The altar connecting the two worlds was located in Feidnan City's Adept's tower. This was to protect the world coordinates of the lesser plane.

Half a year was not very long.

After becoming an adept, the greatest change for Greem was the immense slowdown in the speed at which his powers increased. The meditation technique used by apprentices was meaningless for adepts. Greem's daily meditation only brought about an increase of Spirit of 0.0001 every time. Even Greem would have suspected his daily meditations to have lost all of its effects had it not been for the chip's thorough monitoring of his body.

Of course the Sarubo clan had meditation techniques suited for adepts, but unfortunately, with Greem's current qualifications, there was no chance for him to get his hands on them. Greem could have a chance if he contributed a lot to the clan's plane war this time. Otherwise, he can only silently bear with the turtling speed of his Spirit increase.

On the surface, Greem, Mary, and Acteon were all adepts of the Sarubo clan. But in truth, they were the clan's prisoners. The Second Grade Adept Sir Fügen had left a special curse in their mental world. They would instantly be killed by it should they leave Feidnan City at their own discretion.

Thus the three didn't dare step a single foot out of the city even though they walked about freely in the City of Feidnan.

On the other hand, Alice was mad at the fact that Greem and Alice had advanced into adepts.

She kept suspecting Greem had intentionally sent her outside of the secret space, and let Mary take her place instead, causing her to lose her chance to become an adept. As for all the risks and dangers Mary had to experience in the process, Alice completely disregarded them.

Anger makes people lose their rationality.

Thus Alice has been clearing missions at an insane rate lately, accepting all of the most dangerous missions around Feidnan City. It was hard to catch her in the Adept's tower with how busy she was every single day.

As for Mary. After becoming an adept, she rapidly became far more powerful. Mary became a terrifying killer on the battlefield with her super high speed, deadly melee attacks and her barbaric eye-for-an-eye style of fighting.

Even experienced adepts more powerful than her would have trouble facing the wraith-like her if they didn't have special methods to control her movements. Otherwise, Body Refining Adept Kiel wouldn't have suffered defeat at the fangs and bow of Mary.

But as Mary was beginning to catch the attention of people, Greem was once again keeping a low profile.

Most of his prowess previously came from the golems. As the threat of apprentice level golems became smaller and smaller against future adept level opponents, Greem's advantage was diminished as well. Greem needed to increase his own powers, as well as find a means of obtaining numerous adept level summoning cores to regain his advantage in combat.

The only adept level golem Greem currently had was the Fire Lord. Besides that, he also had a Second Grade Molten Giant core waiting to be processed. But it was way too hard to deal with an Elementium crystal core of this level with his current skills. Thus in the remaining time, Greem became a hermit, diligently converting crystal cores into battle golems of various attributes.

He was trying to increase the numbers of the golems, striving to create a golem army with golems of different specialisations, given that he cannot increase the quality of the golems in the short term.

Besides crafting golems and his daily meditations, Greem also collected other resources, seeking to fix the magic rune suit of Flame Fiend transformation onto his body permanently. In his remaining time, Greem examined the Scroll of Voodoo that had been soulbound to him.

Greem had never heard of such a mysterious adept equipment. Now he was trying to uncover the uses of the Scroll of Voodoo bit by bit based on the information he could find in the library.

Soul Gear?

Greem first heard this odd name from Anderson. With this clue, he quickly found related information and got an initial picture of the uniqueness of Soul Gears.

Soul Gears are a kind of magical item! And they were a unique magical item that could grow alongside its soul host!

Besides its ability to return to Greem's side after a certain distance, its greatest help to him was the six spell storage slots. 6 powerful spells that took a single second to cast. This was more than enough to give him the combat initiative and advantage when facing enemies.

Greem found a new method of using the Scroll now that he had advanced into an adept.

Plague Curse!

Write the name of an enemy onto the Scroll using their blood, and the enemy will constantly be inflicted by the Plague Curse. This attack is autonomously done by the Scroll of Voodoo and didn't require any additional Spirit or energy on Greem's part.

Thus, buried in his daily meditations, his golem crafting and his examinations of the Scroll, half a year passed in the blink of an eye. It was now the start of the clan's plane war.


Half a month before departure, the Sarubo clan's adepts returned to the tower one after another.

There were now seven clan adepts in the tower!

It's important to note that the total amount of First Grade Adepts of the Sarubo family was only seven before the addition of Greem and the others. The fact that seven adepts had shown up reflects how important this plane war was for the Sarubo clan. They were sending almost all of their active forces.

The Sarubo clan adepts had returned to the tower in the most secretive manner to avoid being discovered by enemy clans. Had they found out about the power vacuum of the Sarubo clan, trouble might occur. Their departing location was on the 10th floor of the Adept's tower.

The party was led by Second Grade Adept Lord Fügen, which included a total of 7 adepts.

Fügen looked coldly upon the party as they stood before the teleportation array. Calmly, he spoke:"Prepare yourselves! Later, we will be transported to the outlands, and regroup with the other parties there. This teleportation will break through plane barriers. This is an ultra-long range transportation. Those who have never experienced it should guard their own mental self. Do not extend your Spirit outside of this teleportation array! "

Fügen drew a magic rune concentrating a terrifyingly cold aura in the air with a single hand and sent it into the array beneath his feet.

In a series of flashes, the adepts within the array disappeared.

Even though Greem had well expected the terrors of an ultra-long-range teleportation, but as his body was stretched and compressed within the teleportation array, Greem truly experienced the pain and torture of having his spirit origin at the mercy of Spatial Energy.

Mottled and blurred patches of color took up all of his vision. Everything before his eyes looked like they were obstructed by a thick stained glass. It was all blurry.

Even worse was the nausea of space flipping up and down.

Greem had no means of telling the direction with the limited vision he had and the feeling of space bending in his mind. Of course, there was the possibility that there was no such thing as direction during the spatial transfer!

It was hard to determine how long the ultra-long-range teleportation took. Greem had completely lost all sense of time and space.

When he finally appeared at a teleportation array on another end, he shut his eyes and recalibrated for half a minute before he was back to usual.

The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was the bright and boundless galaxy.

Never had there been such a moment where Greem felt so at peace and his mind and mind so relaxed. Above his head, high above the skies, was a thick transparent energy dome. Outside that dome was the boundless galaxy and the exhilarating energy sea of the multiverse.

The sky is boundless. The stars are countless.

Looking at the starry skies without the interference of the plane barriers, Greem felt like his entire being had sunk into the dark but shining night sky. The barrier between man and the world had disappeared. It was all so fantastical and beautiful.

Greem drew his line of vision away from the night sky with much effort. Only then did he have the chance to survey the teleportation platform he was on.

This was a massive pseudo-plane floating in the depths of the galaxy.

The inside of the pseudo-plane wasn't the most commonly seen continent form common to the material worlds. Rather, it was a mountain peak so massive it was beyond imagination. Steep cliffs. Forests of stones. There were terrifying peaks everywhere that stood tall like unsheathed swords.

And the teleportation array where the party was was located on the top of such a peak. Someone had sliced the sharp peak, turning it into a flat platform. Looking from atop, numerous holes had been dug in the peaks. Countless flying creatures that looked like two-footed dragons were weaving in and out of them.

The array on the top of the sharp peak wasn't the only one. In Greem's vision alone, there were three to four more teleportation platforms exactly like the one beneath his feet. Teleportation light flashed there as well. There were up to three other parties that seemed to consist of adepts as well.

"Come with me! We need to first regroup with the others! " Fügen called out and took to the air.

Almost anyone who became an adept had their own unique method of flying.

Some summoned flying creatures out of beast-slaving rings. Some grew an odd pair of wings. Some called upon the wind Elementium particles to surround them and help them fly..... Greem summoned the Lightning Giant, and had it carry him and follow behind Fügen towards a platform with several other people.

It was hard to tell how huge this pseudo-plane was, but when they flew high up in the sky, Greem's pupils couldn't help but shrink. This……this was a pseudo-plane so huge it could be called a small continent of its own! Copyright 2016 - 2023