Chapter 253 The Wicked Flame Demon

This pathetic excuse of a war, that more resembled a game and warm-up, finally ended when the adepts strode onto the battlefield.

The attacking and defending parties were still fighting dispassionately in front of the castle.

Even though warriors were dying under the barrage of arrows and bolts every minute, soldiers fell from their siege ladders, and shouts echoed throughout the battlefield, the center of the conflict always revolved around the apprentice adepts.

As the fight started to escalate in intensity, a Sarubo pseudo-adept suddenly turned into a massive Beholder. It dragged two or three strange tentacles behind its body. Floating three meters into the air, it charged down the wall and slaughtered everything in its way.

The blinding lightning shooting out of its strange narrow pupils clearly had some sort of unique paralyzing effect. Every single person that tried to close in on the monster would start shaking intensely when they were engulfed in the brutal electricity. Then they could only looked on as their flesh and bones were carbonized in the heat.

Moreover, all types of projectile attacks would be stopped by a semi translucent forcefield. Nothing could do damage to the Beholder.

Just like this, a single transformed pseudo-adept had thrown the attacking army into chaos.

With no other option left to them, a body refining pseudo-adept of the Mikayne Clan yelled and rushed to confront the Beholder.

The two engaged in a great battle before the castle gates.

This lit a fuse, and soon the remaining apprentices and pseudo-adepts quickly joined the fray.

The center of the conflict started to continuously expand outwards, eventually forcing the ordinary soldiers on both sides to put off their own battles to avoid stray spells.

Seeing that the apprentices on his own side were not gaining any ground, Viscount Tras waved his hand angrily. The three-hundred heavy infantry that had been standing at attention started to march forward.

They formed a long wall of steel and iron, cooperating with the apprentices on their side and repeatedly denying their opponents the space to maneuver. Moreover, all of the powerful spells the apprentices hurled at them were absorbed by the tough magic-resistant shields they wielded. None of the spells did any significant elementium damage.

Even an Explosive Fireball that a pseudo-adept had fired from under the cover of his ally had only managed to blow away three of the heavy infantry when it landed. After a short period of rest to recover from the impact, three of these people stood up once again and quickly returned to the formation.

An Explosive Fireball that could deal 40 points of damage had only killed two ordinary warriors?

This was unacceptable!

As the warriors of steel started to close in, countless terrifying alchemical arrows started shooting out from their ranks. These explosive arrows exploded on contact and were extremely expensive. Each of them cost a hundred and twenty gold coins. Each individual arrow could deal nearly 11 to 15 points of damage.

In small numbers, these arrows couldn't do much to the advanced apprentices and pseudo-adepts, who all possessed some form of defensive spell. However, should the arrows rain down like a torrential storm, even the Sarubo pseudo-adepts would have to start shifting about to dodge the attacks.

Still, these bulky soldiers wrapped in armor like steel cans weren't the only guys they had to deal with. The enemy apprentices were still there. As the warriors of steel continued to pile on the pressure, the Sarubo apprentices quickly found themselves at an obvious disadvantage. Defeat was imminent!

Honestly, if it hadn't been for the clan adepts looking on coldly from behind, this group of death-fearing fellows would likely have already retreated to the safety of the castle. However now they could only grit their teeth and weather the storm, trying their best to stall the enemy. Otherwise who knew what their punishments might be?


Greem quickly reached the castle walls and stood silently by Keoghan's side.

The nobles who gathered around Keoghan bowed and greeted him, but Greem didn't respond.

"How is it?" A wicked smile appeared on Keoghan's face, "What do you think of the battle right now?"

"It's nothing more than a child's game!" Two crimson sparks lit up deep within Greem's black eyes.

"That bastard Tras is really willing to spend. He's even got those explosive arrows for standard equipment. And just like that, he's already thrown away thirty to forty thousand gold coins… " Viscount Donald complained with a hateful expression.

The two adepts ignored his words and continued to gaze at the enemy's base.

"When the battle starts, they will try and go for you as the rookie. That will be where they try and win this battle! You should be careful!" Adept Keoghan gave a kind reminder.

Having experienced a plane war, and without much conflict of interests between the two of them, Greem and Keoghan had become much closer.

"I'm only worried they don't show up!" Greem gave a chilling smile, "Oh, right. There's no punishment for killing enemy adepts in such a battlefield, right?"

"Punishment?" Keoghan laughed out loud, "We of the Sarubo Clan have far more connections in this area than those fools!"

As they conversed, a Sarubo advanced apprentice’s defensive spell was blasted to pieces by three explosive arrows. Just as he fumbled about to erect another defensive barrier, an acid arrow flew over and embedded itself in his right leg.


The acid arrow exploded, covering his entire body in sizzling acid. Even his face wasn't spared.

"Aaaaaah…… "

The advanced apprentice screamed painfully and frantically ran backwards, all while downing as many potions as he could.

A few of the enemy’s advanced apprentices saw the opportunity before them. Their eyes lit up in excitement and they quickly chased after the Sarubo apprentice.

The Sarubo apprentice adepts were retreating as they fought. Their formation was pushed to the brink of breaking.

"It's about our turn now!" Adept Keoghan nodded at Greem before black smoke shrouded his body and lifted him to the skies.

Even though the enemy apprentices were at an immense advantage, some of their attention was still placed on the adepts standing on the castle walls. The moment they saw those adepts move, they quickly started retreating without hesitation! Even though a juicy prey was right by their jaws!

Keoghan's body was engulfed in the thick black smoke as he silently floated onto the battlefield.

At the same time, the sound of a terrifying flame explosion boomed as Greem's tall body appeared beside one of the Sarubo apprentices.

When they heard the explosion, the apprentices anxiously gripped their staffs and scrolls tightly . They were ready to deal with anything that came at them. It wasn’t until they saw that the figure in question was Adept Greem that they let out a sigh of relief and bowed to greet him.

"Take this. Go back and recuperate!" Greem casually threw out a bottle of Potion of Life.

The advanced apprentice that had been covered in acid frantically caught the potion and bowed in gratitude. The blast of acid earlier had not only claimed one of his legs, but had also disfigured him. He might be able to make his skin go back to normal with the potions he carried, but he would have to find some other way to regrow his right leg.

That said, now that he had this bottle of high quality Potion of Life, he wouldn't need to call in favors to fix his leg!

As the apprentices hurriedly stumbled back to the castle walls, Greem and Keoghan slowly marched towards the enemy camp. One in the air, one on the ground.

The three hundred magic-resistant heavy infantry standing in their way had never been considered a threat.

But there were always idiots in this world!

Seeing that the young adept walking over hadn't erected any sort of protective spell, Tras gave a hidden order. All of a sudden focused streams of explosive arrows shot out from within the ranks of the infantry.

Their target was Greem!

Even though Tras knew that there was no chance he could use these explosive arrows to kill an adept, he knew that he would win the first small victory of the day if he could just cause Greem to panic a little!

All of the Sarubo Clan members looked on in anxiety as they saw the barrage of explosive arrows shoot towards Greem.

Hurry and erect your defensive barrier! Quick…

At this moment, countless people were shouting anxiously in their hearts.

And also at this moment, under the gaze of every single person on the battlefield, a massive pillar of flame that stretched into the sky exploded on the battlefield.

Flames instantly enshrouded the tall, handsome, and young adept. The violent elementium flames quickly cloaked his entire body. No, they didn't cloak his body. Rather his entire body had turned into flames and lava.

The dense concentration of flames turned a crimson color, painting a dark scarlet silhouette in the evening sky.

"A flame adept! Dammit, he's a flame adept… " Carlos, who had been watching silently from the camp, betrayed a sour expression.

As Carlos cried out in shock, layers of fire and streamers of flame had already covered Greem's body. The imposing Ring of Fire had also emerged from his body and was quickly expanding outwards.

Phew phew phew…

The sound of numerous arrows continued to whistle through the skies.

The moment the explosive arrows came into contact with the Ring of Fire, their forged steel heads started to turn a bright red from the raging heat. The arrows quickly clashed against the dense fire elementium. Before an arrow could even entirely enter the Ring of Fire and reach Greem's side, it had already been reduced to liquid metal.

Before they could be activated, the explosive arrays carved on the arrows had already been damaged and destroyed alongside the arrows! And so an unexpected attack had instantly been crushed!

The boiling-red pools of metal fell to the ground, burning the black dirt where they rested and sending smoke billowing into the clouds.

Meanwhile, the vicious flames emanating from Greem's body were still ravaging every piece of land and inch of space around him. The air was burning. The ground was burning. Everything that could ignite was burning!

Greem's body suddenly started to expand within the blazing inferno as a thick armor of lava rapidly covered his entire body and hid his face. A flaming Lava Shield also formed in midair and started orbiting his domineering form.

The Lava Shield had dense magma rock at it very core, with red-white lava slowly flowing around it. Blazing flame streams and surging elementium flame shrouded his shield. Any living being would have to endure the continuous assault of heat and flame if they came close to Greem.

Greem completed his Flame Fiend Transformation and raised his burning visage. His eyes, blazing brightly like two suns at noon, had locked onto the quickly retreating soldiers.

"You still want to leave after attacking me? Kehkehkeh… I'll let you have a taste of the terror of adepts!"

Having said that, Greem raised both of his hands high up. The wicked hands formed of magma and flames blazed intensely, and a massive spell was instantly completed amidst his battlecry.

Meteor Crash!

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