Outside In

Outside In

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Which meant Jacy knew about them. “What are their names?”

Bubba Boom squinted at the warped metal in his hands. He turned it over and over. “What if they’re innocent?”

“Then we keep searching. We’re not like the Pop Cops,” I said.

“Really? Then why are there ISF goons patrolling the barracks all the time?” he asked.

“Because of the fights,” Anne-Jade said from the doorway. “They’re not working so they’re bored. Nine times out of ten boredom leads to trouble. We did our share of proving that theory didn’t we, Bubba?”

A wide grin spread on his face, matching Anne-Jade’s. “We sure did,” he said.

Logan’s displeasure deepened. “As much as I’m not enjoying this little reunion, we need the names of the two stink bombers.”

Bubba Boom met Anne-Jade’s gaze. “Promise me you won’t do anything rash? That you will be one hundred percent sure they’re guilty before you arrest them?”

“When have I ever done anything rash?” Anne-Jade asked.

He gestured to me. “When you risked everything helping her.”

“That wasn’t rash,” she corrected. “Risky, dangerous and suicidal, but not rash. We studied the situation carefully before offering our assistance.” She winked at me. “Stubborn scrub almost turned us down, but it worked in our favor.”

Bubba Boom tapped the metal piece against his leg as he considered. “All right. Kadar works in waste management, and Ivie is one of the gardeners in hydroponics.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Can you keep our…suspicions quiet for now? I don’t want people to panic.”

“Sure.” He hesitated and glanced at Anne-Jade before leaving the control room.

“He’s full of sheep’s manure,” Logan said. “A woman named Ivie who just happens to work in hydroponics. Come on, how dumb does he think we are?”

“At least he didn’t say Crapdar,” I said.

Logan laughed. “Close enough.”

Anne-Jade frowned. “I think he’s telling the truth.”

“You would,” he said.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

Before they could launch into an argument, I asked Logan, “Can you look up those names in the population records, see if they do exist?”

“I don’t have the time, but you can do it. It’s easy,” he said.

I tried to object, but Anne-Jade said, “I need you first.”

Her tone didn’t give me a warm feeling. “For what?”

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