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**********************************MAIN STORY*************************************

Currently, the story is still at the magic hall.

Three wizards, who stood by the pestle, are looking at the suspiciously imprisoned Green and Mary.Also located at the corner of the hall, Alice, who lost everyone lost contact to, was lying quietly and seemed to lost her consciousness.

Among the three men, Green knew one of the wizards was named Kogan, and while the other two were the sorcerers of the Saluwa family.One of the sorcerers of the Saluwa family, was an old man wearing a black robe, although his body is not a too amazing spirit of the fluctuations, and whenever Green's eyes contact him, there is always was always frozen biting chill down his spine.

"Anderson is dead?"The Black robe old man coldly ask.

The other two wizards stayed dead silent, without any desire to speak

Green would like to speak, but science he cannot understand his predicament with the Salucco family, he did not speak more, as speaking too much may be at his disadvantage, later on, he nodded silently.

"Retards are of cause retards!Cowards like him are soft-shell eggs and was even kill by his own apprentices, he is purely a retard! "The black robe old man lean towards one of his subordinates and said: "You go and see how much of Anderson is left!"

The Kogan wizards subordinate bowed and turned away.

If the space barrier was not broken, it would not be too difficult to find, but since a big hole in the space barrier, it was relatively easy to find.

After a moment, the Kogan had returned, and with his hands are carrying Anderson's remains.But to their horror, the remains had been mingled by the countless black scorpion drilled out.

"He is truly dead!"The black robe old man coldly said: Looks like a good deal to us!Trading a retard for three wizards, we are not at a loss! "

Green looked slighly download and covered his eyes in horror.

From the discourse of the second-order wizards, it is clear that the Saloubo family knew Anderson's every move, and even the blood sacrifices that he arranged secretly.It is conceivable that if the Anderson Wizards succeed and become a second-order wizard, then the group of people should come to congratulate him and sign a new witchcraft contract with him.

From this icy reality, it reveals the fact that the life of the apprentice in the eyes of these official wizards is simply a resource that can be freely accessible and to be consumed if necessary.Perhaps the wizards at high-level are strictly prohibited this kind of behavior, but for each wizard family, as long as they can enhance the power of their own family, such things are rather common!

Since the Saluwa family is also looking forward to the Anderson Wizards to be successful, then now ... how will they dispose of Green and Mary?Shit, that Evil Worms still did not die!Looking at the situation, Evil Worms was using Anderson's the magic force in his remains and promoted the wizard himself to wizard-hood!

Green mind thoughts are chaotic, and he no longer bothers to think. He took a deep breath and wait for the second-order wizard to decided.

The Wizards are the most valuable property in any family, and can not easily be discarded and wasted, so it will be impossible to kill them for them Anderson's revenge.Most likely, they will face a far more stringent than the normal agreement witchcraft contract!

"Still hiding in there?Come out also let me see what are you made of! You are actually able to devour the Andersen down to the bones! "

Near second-order wizard, countless scorpions from the human eye socket eyes and ears and other holes in the crazy gush, and then again condensed out of the Nirvana into a terrible shaped human body.

In face of second-order wizards, even the gloomy introverted Evil Bugs also become trembling, bowing respectfully to them and waiting for his fate.

Kougan cold eyes on Anderson's only remaining on the bladder hit a turn, and glanced at a glimpse of three people, turned to please said: "Master Fergen, how do you want to deal with them?"

"Well, what can be done? Signing a contract and throw them to the battlefield. Originally this errand is Anderson's share since Anderson is gone, let them three takes his place.If the life then they can naturally enjoy the treatment of family, if they die then they can just blame their life is not good enough! "

Heard the words, Green and the others were disappointed but was also relieved.

How does the battlefield look like? How come we have never heard of it?Is it very dangerous?

A series of questions in Green's hear flow. Although through the chip can access to the knowledge of witchcraft and ancient legend, but little about the plane war is known.Even if some books involved in the surface war, but also a half-clawed, not elaborate, it is difficult to glimpse what happens.

The reason for this situation was presumably high-level wizard purposely block the information from leaking out.

It seems that everything about the plane war is not an ordinary wizard apprentice can get involved!

After what Anderson did, all of the wizard apprentice died on the ground, and cause the magic swamp resource point to be completely paralyzed.Three wizards from the family, in addition to the pressure of the second-order wizard Fergus adults and the Kougan wizard, the other wizard also comes to replace Anderson take over the swamp tower.

As long as a formal wizard sits here for around three or five years, this place will come back to life. But as for Green, Mary, and Evil Bugs, they can only return to the family manor with the Ferguson, to wait for the beginning of the war.

In the twinkling of an eye, the magic swamp that once lived for seven years has become a past and reminiscent of Green's long life journey.


Saloubo family manor, Fernando City.

Green face purged through the bustling streets, silently walked into a street of the secret hut.

This is a special sale of curious alchemy items Goblin shop, as the owner of the Goblin Kobe is standing on a wooden stool, speaking loudly to two female and one male wizard apprentice enthusiastically marketing his magical alchemy device, which is acquired from the goblin communication sphere.

One of the items included: being able to instantly promote the owner of the rocket boots quickly forward (But please note, before the starting that there is no rock or obstacle in front) ... ...

or able to make horror noise item* (sometimes ... just only sometimes it will explode, so ...)

Able to create a full cover type of energy shield magic core (remember, pick up the magic core on the ground kowtowing to see the energy shield.If you do not see ... please kowtow a few times! )

Can take you to heaven to fly random Goblin aircraft (of course, absolutely "random"!)

Can make you return safely to the ground with this parachute cloak (this seems to be a standard on the item, or how you come down after you go up.Well, free landing is also a good choice! )



Green frown looked at the shop inside the auditorium to alchemy device, although his heart is full of disdain, he did not speak any words.

Such a thing for the current him has been useless, but for the lack of life-saving means of the wizard, the apprentice is a good choice.

Although the Goblin shop's items always have big or small problems, each one played a role, but can save lives in a crisis!

At least after Card had opened the store for a month, there had been zero returns form apprentices.

Of course, that is, if they are still alive to return the item.

See Graham's arrival, Goblin Card immediately gave up on the three apprentices, jumped out of the stool, ran in front of the owner nodded to say hello.The three apprentices had some look unhappy, but turned to see Green who wears dark red wizard gown, immediately bow to him, and then slowly walked out of the Goblin shop.

They have long heard that there is a new wizard backing this Goblin shop, but it is there the first time to personally see him.After they have left him over 100 meters, the three people begin to breathe again.

"That adult is handsome!His body really good and robust, a head taller than Hans ... ... "

"Yes ah yes ah, especially his dark red long hair, coupled with his handsome young face, simply handsome!"

Listening to the two female companions burst of shouting faint hair, the male apprentice could not help but complain: "How dare you! That is an official wizard!Did you not listen to those old apprentices repeatedly said, if you see the official wizard do not look at him in the eye.If you break this rule, they might even punish you!And wizards face can be faked to look young, maybe he is a hundred years old man! "

One of the female apprentices disdain him and said: "Hans, you do not bitter.Wizard Green, we have already inquired, and he is really a less than 20 years old young wizard, and comes from a backwater place "

"Yeah yeah, I've heard that!"Another female apprentice could not help but to add: "heard with him to the family there are two other wizards, especially the Mary vampire, simply ... ... is all of our female apprentice's idol.She looks not only very beautiful but also have strong combat power, I heard that just to defeat the century hundreds of years of Kiel! "

"What?Did she beat Kiel Wizard?How could this ... ... Kiel Wizard, but the family's most famous refining wizard ... ... "

"Yes, you have seen that Evil Worm Wizard?I heard that he looks terrible ... ... "

Three people all the way to discuss the gossip, and slowly drifting away.

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