Chapter 219 The Power of the Dragons

Outside Blue Hillock City. Rose Manor.

Having sensed the oddity outside, Mary moved silently to a large window in her room and lifted the curtain, gazing at the black dots in the distance.

They had yet to arrive, but already the terrifyingly vast and intimidating dragon's aura surged forth.

The dragon's aura of might. This seemed like an intangible and mysterious thing, but its effect on normal living beings was very real and unavoidable!

Be it normal warhorses, or the livestock kept at every other house, all the animals would go into a panic when they sensed the dragon's aura falling from above like a mighty tide. And when they smelled that unique stench of large draconic lifeforms scattered by the wind, their limbs would tremble and give way. They would crouch on the ground in fear, not being able to move even a single step from where they were.

One, two, three, four, five…

Mary's crimson pupils glowed mildly as she quickly understood what the black dots in the distance represented. Even Mary couldn't help but wrinkle her soft eyebrows as the numbers continued to increase.

Damn, there were five dragons! This battle was not going to be easy!

In the time she hesitated, a gale had raged across the skies above Rose Manor as the five dragons cut across the air and flew towards Blue Hillock City.

Mary saw the dragons more clearly this time.

There were two Third Grade dragons and three Second Grade dragons amongst the five dragons. Moreover, four human knights wearing strange armor had been riding on the backs of those dragons. Based on their looks, Mary determined that they were most likely the Fourth Grade Holy Knight, along with the three Third Grade Dragon Knights.

This strength was more than enough to crush the adepts' base in a head on fight!

Meanwhile, at this one moment, countless pairs of eyes in discrete areas all over Blue Hillock City were closely following this group of flying dragons as they landed in the camp outside the city.

It wasn't long before the news was sent back to the adepts' base.

Thus, that was how the scene of Second Grade Sir Fügen calling the adepts back came to happen!

While the adepts hiding in Blue Hillock City were still trying to determine if the high-grade adepts would choose to rest before marching out, the witcher-knights' camp in the distance had already burst into action.

Squad after squad of witcher-knights leapt onto their colts, fastened their supplies on the saddles, and charged out of the military camp in an orderly fashion, hurrying towards Greenland Forest in the distance.

So determined? It seemed like the enemy came prepared!

The undercover adepts couldn't but think so silently to themselves.

The dragons took to the skies once more, circling the sky as they let out dragon roars that rumbled through the air, before chasing after the vanguard and following them into the vast woods.

Willis rode on the back of the Third Grade green dragon Aufreyr. They had just barely entered Greenland Forest and already, even from a distance, they could see that tall and terrifying war tower standing alone in the sea of trees.

This tower was so tall and magnificent that even those towering ancient trees were nothing but insignificant dots before it. Even from dozens of kilometers away, the vast stretch of woods could only hide its insignificant and unimportant foundation, while the very tip of the tower was obscured by the clouds in the sky.

There was no need for any magical lighting or special effects. Just the sheer magnitude of this tower was impressive enough!

This was the foundation of their plans that the evil adepts had built upon this plane? It was as intimidating as the ancient records described.

Willis gazed at the war tower in the distance. He did not recklessly lead the dragon knights in a charge towards it, but instead chose to circle above the witcher-knight vanguards and guide their way towards the adepts' base.

In all of the countless battles in the past, the witcher-knights had never been able to make it to the adepts' base. There were many reasons for it. The first of which was the sheer size and density of foliage in Greenland Forest. Moreover, the geography of the forest was mountainous and rugged, causing the witcher-knights that had air presence to only be able to charge about aimlessly in the woods.

This sort of undirected strategy had no efficiency to speak of.

Thus, all the battles in the past were initiated by the adepts, causing crippling damage to the knights every single time.

Now that they had dragons in the sky guiding their way, the knight army became like an agile snake. They wove their way across countless trees, climbed past hills and mountains, cut through streams and rivers. They crossed ravines and bottomless cliffs, recklessly heading towards the adepts' base.

Oddly enough, it seemed as if the adepts themselves had realized that maintaining harassment outside of the base had lost any real meaning for this final battle. As a result, the adepts no longer fought with the witcher-knights for control over parts of the forest. They withdrew all their forces and turtled within a two and a half kilometer radius of the tall tower, forming defensive lines that were tough to crack.

Moreover, the defensive lines were only spread out in the direction the witcher-knights were coming from. It seemed they had no defenses on the other three sides.

Did the enemy not have enough forces to defend the tower on every side? Or was this some sort of trickery?

Willis stood above his dragon as he thought to himself silently.

He thought of commanding the witcher-knights to take the long route, flank the adepts, and charge them at their weakest spot. However, after a quick moment's thought, he gave up on the idea.

Who knew if there were any ambushes or traps in those empty areas! Rather than take the uncertain risk, it was better to clash directly with the enemy and crush all of their preparations with the knights' courage and numerical advantage.

He no longer cared about the number of casualties in today's all-out battle. As long as they were able to chase away this batch of terrifying adepts, it would be worth it even if all six thousand men of the army had to die here!

Six thousand witcher-knights! This was almost eight percent of the entire plane's witcher-knights. If they were to all die here, then even the knights' kingdom, with their tremendous influence and power, would find such a loss hard to swallow!

Death was easy. However, to rebuild an army of this size needed two to three hundred years at the very least.

Only Willis and the three dragon knights knew how determined he was this time. Those radiant knights could only listen to orders when put before these Third and Fourth Grade knights.

With the help of the magic colts, the long line of witcher-knights rapidly closed in on the frontline.

Finally, at an area one kilometer away from the enemy's defensive lines, Willis had the green dragon land on a cliff and stop the army's advance.

The witcher-knights had travelled for over two hours and took the cliff as a temporary camp, getting off their horses and taking a rest. They ate and drank a little, preparing for the massive battle that was to come.

With the dragons as lookouts in the sky, the witcher-knights no longer needed to worry about surprise attacks from the evil adepts.

Six thousand witcher-knights might not look like a lot when stretched into a long line. However, when they were all gathered together, they formed a domineering crowd. Almost every inch of the one kilometer radius of the camp was filled with the busy shapes of the witcher-knights.

All of a sudden, black clouds appeared in the sky above an area where the knights were most densely gathered. In the blink of an eye, a raging lightning storm was almost completely formed. The witcher-knights beneath the black cloud hurriedly got onto their magic colts and spread out in every direction to avoid the terrifying spell.

The green dragons circling in the skies discovered the adept's location almost immediately. They dove down and covered the area where the mental flux came from with their devastating poison breath.

Thunderbird lived up to his name as the fastest and most mobile adept.

When he realized he had been locked onto by the dragons, he immediately sped out of the dense woods. In a series of lightning flashes he escaped the attack range of the dragons.

One after another, terrifying dragon breath razed the ground from above!

This previously lush forest instantly turned into a land of death and decay. The green trees, vines, thorns, and bushes corroded and withered in the green poison mist in a single second, turning into dead and dry plants.

The dragons were extremely fast while flying. In just a slight dive, they had already closed in on the adepts' defensive lines.

When the powerful bodies of the four green dragons sliced across the canopy, countless terrifying spells of all colors blasted into the skies, chasing after the dragons.

The very next second, the four green dragons personally demonstrated to the world once again why the dragons were able to become rulers of the skies even amongst all the planes in the multiverse!

Their lithe and agile bodies rapidly turned and rolled in the skies, as the spells locked onto them followed closely behind and drew bright and pretty lines across the sky. With every barrel roll, some of the spells would collide and explode in a blast of explosive fireworks.

When the spells behind them had reached an insignificant number, the green dragons turned around with great agility and neutralized the last few spells with thick green dragon breath.

Then they let out sky-rumbling roars as they flew upwards into the sky, full of pride, and once again showed off their elegant bodies high in the air without sustaining even a single scratch.

If it wasn't out of fear of affecting his allies' morale, Greem would have burst out in applause for the green dragons' performance.

What were the rulers of the skies? What were the rulers of all living beings in a plane? This was a raw show of the dragons' immense strength!

All those impractical fellows that fantasized about slaying dragons only needed to look at their performance to understand the massive difference in strength between them and the dragons.

Compared to the dragons, the adepts looked like a bunch of human-shaped magic sticks that could only stand about as they cast their spells. In terms of the practicality and flexibility of combat, the dragons were far superior when compared to the adepts!

However, most of the adepts were not bothered by this.

Compared to most of the magical creatures of the material planes, the spellcasting ability of adepts was not particularly amazing. However, back in the World of Adepts, they still very firmly held the dominant position and assumed a dictatorial role!

Why? It was nothing special. It was just that the adepts had wisdom and knowledge, as well as the awareness to use external factors to their advantage! Copyright 2016 - 2024