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“I’ll make sure he didn’t get lost.” I didn’t trust Frank Young wandering my house alone. And I was right not to. When I made it to the hall, he was coming out of my dad’s office. He looked alarmed when he saw me.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“I was looking for the bathroom.”

“And that took walking all the way into my dad’s office?”

“I didn’t walk all the way in. I was just shutting the door when you saw me.”

That wasn’t true. I knew what I’d seen.

“You have trust issues, Kat,” Frank whispered, then walked to the next door, the actual bathroom, and shut himself inside.

I did not have trust issues. I had Frank issues. I walked into my dad’s office and straight to his desk to see what Frank might have been able to find. In the top middle drawer, I knew, was a ledger that recorded outgoing and incoming money. I’d never looked at it myself. I opened the drawer and rubbed my hand over the cover. What could seeing our financial information do for Frank or his family? Not much. That was between my parents and their lenders. My hand stopped at the edge of the cover. But what if our business was in trouble? Was that why my parents were pushing me to do something else besides the marina? To try other things?

I flipped open the book and stared at the numbers on the page. These numbers would have to carry us through the off-season, but I was surprised by how good they were. My parents were doing great, actually. So what was their problem? Were they trying to subtly tell me that I might not be good at running the marina? I shut the drawer and came out of the office just as Frank came out of the bathroom.

“The bathroom is right here, Kate,” he said. “Might not want to go nosing around.”

I shoved his arm, feeling a little guilty. My parents’ finances really weren’t my business, either. “You aren’t funny.”

Frank and I walked back into the living room together. Both Alana and Diego looked our way.

“Found him,” I said, by way of explanation.

Frank glanced at the TV screen. “I like penguins as much as the next guy, but I’m going to go now.” He headed toward the door, and Alana stood and followed him, probably wanting to interrogate him about what he’d been doing wandering around my house. I hoped she could find out more than I had.

Cora was still leaned up against Diego’s arm. I looked at my phone. It was already eleven o’clock. Although I had been doing a good job of not thinking about Hunter’s text, I couldn’t help myself now. I pulled it up and stared at it. I should’ve deleted it. I didn’t, though. I just tucked my phone away.

“Here, let me take Cora to bed,” I said, finishing the walk to the couch.

“I got her. Can I carry her somewhere?” Diego shifted her into his arms and stood.

“Her bed is in the house next door.”

“Lead the way,” he said.

“Right.” We walked outside and turned right. The grown-ups were having dinner at my aunt Marinn’s house, so Uncle Tim’s still sat empty. I led Diego around to the back glass door. Our back doors were all generally left unlocked, so I wasn’t surprised when it slid open easily. Diego followed close behind.

We both walked inside the dark living room, and I shut the door behind us. “Light,” I whispered. “Let me find a light.” I moved toward the wall and tripped on his foot, catching myself on Diego’s arm before I fell. Thankfully, I didn’t clip Cora’s head in the process.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

“No, it’s my fault. I can’t see.”

He gave a breathy laugh. I ran my hand along the closest wall and finally found a light switch that turned on a few lights above us.

“Her room is upstairs, follow me.”

I switched on lights as we moved through the house until we got to Cora’s room. That light I left off so that she wouldn’t wake up when we laid her down. I arranged the comforter on her bed, put her pillow in place, then moved aside for Diego. He gently lowered her onto her bed and pulled the blankets up around her. “Dulces sueños,” he whispered.

We left the room, shutting the door. “What did you say to her?” I asked.

“Have you not taken any Spanish in school? I’m offended,” he said, even though it was obvious by his smile that he wasn’t.

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