At this moment, Alice’s anger had reached an uncontrollable degree.

When she let loose of herself and attacked in rage, Alice, who possessed the spatial innate talent, had perfectly exhibited the frightening ability of the spatial magic spells.

With her delicate, fair and tiny little hands, she performed a gentle ripping gesture in the air. In an instant, one after another spatial crack, which looked like black pearls necklaces, were produced between her palms. After that, this pair of little hands started to knead them in the air, transforming them into all kinds of weapons that beyond anyone’s imagination.

An arc-shaped ‘Moon Bent Blade’, a ‘Dark Spear’ that looked like a throwing spear, a perfectly round ‘Explosive Ball’…

And, following Alice’s shrill screams, one after another bizarre weapon was thrown at the group of Greems at the same time.

The cutting and piercing abilities of these spatial cracks were simply incredible.

A ‘Moon Bent Blade’ streaked passed Greem silently, on its way, two mirrored Greems were cut into halves. Also, the Inferno Shield and Inferno Force Field were both missing a chunk, after being grazed by it. Judging from the size and shape of the missing parts, it was identical to that Moon Bent Blade.

It looked like when facing the spatial magic that Alice was an expert with, these ordinary defensive magic spells would hardly function as they were supposed to! As the matter of fact, in front of spatial magic, which had a higher order in the source of their principles, any element magic spell was like a bubble that could be burst easily. Both of them were simply not on the same level.

If Greem allowed Alice to keep bombing savagely like this, even if he summoned all his golems, he wouldn’t be able to keep his life safe. Realizing he couldn’t hold up against Alice’s attacks, Greem clenched his jaws tightly and ordered his team of golems to counterattack, so that he could suppress Alice’s attack frequency.

Therefore, a magnificent show of firework had broken out within the ‘tiny’ space of the bird cage.

Nearly every single time when Alice teleported to a new location, the Lightning Giant who followed right after her would flood the region with its raging lightning attack, immediately followed by a Flame Throwing launched by the Fire Deity and the Frost Nova unleashed by the Water Elemental.

Though in the past, the Protection Barrier covering outside Alice’s body was ‘indestructible’, when facing Greem, who had the ability to pinpoint her ‘weaknesses’, and together with a group of mighty fighters with no fear of death, whenever a new Protection Barrier was created, it would be shattered into pieces after one round of violent attacks.

And, within such a short period of time, she only had enough time to complete a long-range attack.

Although every time she was able to teleport away before the Protection Barrier shattered, such a frequent teleportation and attack routine was a heavy burden for Alice.

Whenever the Protection Barrier was broken, she had to teleport herself to a far distance and fix it, only then could she launch the next round of attacks. And when she teleported herself to Greem’s side, even with her high casting speed and the powerful Spatial Magic of hers, she would have to run away after launching a single attack. If she made any mistakes in her move, she would have to face the miserable fate of being burned by the explosive fireball and frozen by the azure ice ring.

But that was not the worst, as the most frightening attack was the strike of high voltage electricity!

As the result, just after seven rounds of attack, Alice’s cute, light yellow dress had turned into broken rags, while her precious golden hair was standing up on its end and became a dark and fluffy bird nest after being burned by the raging electricity. Also, her skin was completely covered in burns and frost marks, dark and green patches could be seen everywhere.

Meanwhile, out of twelve mirrored Greems, nine of them had been destroyed, leaving only three that mixed together with the real Greem, and no one could tell which one was his true form. As for the team of golems, they were now standing around Greem and protecting him with high vigilance and waiting for Alice to come forth and meet her death.

The Lightning Giant was hovering in midair with its body covered with raging lightning that producing loud thunderclaps, from time to time, dazzling electric arcs would bolt out from its green body. A huge thunderstorm was brewing right above its head; the funnel shape dark cloud had covered nearly half of the space of the cage.

Staring at this Lightning Giant who portrayed a mighty bearing, Alice angrily clenched her tiny fists, wishing she could use the most violent spatial magic and wipe it off the face of this world completely.

It was all because of this hateful Lightning Giant that she was now suffering from a very serious injury.

It was worth it to mention that the speed and frequency of the Lightning element magic spells were the fastest among all other magic spells. Every time, right when her Protection Barrier broke, that damn lightning strike unleashed by the Lightning Giant would always lock onto Alice’s whereabouts and land right on her body. Not only that, the arc-shaped lightning of the Lightning Giant actually… actually brought a slight paralysis effect.

This had caused Alice’s dodging movements to become slower and resulted in her facing the shower of elemental magic spells.

As the blood descendant of Endor, Alice had countless magic spell and element talismans with her. But even so, she also couldn’t withstand the damage brought by such violent element magic spells.

The magic spell talisman used to isolate herself from element attacks exploded before it could even last three rounds of attack.

The element talisman, which was used to increase her element resistance, had also shattered into pieces after being tortured by a massive amount of elemental magic spells.

In the end, after her element resistance was reduced to a very low level, Alice had to fight the battle using purely her strong will.

Whenever her Spirit had depleted, she would run to the outer perimeter and gulp down a large bottle of magic potion. With that, she would become brimming with Spirit seconds after, with her Spirit restored to the maximum level!

And, whenever her magical energy had depleted, she would once again run to outer perimeter and drink up a bottle of magical energy potion. Right after that, she would once again have vigorous magical energy!

With the help of these bottles of magical potions, Alice was like an undefeatable cockroach, crazily charging into Greem’s team of golems, again and again.

The Fire Deity was shattered into pieces twice by the raging spatial cuts and had been summoned by Greem for the third time.

The bodies of both Water Elementals were full of holes now. If not for the fact that they were element golems with the ability to absorb the wandering elementiums in the air and fix their own body, perhaps they would have long disintegrated into a puddle of water.

The only member of the golems team who was still in a good shape would be the Lightning Giant.

But even so, after going through many rounds of spatial magic attacks, its body had also been badly mutilated, as many parts of it had been hanging and falling off. When Alice realized it was extremely difficult for her to attack the real Greem, she eventually switched her target, placing the focus of her attacks onto the Lightning Giant, who had posted the biggest threat to her safety.

The adjustment in her tactic had soon brought her the best results!

One of the Lightning Giant’s arms had disappeared.

The Wind element core hiding inside the arm was shattered by a spatial cut, resulted in the total disintegration of that part of the body and was no longer able to restore its original shape.

But too bad, the changes made to her guerrilla tactic had come too late.

Right when Alice smoothly destroyed the left arm of Lightning Giant, her Protection Barrier was broken by the incredible fast lightning chain, and her petite body was coiled up by the same lightning chain.

In next second, the furious flaming pillar and the frost nova had flooded the region where she was trapped.

Before Greem could see the result of this massive attack, an egg-shaped shock wave as violent as a sudden thunderclap burst out from where Alice was. The shock wave swept across the area, shattering the spatial of the area like a thin sheet of glass. The spatial was broken, and the air was shaking violently. All the materials within the area had been annihilated and reassembled, yet any living creatures within the area would be wiped off completely and turned into a puff of smoke.

The Lightning Giant was standing closest to the attack. Though it had noticed the attack and fled with top speed, half of its body was swept across by the broken spatial. A sudden lightning flashed by with a loud boom, the Lightning Giant reappeared at a random place some three hundred meters away. The once burly and tall body was left with a half and a head. As for the rest of its body, it was all cut off by the spatial cracks.

The body of the Fire Deity, who had suffered badly from the attack, had collapsed onto the ground once again.

Hiding at a far distance, Greem’s facial muscles kept twitching uncontrollably. He had reached the summoning limit of the Fire Deity using the Fire Lord’s Scepter. He couldn’t summon it again today.

The violent spatial shockwave expanded outward at an incredible speed. As Greem’s speed had been enhanced with the Hasten spell, he barely managed to escape from the attack boundary.

Both Water Elementals had transformed into two water lines and fled from the battlefield. But too bad, one of them had been caught by the spatial shockwave, and exploded into a splatter of water that splashed into all directions. The last one managed to escape from the attack, and had reformed its body while standing beside Greem, putting up a high vigilance.

When the spatial crack at the heart of the shockwave started to heal slowly, only then Greem stopped from running. He turned around, and through the dense spatial fragments, he saw Alice.

Right at this moment, Alice looked so ferocious and violent, as if she was a mighty deity that had just descended from the heavens!

Her dress had been shattered into pieces, exposing her petite and cute body in front of everyone. Her eyes were closed, her fists clenched tightly, and she threw her head back and let out shrill cry into the sky. The Spatial Shockwave that swept across half of the space within the cage just now, was the last attack she unleashed after being agitated by the intense sense of danger.

After unleashed this last attack, the Spatial Energy contained within her body had been depleted completely.

Two streams of blood suddenly flowed down from the corner of Alice’s tightly closed eyes. Meanwhile, her delicate and fragile body was shivering like a dried body left in the cold breeze, eventually, she drifted down from midair without making any noise.

She was defeated!

She was defeated, in the middle of a fair match and by an enemy she had looked down the most!

The cruel reality had deeply pierced through Alice’s heart and soul, causing her who had lost all strength, to wish that she was killed by having her head slammed onto the ground in this cage, so that she could be spared from facing the reality that she never wanted to accept!

But, in next moment, her cold and weak body was cupped by a pair of warm arms. And after that, a long robe, which had an unfamiliar smell, was placed on top of her naked body.

She opened her blurred eyes, staring at the silhouette that had been inscribed deeply in her mind, before murmuring, “You… bastard…” Finally, she passed out completely. At the same time, Greem was looking at the weak little girl in his arms, inwardly, he kept roaring out furiously, “You can’t die like this! You can’t die here! Or else, your Granny Witch would definitely go berserk…”

A sudden shake struck the spatial.

The scene in front of his eyes changed, and Greem felt the burden in his arms was lifted as Alice was taken away by that Poisonous Witch Endor.

Endor placed Alice on the ground, and after thoroughly examining her a few times and making sure that she had only passed out as the result of depleting all her energy, Endor finally set her mind at rest.

She turned around and stared at Greem’s face for a long time, until he felt a chill running down his spine, only then had Endor let out a frightening smile, which was uglier than someone who was crying out loud. “Kid, you’re very good! You’re very good… I’ll remember you!”

Having finished with her words that were buried with some unknown meaning, Endor carried Alice and mounted her flying broom, and with a blink of an eye, they disappeared into the sky.

Leaving behind a group of people who were exchanging glances with each other, not knowing what to say.

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