When the Chain of Principle merged into their body, indicating that the contract had taken effect, the dust for the new bet finally settled down and there was no way they could alter anything.

However, before either party could say anything in response, thick black smoke suddenly burst out from a sea snail pendant hanging at Alice’s waist. After that, it condensed into the wrinkled and aged face of the Poisonous Witch, Endor.

“Alice, what mischief are you getting up to again? I thought I just asked you have him revoke the last pledge? Why is there suddenly a new bet on the contract?” As the lips made from smoke moved, a dreadful, hoarse, and deep voice, like the hissing of a poisonous snake, echoed out into the scene.

“Granny, please don’t interfere. I’ll definitely defeat him this time! Could you have forgotten that I’m a Pseudo-Adept now? Besides… I’ve learned that skill…” Putting away her previous fierce and stern manner, Alice spoke with that Poisonous Witch using a sweet and fawning voice.

Obviously, Endor too was very confident in Alice’s overall strength. When she saw Alice’s resolute attitude, she couldn’t help but waver a little from her stance. But when the smoky face of the Poisonous Witch turned towards Greem, her eyes immediately went wide, and she cried out with an unbelieving voice, “What is going on? This is absurd! Why is he a Pseudo-Adept too now? No way, I’d definitely not…”

But too bad, before she could finish her words, Alice gently patted on the sea snail, using spatial force to isolate it from the outside world. Without the support of the magical equipment, the smoky and incorporeal head of Endor immediately vanished into thin air.

“Alright, now there is no one that can interfere with us. Come, let’s find a place and begin our fight!” Apparently, Alice had made up her mind, regardless of if she would be punished by the Poisonous Witch later.

After saying that, Alice turned around, and with a brief swaying movement of her body, she disappeared from where she stood. When she appeared again, she hovered in midair some 300 meters away.

A slight frown appeared on Greem’s brow.

This Alice indeed had extraordinary talent with Spatial Magic. She had shown her ability to use Spatial Teleportation smoothly, without causing the slightest ripple and not even showing any sign prior. Greem was going to fight a tough battle today, as he was faced with an opponent who had total control of every inch of the space within the battlefield!

Greem dared not underestimate her. He waved his hand and tossed out a few element cores. Within a split second, they transformed into his once strongest fighter: the Lightning Giant. Upon its debut, all the apprentices of the Swampy Tower who had clustered around were extremely shocked. Their eyes were instantly filled with an awestruck expression that could not be hidden. Madwoman and Hawkeye had a more direct feeling, and the look in their eyes was much more complicated.

They could sense it vividly. Not only Greem, even this elemental golem he had summoned possessed a terrifying overall strength that could torture them easily.

Greem again took out a bottle of the advanced healing potion he had brought back from the Underground Cave, gently tossed it over to Tony’s side. He was now lying on the ground and not moving even a tiny bit. Greem nodded his head slightly towards the wounded apprentice. After that, the Lightning Giant leaned forward and grabbed Greem with its huge palm and a fierce wind suddenly blew by as it transformed into a whirlwind, streaking through the air, following closely behind Alice.

Mary snorted coldly. She didn’t morph into a bloodsucking bat like in the past. With a flashing movement of her body, she leapt into the sky. Her tall and graceful body stopped in midair for a brief second before a pair of huge bat wings spread out on her back and then started to flap in a violent manner, giving her incredible speed as she chased behind the duo.

Since she had become a Pseudo-Adept, she had been able to perform partial morphing. Never again would she have to face a situation where she couldn’t fly when she was in a human form, yet couldn’t use any Blood element magic spells when she morphed. The present Mary was considered as having truly mastered the bat morphing ability of the vampires.

Using their own distinctive methods, the three Pseudo-Adepts rushed through the sky like three shooting stars and left the Magical Swamp, heading toward a wilderness not far away.

When they were inside the boundary of the Magical Swamp, every act and every move was under the surveillance of Adept Anderson, so it was tough for them to put all of their skills and tricks into play. As a result, without prior arrangement, they had chosen a wilderness where no one was around as their battlefield.

After the three Pseudo-Adepts finally disappeared from their line of sight, all of the remaining apprentices had their face filled with all sorts of expressions. Some looked like they had lost all hope, some were beaming with joy, some sank into deep ponderings, some had mixed feelings of jealousy and hatred… Madwoman furiously slammed her huge sword onto the ground; the iron sword, even without sharp edges, immediately sunk a few inches deep into the stone ground.

As the veteran apprentice experts of the Swampy Tower, they had actually fallen to the status of bystanders who these few fellows had never paid attention to. The significant psychological gap had given them a depressive emotion. They exchanged glances, trying their best to hold back the bitter taste in their mouths. They didn’t even have the mood to talk with each other, simply turning around and returning to the tower with their hearts filled with disappointment.

Meanwhile, at a place some twenty miles away from the Magical Swamp, with just a slight flash of her body, Alice appeared in a wilderness that covered a large piece of land. The place was fully grown over with withered and yellow weeds that reached waist-height; under the constant blowing of the shivering and dry wind, they leaned from side to side, giving the place a touch of desolation.

No one knew what kind of ability Alice had obtained after she became a Pseudo-Adept, that it actually gave her such strong confidence. Nevertheless, compared to her, Greem too had explosive self-confidence, and showed a look of eagerly wanting to fight.

When he saw Alice had landed and was waiting for his arrival, Greem controlled the Lightning Giant and soared up high into the sky. Using his special Elementium Vision, he gave the surroundings of the battlefield a quick scan. Once he confirmed that there weren’t any traps, he returned to the ground with a flicker.

At the same time, Mary, who was clad in a red dress, also rushed her way to the battle site with the help of her black wings. She landed not too far away from the center of the battlefield.

“Hmph, since both of you are here, then I’ll fight both of you at the same time!” Alice was standing under a crooked tree, wearing a face of disdain and arrogance.

The feverish and hot-tempered Mary’s blue eyes turned bloodshot instantly. She spread her wings and bared her fangs, ready to leap at the arrogant little girl at once. But in the next second, a sudden thunderbolt struck from the sky above, casting out a violent electrical web and blocking her from going further.

“Don’t fall into her trap! If you really fight her now, I’ll be considered as violating the contract. At that point, even if we defeat her, most probably she will use this as an excuse to tear up the contract.” Greem walked down from the Lightning Giant’s palm, looked at Mary, and shook his head.

“Hmph! Such impudent thoughts can only come from someone as despicable as you! With your lousy skills and pathetic innate talent, what makes you think you can compare to me, the great Alice? You’re merely a little vampire, and you won’t make any difference at all. If you don’t want to see this guy die in an awful manner, you better fight together with him!” Alice scolded angrily, with her hands on her hips, portraying a look of disdain towards Mary.

If it were in the past, the impulsive Mary would have already dashed forward without thinking twice. However, it was obvious that she had gained a greater control over her bloodline innate talent. Hence, when faced with Alice’s provocation, though her fangs were bared and she had a threatening look, her bat wings flipped and slowly brought her body backward, leaving the battlefield for the duo.

Unknowingly, Mary’s trust towards Greem was approaching blindness. In her opinion, Greem never fought a battle unprepared, and since he had dared to accept a challenge from the arrogant and cocky Alice, he must have a method to deal with her.

As the result, with regards to Greem’s battle, she wasn’t worried at all!

Upon noticing that the female vampire wasn’t provoked and had simply left the battlefield, the doll-like Alice furiously vented her anger by tearing the weeds around her, murmuring in her mouth like she was cursing viciously.

“That’s enough. There aren’t any other people here, so you don’t have to keep wearing that cute mask of yours. An apprentice who can become a Pseudo-Adept at such a young age, I’m sure you must be a wicked girl with a black-hearted and vicious approach. Since you wish to defeat me to prove your overall strength, show me what you have!” Greem taunted with a disdainful expression; he had no intention of taking pity on the weak.

“I’ll show you what I have, and you’ll definitely regret your decision today!” Alice gnashed her teeth furiously.

When the conversation is disagreeable, saying even one word more is a waste of breath!

Though they were both Pseudo-Adepts, true respect always came after a real fight.

Nearly at the same time, both parties’ eyes flickered with a stern look. Without saying another word, they initiated their attack.

Swift of foot like a wind, quick like a greased lightning; these descriptions were nothing in front of Alice’s Spatial Teleportation. Relying on this ability allowed her to move anywhere she wanted, and any opponent’s movement was like a still image in her eyes.

Nearly right after both of them decided to attack, Alice appeared less than five meters from Greem. Yet, her body suddenly came to a halt as a half-sphere shaped, frightening electrical web descended from the sky and completely covered Greem. If she took a half-step further, the high-voltage current slithering over the electrical web would instantly burn her body.

Meanwhile, inside of the electrical web, it had turned into a world of leaping flame.

The Ring of Fire bursting out from that damn rascal’s body nearly covered every single inch of the space inside; not only the grass and dirt on the ground, even the seemingly empty air started to burn. Yet, the cocky guy just gave Alice a smile before his entire body merged into the fierce flames.

Seeing that its master had completed his Fire element defense, the Lightning Giant, who was hovering in midair, dispelled the Electrical Barrier. After that, the gigantic body, made up of countless greenish gray vortexes, instantly transformed into a sharp arrow, dashing ferociously towards Alice.

At the same time, from within the Ring of Fire, which had exploded into a massive sea of flame, three Fire Balls shot out, rushing through the air and hurtling towards Alice’s petite and fragile body.

Though she was faced with a joint attack from top and bottom, no fear could be seen on Alice’s face. With just a flash, she disappeared from where she stood and reappeared on the other side of the Ring of Fire. Right after she reappeared, she performed a pulling and tearing gesture with her hands and a deadly Spatial Crack appeared between her hands.

It was a mystery about how she could control it; the spatial crack actually produced an enormous pulling force. All of the Fire Elementiums swimming within the Ring of Fire were immediately pulled into the spatial crack like flying moths darting into flame, disappearing without a trace. In less than three seconds, the part of the sea of flame closest to her was sucked dry, exposing the charred surface of the ground and the grass ashes flying around in the heatwave.

During this brief moment, the Lightning Giant once again leapt towards the enemy. Before it arrived, a dazzling Lightning Chain streaked through the air and approached the enemy.

She teleported a few times, but every time, she could only attack for a few seconds before the hateful Lightning Giant tracked her down and came towards her. In the aspect of high-speed moving alone, the Lightning Giant’s Lightning Jump was not much weaker than Alice’s Spatial Teleportation.

After several attempts, Alice finally grew angry again.

With a Spatial Teleportation, she jumped to a high altitude some 200 meters away. Alice had stopped trying to attack Greem; instead, she loosened her hair and started to recite a mysterious magical spell in a loud voice. When the Lightning Giant once again tracked her down and approached her, using her tiny hand, Alice pointed at it angrily.

“Ammiclatten… Rosa, Spatial Seal!”

A silver beam shot out from Alice’s tiny finger, piercing through the air at top speed to hit the space right in front of the Lightning Giant. Right after that, countless silver chains made from runes stretched out from the space, coiling and tightly tying the Lightning Giant’s body instantly.

At the same time, at the spot where the silver beam hit, a spatial hole suddenly opened up and the silver rune chains dragged the Lightning Giant into it before disappearing.

In the next second, Greem lost track of the position of the Lightning Giant!

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