A few moments later, three pieces of intact white bread were delivered back by Snorlax.

But Snorlax had a pretty unsightly expression!

To be honest, no matter who was hiding in a secret room and happily admiring and counting his treasures, to be suddenly hit on his head by two pieces of white bread, he would have the same unsightly expression. And besides, the last time a tiny female hand had suddenly appeared in midair and tossed a piece of white bread over to its face.

No body, no arms, it was just the fair, tender, little hand of a female… Snorlax was frightened out of its wits because of such terrifying scene. If it had not received the Spiritual Whisper from its master on time, it would definitely think that it was haunted by some evil female ghost!

Greem picked up all three pieces of white bread one after another. Using the exact scanning and see-through vision of the Chip, he once again confirmed their integrity. The teleportation just now hadn’t altered their material property, nor did it destroy any of their material structure.

Greem again placed the bread into Alice’s hand. With a smile, he said, “This time, send them into my hand!”

After he finished saying that, a leaping flame burst out from Greem’s body. The high-temperature force field instantly covered his entire body. After going through a period of hard training and closely working with it, Greem could now easily manipulate his own fire element.

Even when he had the flame spread all over his body, he never caused any harm to the wooden chair underneath him or the books laying around. But if the clothes on his body hadn’t been protected by magical power, they would have been burned off by the fierce flame.

A slightly disdainful expression emerged on Alice’s cute face, which still had a little bit of baby-fat. Displeased, she asked, “Do you really think my Spatial Teleportation can do anything you ask? If it could penetrate your Elementium Protection, do you think you could have still defeated me?”

“Give it your best shot. I want to see what kind of results it can achieve!” Greem encouraged the little girl while stretching out his right arm, enshrouded in steaming hot flame.

Looking from afar, it was as if the flame was burning directly on Greem’s skin. Yet, when looked at a close distance, there was actually a thin layer of crimson Elementium film attached tightly on the surface of his skin, which separated his skin from the element fire.

This was actually a product produced from merging Flame Body and Inferno Force Field!

Some day in the future, when Greem eventually became an official Adept, and when he totally transformed his Spirit into Elementium, this thin layer of film would disappear, and eventually make him into a type of elemental life form. When the time came, even though his vitality would not be endless like genuine elemental life forms, it would still sufficient for him to slowly explore the boundless multi-verse!

Under Greem’s attentive gaze, a ripple starting to appear in the space near his flaming right hand. Obviously, the bread sent through the space by Alice couldn’t penetrate the dense and tough Inferno Force Field and was forced out from the inter-layer of space by its force.

When it lost the protection from the force of space, the white bread was instantly turned into ashes upon contact with the defensive flame.

Later, Greem retracted the defensive flame and Inferno Force Field, but it was too bad that Alice still couldn’t teleport anything into his hand. Though he felt that it was a pity, it was in fact, a reasonable situation. If Alice’s Spatial Teleportation could freely travel through the target’s element defense, then under the heaven, what kind of opponent that had the same rank as her could stand up against her?

She could totally transfer a bottle of explosive potion into her opponent’s heart or plunge an explosive fireball into the enemy’s stomach… Just thinking of such scene made one tremble with fear!

After several failed attempts, finally Alice ran out of patience. “What exactly do you want me to do? Are you just going to ask me to teleport this thing over and over again?”

“What I need from you is very simple: during a special occasion, I want you to teleport something I need into my hand!” Greem once again unleashed his Inferno Force Field, covering both him and Alice; only then did he seriously tell her his motive.

Alice glanced around, looking at this layer of force field which was obviously used to prevent any outsiders from peeking or overhearing their conversation. Not saying any words, she nodded her head as if she understood something. But right after that, she rested her arms on her hips, and said in a disdainful manner, “Why should I listen to you and do something that is totally impossible to achieve? This brings me no benefits at all. Don’t think that I’ll help you!”

Greem smiled. With a flick of his wrist, an element core emanating a powerful element wave appeared in the palm of his hand. When Alice saw its dazzling appearance, looked at the crystal clear material, and sensed the rhythmic element wave that felt like a tidal wave… she couldn’t contain herself and swallowed a lump in her throat.

It was an Adept level crystal core! This was the true form of that frightening lava monster who defeated her! However, when she looked at it, not only did it not bring her the slightest feeling of fear, it actually carried a vague magnificence and perfection!

“Are you going to give it to me?” Right at this very moment, Alice nearly stopped breathing completely; her eyes went wide as she held her breath, waiting for Greem’s answer.

“I can’t give it to you right now, of course!” Greem answered grumpily. “But, within a month, if you can teleport anything into my hand, I’ll let you own it temporarily!”

Alice was dejected for a brief moment when she heard Greem’s answer, but soon, her face was beaming with high spirits again.

“Will you keep your promise? Rest assured, as long as I double my effort and keep practicing, I can definitely do it. But, I’ll need to examine this treasure of yours first, give it to me now and let me play for one night!”

Greem hesitated, but eventually he nodded his head and agreed. But before he placed the summoning core of Fire Lord golem into Alice’s spread palm, he earnestly warned her and said, “You can have some fun with it, but you can’t damage the summoning core. Also, when you summon it, remember to protect yourself properly!”

As he said that, Greem purposely pointed at the ceiling with his finger. Alice nodded her head, expressing her understanding.

This place was the Swampy Tower, and they were inside of Greem’s personal residence. Yet, even when he was talking, he had to cover himself with his own element defense and didn’t take the magical defense mechanism of the residence into consideration. Just this point alone was enough to tell her something!

Judging from this, it seemed like the relationship between Greem and the stationed Adept of the Swampy Tower wasn’t that harmonious. It might even be at the stage of diametrical opposition. Considering that her life was now tied to Greem’s, Alice had no alternative but to start thinking for this small team.

Although Greem didn’t mention it explicitly, Alice could still guess. The request he had expressed was very important for him and it might even reach to the level that could affect his life and future!

Hmph, I’ll just help him for once! Or else, if he died, I’ll die as well. Also, his request sounds pretty fun. If I can include it in my offensive approach, perhaps it will be quite a breakthrough.

Filling her mind with fanciful thoughts, Alice casually shoved the summoning core into an opened spatial hole before she turned around and left Greem’s residence.

Compared to Greem, Alice had never needed any magical equipment like a waist pouch or storage waist belt. She only needed to find herself a safe layer of space and open up an isolated space which bore her conscious’s seal; she could store all of her personal belongings in it. However, with her Pseudo-Adept Spirit, this isolated space only had a maximum size of five meters square.

After Alice left, Greem appeared to be the sole person in the room. But, he still didn’t retract his Inferno Force Field.

Right at this moment, a hoarse, deep voice suddenly came out from his body. “So, this is your plan? I don’t think it is a good idea! Are you sure you can keep that Anderson from finding out?”

A creeping movement was seen on the cloth near Greem’s chest; a thumb-sized black bug crawled out from underneath it and stopped on his shoulder. The voice came from this black bug.

“Hmph, Acteon, what’s the point of you saying such sarcastic remarks now? If you had not come to a dead end, you’d never come begging for my help!” Greem refuted with a cold voice.

“Hehe, we’re just using each other for our own benefits!” The beetle that Greem referred to as Acteon vibrated its wings, producing some noise that sounded like the chirping of insects. “Can’t you tell that from the information I gave you? Not only does Anderson have his eyes on me and Mary, recently, he has started to cast his evil gaze on you and this little girl. If we don’t do something, perhaps all of us will be thrown into a pot by that Anderson and our blood and flesh will become the foundation of his advancement!”

Greem became as silent as a stone!

With regards to this point, Acteon had accurate judgment. From all of the intelligence they had gathered so far, this Anderson was indeed an insane Adept who would devour someone to the point of not even spitting the bones out. In order to improve his overall strength, he was preparing a horrible sacrifice of blood and flesh.

Once the preparation came to its conclusion, most probably, this Swampy Tower would immediately turn into a massive graveyard as every single one Apprentice Adepts who lived here would be unable to escape from becoming part of the offering for his ritual. The lower grade apprentices might just become the fuel used to heat the cauldron, and they, the Pseudo-Adepts and Advanced Apprentices, would be the main ingredients for this sacrificial ritual of blood and flesh.

Thus, during this critical moment, any selfish behavior of paying attention to oneself without thinking of others would be stupid!

Perhaps it was because he had realized this reality that Acteon finally gathered up his courage and transferred his remaining consciousness into this beetle, coming to Greem to discuss working together towards a common goal.

As for escaping from the Swampy Tower and never returning, Greem never even considered it at all.

He lived in the Adept Continent; nearly all of the territory occupied by the human race was under the tight control and surveillance of Adepts. If Greem wished to escape without putting up a fight, Adept Anderson would just need to use a sly approach and labeled them as apprentices who turned renegade and escaped; with that, no matter how high the sky and how vast the land, there would be no way of survival for them!

As a matter of fact, he could easily tell this from the Fallen Adepts and Fallen Apprentices he had met at the Underground Cave.

Therefore, when faced with this Evil Bugs Acteon who had solely come for help, Greem could only suppress the disgusted feeling he had in his mind and tentatively reach a strategic cooperation with him!

They would unite to fight against that frightful Anderson!

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