Blue Hillock City.

Blue Hillock City was named Blue Hillock because there was a hillock 1.5 kilometers from the city. It was a hillock covered by a field of blue tulips. When the season of blooming came, the hillock was so beautiful it made people never want to leave. For that, it was well-known across the entire Continent of Witchers.

Even though it wasn't the blooming season currently, Blue Hillock City was still crowded and lively. Especially when night fell, nobles and merchants on lavish carriages that weaved through one after another entertainment establishments came in endless streams, making the city even more so lively than it was in the day.

Mary was high in the sky under the curtain of night. The bright moon shone behind her, complementing her already slim and perfect figure.

If someone in Blue Hillock city raised their head to appreciate the moon at this moment, they might have seen the silhouette of an elegant and perfect young lady. A pair of large bat wings were opened wide against the wind behind this beautiful girl, adding a touch of mystery and wickedness out of nowhere.

Even Mary wasn't sure when, but she had fallen in love with this feeling of looking down from high above the skies.

The ignorant city at her feet clamored, ignorant of the terrifying disaster that was about to come. An unrestrained feeling of absolute control rose in Mary as she looked down from above the night skies.

This feeling was perfect and alluring!

The raging winds high up in the sky swept the blood-red cape and made it billow along with the wind. Leather wings lightly flapping, Mary's slim body remained still, proudly standing in the skies, as if it was forged of iron.

This Blue Hillock City was initially Evil Bugs Acteon's hunting grounds, but after Mary went to him for a "heart-to-heart" talk with a huge smile on her face, Acteon requested to go to the few small mountain villages by the west of his "own initiative".

Thus Mary was in charge of this human town, Acteon was responsible for blockading the human villages to the west and Greem had to slip into the depths of the forests in the back and capture more flesh ingredients for Keoghan.

Mary wasn't the least bit worried or concerned even though she was forced to part with Greem. She might rely heavily on Greem's plan usually, but this did not mean that she was an idiot without a brain of her own.

There would never be an idiot amongst those who managed to become adepts.

Mary was already thinking of her action plan for the coming period as she rode the night winds to this small city of only 20,000 people.

Undercover operation!

If she wanted to go undercover she had to hide but just going into hiding alone won't give her information about the outside world. That's why she needed a more high-profile and more efficient means of going undercover.

Looking down from the skies, Mary quickly noted down several important locations from the outline of the buildings. The locations she noted down were all areas where the crowd was the densest and where the lights were the brightest.

Mary bit her lip and let out a shriek, then folded her wings and dove down to the city at her feet. Her entire body was like a sharp arrow shot out of a bow. When she was 30 meters away from the ground, Mary fluttered her wings and her body turned into a cluster of black shadows, merging into the boundless darkness.


Tulip Hotel.

Even amongst the numerous entertainment spots of Blue Hillock City, Tulip Hotel was the most famous and the most classy one of them all.

It was already late in the night, but still, the plaza before the door of Tulip Hotel was parked full of lavish four-wheeled carriages. On the borders of the carriages carved out of fragrant rosewood, were crest after crest of prominent families.

In one of the grandest and most lavish rooms of the hotel, four people, one man, and three women were entangled intimately together into a heap of flesh on an exquisite bed. But just as the bald-headed man was on the verge of climax, the door of the room suddenly opened. A tall, graceful and sexy beauty in red armor walked in.

A bunch of thugs that looked like goons surged in behind the beauty, surrounding the beauty with their numbers. All of them looked at her in anger, but no one dared to block her path. Amongst the group, the few leaders had blood all over their face, with a fresh red swollen handprint on each of their faces.

His "pleasure time" interrupted, the bald man was extremely angered. Wrapping the blanket around his body, he got out of bed, ignoring the exposed bodies of his female companions.

Ear-piercing screams rang out in the room!

"Shut up! Scream and disturb our guest here again……and I'll toss you naked into Downwater Works.

Downwater Works was the most well-known ghetto in Blue Hillock City. If they landed there, their fates were obvious. They weren't scared of being abused by the men, but more scarily were the occasional stories of cannibalism and the hordes of hungry men in there.

Thus the very next moment, all the screaming stopped!

"You are the one in charge here? "The Mary who had broken in had gotten rid of all her inhuman traits. Her appearance was just like that of a female mercenary with tremendous strength.

But with a slight smile and a ripple in her blue eyes, an intangle power of seduction instantly charmed all the men in the room. Even the few fellows who were beaten up by her had lost the anger in their eyes and were looking at her in a perverted manner.

"Who are you? How dare you break into my place! Heheh……Young lady, have you never of heard of me, the Bald Eagle? "The man laughed sinisterly as he ran his hand across his bald head.

Even though he was also affected by Mary's innate power of seduction, he was a man of cruel and merciless means as well. The effect of Mary's seduction was much less severe, allowing him to maintain his clarity of thought. Of course, this also had to do with Mary having no intention of seducing him!

This was just a passive effect due to Mary's own ability of seduction!

"What? You want to talk to me in front of so many people? The great Bald Eagle needs such a display of power just to talk to a weak little girl? "

The bald man snorted coldly and sent a message to his subordinates with a look of his eye. Soon, someone had gotten his right-hand men, Quicksword Jake and Blackblade Ender to come over.

The two seemed as if they had put on their clothes in a hurry, but from their steady strides and sharp gazes, it was clear that they were nothing like the goons earlier.



The two stood behind the bald man. One was lightly tapping the slender sword by his waist, while the other took out a heavy dagger and toyed with it with his agile hands. The looked at Mary with cold eyes, occasionally letting out a wicked laugh.

The bald man managed to calm down with his right-hand men finally by his side. The useless subordinates awkwardly exited the room under his instructions, bringing with them the three naked girls who were pale in the face now.

When the door had been shut, the bald man threw aside the blanket and slowly equipped the leather armor, bracelet and shield piled in a corner of the room.

Fully dressed, he crossed his arms and stared arrogantly at Mary:"Speak! Now you can tell me your goal! "

Threads the color of blood slowly begin to surface deep within Mary's blue pupils. Her heart was filled with endless joy when she looked upon the three people before her.

Three Pseudo-Adepts!

These three warriors of another world had power equal to pseudo-adepts!

Mary smiled.


A moment later, the door to the room opened wide again.

The countless goons who were waiting with weapons in hand were shocked to find their arrogant and overbearing boss nodding and bowing before the beauty in red armor. The two right-hand men had also shrunk behind the beauty. They brought a chair over for her to sit on, then offered tea and water. It almost seemed like they were afraid of not offering satisfactory service to the beauty.

Mary smiled slightly and sat on the chair. She then used a handkerchief and lightly wiped off the bloodstains at the corner of her mouth.

On the necks of the bald man and his two subordinates, a pair of small injuries was quickly healing, leaving behind only an undetectable scar.

Mary had the ability to Embrace ever since she became a vampire adept. With this ability, she could create hordes of blood servants loyal to herself. Sadly, she would lose a bit of her blood essence every time she created a new servant. So Mary could only choose important figures as the target for her Embrace.

And this bald man who had all of Blue Hillock's underground world in his palm was undoubtedly a person she had to gain control over. Controlling him alone gave Mary immense control over the entirety of the city in an instant.

With the help of Bald Eagle, Mary quickly understood the power structure and situation of Blue Hillock City.

The true owner of Blue Hillock was naturally the castellan, Count Vanlier. Bald Eagle was only his subordinate who hid in and managed the underground.

So, late in the night of the second day, Mary was secretly sent into the castle after an elaborate dress up.

Even the 50-year-old Count Vanlier, a man who had a little black beard and the elegant appearance of a gentleman, was astounded by this foreign beauty sent over by his loyal subordinate.

So, Mary was boldly sent to the Count's bed under everyone's gaze, passing through a troop of elite bodyguards.

And on the second night Mary entered Blue Hillock City, its ruler had become her most loyal blood servant and slave.

In truth, with Mary's current power, she could take over this city without much resistance. But to do so without any commotion and without being noticed, she needed to resort to other means!

To ensure her control was deep and thorough, she even took the effort to Embrace the Count's remaining subordinates. Of course, these were all individuals who were at a level equal to Pseudo-Adepts. In this other world where arcanology was incomplete, the foreign existence of such a thing as a vampire was beyond the limits of the imagination of the natives of the plane.

By focusing on the important figures, Mary had become the true owner of Blue Hillock City in just 3 days. She was now a true "Monarch of Darkness" that was hidden away from the rest of the world.

And the information she had gotten from both official means and underground means quickly and continuously streamed back to the adepts' base.

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