overall ability immediately skyrocketed, and she had become one of the strongest Advanced Apprentices.

Analyzing the data, Mary had 60% chance of beating Hawkeye and a 30% chance of beating Madwoman. As for Evil Bugs, Mary had a less than 10% chance of defeating him.

After all, no matter how incredible her vampirism ability was, it would only be effective when she had a supply of blood. Also, her desperate fighting style could be used against Hawkeye. If she broke through his defenses, no matter what kind of injuries she suffered, she would be able to recover.

But if she used the same method when facing Madwoman or Evil Bugs, Greem didn’t see any hope of her winning.

Madwoman’s frightening looking metal sword was not just a decoration, and, with her Strength of 15 and her Physique of 16, she had more than enough to unleash brutal physical attacks. Maybe her 8 Agility was her weakness, but, with the help of magic spells, it would be really tough for ordinary enemies to use this weakness against her.

And, although that Evil Bugs didn’t fare so well when faced with Alice, that didn’t mean his real fighting ability was weak. Also, since his body was formed of scorpions, didn’t that mean there wasn’t any blood for Mary to use her vampirism on?

Thus, in conclusion, while Mary had gained strong abilities, but she hadn’t reached the incredible stage that Alice had.

Since Mary was willing to protect him, Greem didn’t hide anything and, like a loyal military adviser, told all of his analyses to Mary, so she could give up any unrealistic fantasies she might have.

After becoming a Vampire, Mary’s temperament had changed tremendously. It wasn’t hard to tell that the force of that alien bloodline had deeply affected her mind and conscious. She was being nice to Greem, but that was mostly because, during the mutation of her bloodline, he had shown compassion to her.

But feelings didn’t last forever, and they would quickly fade from the cruel, rational, hard daily life of an Apprentice. Therefore, he had to show his skills to avoid giving the impression that he was simply hiding under Mary’s wings. Copyright 2016 - 2023