Chapter 185 Plane Feedback

The witcher-knight army that had desperately hung on until now had finally crumbled!

The decimation of their leaders only brought despair to them.

Edward had died, Anthony had died, Alvar had died, Joseph had died……the list of the dead horrified the soldiers. Now that Ninther's name had been added to the list, it was enough to destroy the witcher- knights’ confidence and will to continue fighting.

Daniel, Benson, and the two more spellbreaker knights had yet to die, and were still fighting to the death with the other two heretics. But if the witcher-knights wanted to save them, they had to first get rid of the swarms of vampires and bugs, then break through the army of elemental golems standing at the entrance of the valley.

After all this, they still had to deal with that terrifying flame humanoid.

The low and tragic sound of the retreating horn rang out again.

The witcher-knights finally retreated, even leaving behind their companions that were still tangled up by the vampires and the bugs!

The once proud and high-spirited witcher-knights were now like dogs that had lost their homes and their will, running in shame with their tails between their legs. Their chaotic and frantic shapes could be seen everywhere in the vast, primal woods as they escaped. The pained whinnies of magic colts could be heard all across the forest.

Before they could thoroughly escape this desolate battlefield, a horrifying screech that frightened their souls came from the skies above the woods. Multiple gigantic shadows swooped above the canopy, letting out terrifying screeches to let the world know of their arrival.

A feeling of dread surfaced in the hearts of the already frightened witcher-knights. Quickly, all of them whipped their colts, crashing through the woods, trying futilely to use their speed to outrun the terrifying black shadows. Their will to battle and their spirits had been broken. They didn't even have any intention to stop and test the enemy's' strength. They were only thinking of how to leave this land of nightmares as fast as possible using the speed of the magic colts!

But the ominous creatures above them hadn't appeared for long, when a group of terrible magical creatures appeared in the woods in front of them. Based on their appearances, it seemed their races included almost all of the powerful beings that could be found in Greenland Forest. They were all of difference races and species, but they had one common characteristic- their ghostly green eyes……

Greem stood on the entrance of the valley, looking distantly in the direction the witcher-knights ran.

He could also see the silhouette of the winged dragon knights flying above the skies of the woods. The situation below was obstructed by the sea of trees and was unknown to him, but now that even the winged dragon knights had been sent out, why wouldn't the other voodoo beasts be as well?

It seems that even though Adept Keoghan had rejected Greem's request for help, he still made some arrangements of his own behind the scenes. Now that Greem and the other two had managed to defeat the enemy in one blow, he could only come out from the shadows and finish the rest.

Mary and Acteon, who were fighting two spellbreaker knights and trying to obtain spoils of wars of their own, were having a tough battle. Regardless of which battle Greem tried to join, he would be shouted at angrily and firmly rejected.

There was no choice. If any spellbreaker knight was blasted by Greem and the Fire Lord's combined force, he would be left without even a corpse. This was what made Mary and Acteon so very angry!

Otherwise, if all fourteen spellbreaker knights had been perfectly captured without being harmed, they would have been the perfect materials for these two to increase their power!

Thus, the only four spellbreaker knights left on the battlefield were spoils of war that they coveted. If any outsider tried to close in, they would attack them with their fiercest means.

From this, it could be seen how imposing these two people who were eager to improve their bloodlines were!

After looking about the battlefield and ensuring that his battle was over, Greem groaned and reversed his Flame Fiend Transformation.

As the red hot magma fell from his skin, and the molten rocks slowly solidified, Greem let out a pained groan.

He had constantly been on the frontline of battle today, so the number of attacks he had to endure was also the most numerous. The elemental golems might not have physical senses and wouldn't be exhausted, but he did, and he would.

During the Flame Fiend Transformation, most of the damage would be healed by the magma that he took in, but the pain he felt would still be clearly imprinted in his memories. After transforming into a Flame Fiend, his Physique was greatly improved, and so most of the damage would be mitigated by his powerful regenerative ability, reducing the amount of pain he felt.

But now that he had reversed the transformation, his Physique was quickly decreasing, and the bodily pain that had been suppressed instantly came back to him, causing even Greem, who claimed to be calm and tenacious, to groan in pain uncontrollably.

However, pain wasn’t the only thing that the battle brought him. Greem could vaguely feel that his Spirit had improved by a decent amount. And the source of the increase in power was very clearly the planar laws.

Even though he was an adept from a different plane, he had analyzed the plane's laws. For every enemy he killed, he was able to obtain plane feedback from the planar consciousness. This was an indescribably unique feeling, like a peculiar form of energy he had never felt before.

The source of the great increase in his Spirit was precisely this mysterious and amazing plane feedback!

As an invader from another plane, he was most certainly hated and marked as a hostile force by the planar consciousness. Yet when placed in this mysterious world governed by the planar laws, he could still obtain the reward he deserved from those laws. As long as his actions fulfilled the basic requirements of the planar laws, then even the master of the plane-the planar consciousness itself- could not stop him.

When a undeveloped and immature planar consciousness used the strength of the plane to form a perfect and self-contained plane world, the dense layers of planar laws would often limit the planar consciousness itself!

Greem had killed the citizens of its plane, but it could only obey the planar laws and give Greem the rewards he earned for killing. What an absolutely ridiculous thing!

But in a material plane where a planar consciousness had been born, this was a normal occurrence!

The hazy planar consciousness might be able to push the world towards a certain direction, through those that could feel its will, but it could not topple or change the planar laws it had personally created.

Moreover, this was a small-sized plane of knights. Even the planar consciousness itself wasn't too bright and aware. To form a clear and coherent thought, and then send that message to its citizens, was a task that was impossible for an undeveloped planar consciousness.

Even the planar consciousness of the far larger and much more mature World of Adepts could not do something like this, much less this small-sized plane!

Thus Greem and the adepts boldly attacked this knight's plane, never concerned about ‘it’ informing the plane's powerful beings through dreams and sending them to intercept the adepts.

It wasn't that ‘it’ didn't want to, it was that ‘it’ could not do that!

A newly born planar consciousness was like a baby still growing in the womb. It might be able to reflexively act against things that pose a danger to it, without anything resembling an adult thought process, it could not form a proper response.

Thus, even though the most powerful beings of the plane had mastered part of the planar laws, and felt the existence of the planar consciousness, they could not construct a stable and clear mental link with the consciousness. They may be able to feel the unease and anger of the planar consciousness, but they would have a hard time finding out the target of those feelings.

At times like this, exceptional prophets became invaluable!

In all large material planes, top-class prophets would always be a valuable and strategic asset that was deeply valued by large organizations.

Sadly, in this plane where the witcher-knights dutifully carried out their tasks, it was hard to have such a prophet that could see into the plane's future. Of course, this was only because Greem was poorly informed. If it wasn't for the Sixth Grade Great Adept on their side, the location of their adepts' base would probably have been exposed to the most powerful beings on this plane!

Although the Sixth Grade Adept was always cooped up within the base, his existence was extremely crucial for this forward base!

It was hard for Greem to have a clear picture of all these things.

Right now he was immersed in his own mental world, checking out the bodily data the chip had gathered.

"Greem, First Grade human Elementium Adept. Body has been elementalized. Flame Mastery. Strength: 1.5; Agility: 0.8; Physique: 1.4; Spirit: 1.3.。 "

Er, he had only been to this other plane for fifteen days, and his Strength had increased by 0.1, his Physique increased by 0.2, and his Spirit increased by 0.4.

This kind of terrifying improvement was rare for him ever since he became an adept.

Now, even if he diligently meditated everyday, the increase in his Spirit was often decimals with three to four zeroes before the number. If it wasn't for the aid of his chip, he would have thought he wasn't improving!

Without exceptional talent or a massive amount of rare resources, most adepts could only rely on the slow grind every day to raise their Spirit.

It was natural that people like Anderson and Keoghan had advanced for several hundreds of years, yet were still First Grade Adepts. Going along this normal route would make it almost impossible for one to advance to a Second Grade Adept. The main reason for this was probably the slow increase in Spirit.

Greem had the help of the chip. The efficiency of his deep meditations were several times those of others. Yet even he could not stand the crawling speed at which his Spirit increased. If it was any other person, they would probably have fallen into despair at the lack of a path forward!

At this moment, Greem was instead able to understand Adept Anderson's feelings. If he hadn't been driven mad by the slow grind day-by-day, he probably would not have resorted to such extreme choices or means.

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