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Wait, that was so good, perhaps she has some experience after all. “Have you done that before?” I ask, and I’m not sure I want to know.

“No,” she says with obvious pride.

“Good.” I hope my relief is not too obvious. “Yet another first, Miss Steele. Well, you get an A in oral skills. Come, let’s go to bed, I owe you an orgasm.”

I climb out of the bath a little dazed and wrap a towel around my waist. Grabbing another, I hold it up and help her out of the bath, swathing her in it so she’s trapped. I hold her against me, kissing her, really kissing her. Exploring her mouth with my tongue.

I taste my ejaculate in her mouth. Grasping her head, I deepen the kiss.

I want her.

All of her.

Her body and soul.

I want her to be mine.

Staring down into bemused eyes, I implore her. “Say yes.”

“To what?” she whispers.

“Yes to our arrangement. To being mine. Please, Ana.” And it’s the closest I’ve come to begging in a long time. I kiss her again, pouring my fervor into my kiss. When I take her hand, she looks dazed.

Dazzle her further, Grey.

In my bedroom, I release her. “Trust me?” I ask.

She nods.

“Good girl.”

Good. Beautiful. Girl.

I head into my closet to select one of my ties. When I’m back in front of her, I take her towel and drop it on the floor. “Hold your hands together in front of you.”

She licks her lips in what I think is a moment of uncertainty, then holds out her hands. Swiftly I bind her wrists together with the tie. I test the knot. Yes. It’s secure.

Time for more training, Miss Steele.

Her lips part as she inhales…she’s excited.

Gently I tug both her braids. “You look so young with these.” But they’re not going to stop me. I drop my towel. “Oh, Anastasia, what shall I do to you?” I grasp her upper arms and push her gently back on the bed, keeping hold of her so that she doesn’t fall. Once she’s prostrate, I lie down beside her, grab her fists, and raise them above her head. “Keep your hands up here, don’t move them. Understand?”

She swallows.

“Answer me.”

“I won’t move my hands,” she says, her voice husky.

“Good girl.” I can’t help my smile. She lies beside me, wrists bound, helpless. Mine.

Not quite to do with as I wish—yet—but getting there.

Leaning down, I kiss her lightly and let her know that I’ll kiss her all over.

She sighs as my lips move from the base of her ear down to the hollow at the bottom of her neck. I’m rewarded with her appreciative moan. Abruptly she lowers her arms so that they circle my neck.

No. No. No. This will not do, Miss Steele.

Glaring down at her, I place them firmly back above her head. “Don’t move your hands, or we just have to start all over again.”

“I want to touch you,” she whispers.

“I know.” But you can’t. “Keep your hands above your head.”

Her lips are parted and her chest is heaving with each rapid breath. She’s turned on.

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