It might not take long to pass through a space vortex, but for Greem and the others, it felt like an entire century.

The space constantly stretched and compressed and rolled over their bodies……An apprentice adept would have had their bodies disintegrated, their Spirit shattered and died a painful death in the process. Fortunately, the adepts were supported by a tough Physique and a powerful Spirit after their advancements.

Even Greem had to try his very best to resist the odd twists of the mutated space.

The mysterious adept Sarubo had clearly used a unique means to corrode a tiny wormhole on the plane barrier to avoid alerting the plane's plane consciousness. Countless space turbulence filled the space vortex. These were the result of Sarubo's battle against the plane laws.

With the power of Greem and the others, they would be minced to pieces instantly if they were caught in any of them.

Fortunately, under the guidance of Sarubo's consciousness projection, Greem and the others did not get lost in the space vortex. They sped through the vortex, avoiding one after another terrifying turbulence. Soon, they appeared in another world.

It was a silent valley in the middle of a vast mountain range.

The ancient trees within the forests were large and strong. Their branches easily extended to several hundred square meters wide. Tall mountains and vast forests were everywhere around. Ravines were strewn about the valley. The songs of birds and the calls of insects never stopped.

But a disaster that could tear this entire world apart was slowly brewing amidst this beautiful land.

A small hole was opened in the middle of the field. In front of the hole, a black-robed adept sat silently, his legs crossed. Many chains were wrapped around his body. One end of the chain disappeared into the body of the adept. The other end disappeared into the boundless space. It looked bizarre.

The adept in the black robe didn't dare to make any large movements with to the restrictions of the golden chains on him. A simple wave of a hand, a cough, all of these could result in severe retaliation from the chains, causing damage to the structure of space around him. This was a small material plane after all. The size of the continent within was a hundred times smaller than that of the Continent of Adepts. This was a plane world that could not support powerful beings.

Trying to squeeze into this material world as a Sixth Grade Adept was no less hard than trying to shove a tiger into a cat cage. Moreover, as a being from the World of Adepts, Sarubo radiated a thick scent of his world from his body and soul. He could not fit in with the plane laws here.

Different plane worlds had different laws. Vastly different at times.

The more powerful the soul of an adept was, the more resistance he received from a foreign plane.

If Sarubo managed to break into this plane, it might be hard to find an opponent of his caliber. But as long as he has yet to dissect the differences of this plane's laws, both his body and soul will continually be suppressed and repelled by the plane's consciousness.

His power would be very limited before he gets rid of this foreign force. If his acts of resisting suppression were too large, it would also attract the attention of the plane consciousness. Then more enemies would be attracted to where he was and as suppressed and weakened as he was, even he would not be able to resist mobs of weak enemies.

Thus, as the standard procedure of plane invasions, the mastermind Sarubo was only responsible for creating a wormhole and projecting his consciousness to the other side. Then it's up to the following low-level adepts to swarm into the plane, corroding the world bit-by-bit.


There was a sudden movement in the calm space vortex.

Bo Bo Bo……

Following the continuous ripples in space, one after another adepts were spat out of the vortex, tumbling on the ground.

Greem climbed up from the ground painfully. But just as he stood up, he moaned and squat down once more.

Terrifying plane suppression came from the skies above. Countless chains of laws appeared out of the space around him. All of a sudden, his power had been suppressed to complete insignificance.


It was a terrible feeling of depression, being subdued and twisted.……

It felt like his mouth and nose had been covered with a thick wet cloth. Greem could hardly breathe!

Even the plentiful and powerful Elementium within his body was completely drained, much like a bottle without a bottom.

The Body Refining Adept Kiel reacted the best out of the 7 adepts. After all, he still had a tough body even though his Spirit had been suppressed. The few elemental adepts with weaker bodies were pressed to the grounds, still frowning.

In truth, their physique was not too weak as experienced adepts who had to search everywhere for resources to strengthen themselves. Them being too used to their power was the main reason they looked so bad now. Once the power within their body was taken away, even breathing and walking became a task.

Greem slowly rose from the grass field and move a little bit.

He could feel it. The plane laws here were way too different from his original world. He had to slowly get used to the laws here to regain his strength. As long as he didn't move the Elementium powers merged within his body, the suppression of the plane laws would not be as strong and violent.

After everyone had gotten somewhat used to the environment, they went before Sarubo, bowing as they waited for their orders.

This was, of course, not Sarubo's true body. It was only a mental projection. But even then, the retaliation of the plane laws was still so obvious on Sarubo. The suppression on these First Grade Adepts was insignificant in comparison!

"You have all made it through! Good. Now leave behind a few to terraform the environment. The rest of you scatter in each direction and seal all the paths to her. Make sure no outsiders can disturb my analysis of the plane laws. Be very careful. The space ripples from your journey here just now may have drawn the attention of powerful beings in this plane. The second batch of adepts will arrive in a month. Before that, you must defend this place with your lives! "After some quick advice, Sarubo's projection went silent.

All the adepts looked at each other, then backed off and begun preparing the next steps.

Although everyone, including Adept Keoghan, was First Grade Adepts, they still had to obey the orders of Adept Keoghan. After all, Sir Fügen had emphasised this several times before the trip here.

"We have just arrived. Our powers are at our weakest. So, for the time being, we should not initiate any grand gestures. I now set forth a rule. For the first three days, our range of activity will be limited to 1 mile. Do not initiate contact with the natives too early.

Kiel, Vincomier, Cowen and I will stay at the base. We will try and construct a functioning base in the shortest time possible to hide Lord Sarubo and the space vortex. Acteon, Mary, and Greem. The three of you are responsible for the outer ring. Kill all the dangerous living beings nearby. Do not let them bust in here and disturb Lord Sarubo.

Understood? "

Everyone nodded their heads. Even Greem, Mary, and Acteon did not express any disagreements.

This was well within expectations. As newly recruited adepts who had yet to be trusted, Keoghan would not possibly let them near the weakened mental projection. Thus it was expected that the experienced adepts were left in the base and the three outsiders sent to the outer ring.

Everyone began seeing to their jobs once it had been assigned.

The four people left in the base didn't actually have any less work than Greem and the others.

Kiel in particular, as a Body Refining Adept, was an important person in the construction of the base. With one fist, he could down trees that were as thick as a man's embrace. With a few chops of his steel palms, branches as thick as a child's arm were removed. And alone, he could carry the half-a-ton trunk back to the base.

The restrictions by the law chains were extremely strong as they had just entered the plane. They couldn't use any powerful spells. Even the simplest of cantrips were changed due to a change in plane laws.

You might have wanted to summon a little flame for dinner, only to realise the little flame is now a giant fireball. And there goes your pot. You might have wanted to summon a flame tornado to attack your enemies, only to have a little flame flicker in your palms. It's hardly enough to even warm the enemies....

The difference in plane laws made all spells function weirdly. The adept's individual strength was probably not much stronger than the plane natives before they get familiar with the plane laws.

Greem snapped his fingers to ignite a flame at his fingertips. After the Elementium flashed in the air, something appeared in his hands. A jade green frog.

It was a normal frog with rough skin on its back. And it clearly was as surprised as Greem about him appearing out of thin air. After blinking its googly eyes and looking about, it leaped out of Greem's palm and with a few hops, it disappeared in the bush.

Dammit! The difference in plane laws was so large? To have caused a fire spell to become a random nature summon?

Greem calmed himself down and communicated with the chip.

"Chip, how's the plane law analysis going? "

"Beep, this plane world is a low-level material plane. Elementium saturation rate is low, at 27% of the World of Adepts. Law similarity 69%. Expected analysis time is 235 hours 27 minutes 18 seconds..... Current analysis progress is 0.013%.....

The long progress bar in Greem's mind was mostly occupied by a blinding rate. The green that represented progress only took up a thin line on the bar. Even Greem with his self-proclaimed 20/20 vision could hardly see any increase of the green bar.

Greem turned and looked at Acteon:"Which way are you going? "

Although they hated each other thoroughly, they had to call a truce in this foreign world. Preserving their lives came first.

Dim green eyes flashed beneath Acteon's hood. He pointed in a direction and left. After Acteon's scrawny silhouette disappeared in the distance, Mary appeared beside Greem. Her eyes shot a questioning look at Greem as she slid her hand across her throat.

Greem shook his head after a moment's thought, then left in another direction. Mary sighed due to a lost opportunity. Silently, she transformed into a bat and disappeared in a different direction from the other two.

Her transformation was a Bloodline ability and she received very little repercussions from the change in plane laws. This was her source of confidence in killing Acteon! Copyright 2016 - 2023