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Mummy didn’t exactly tell me, but what if the steps you’re taking to make things right just make things wronger? What are you supposed to do then?

Huh. I hear footsteps. Wonder who’s coming down the path.




Thursday, June 25

My room

Dear Mira Nair,

It makes me laugh now that I thought my life sucked before. Haha, Universe. Joke’s on me. I get it.

Where do I even begin with chronicling this train wreck? Where?

Oh, yes. The path and the footsteps. It turned out those belonged to none other than Sahil, who came to sit by me on the boulder. I scooted over and wrapped my arms around my waist.

“You cold?” He immediately took off his hoodie and set it around my shoulders.

I protested, but only mildly, because it smelled incredible, like lemon and stars and boy. And it was also very, very warm. I pulled the sleeves over my fingers and moved close to him, so our thighs were touching. “Thanks. You’re so warm.”

“Sure.” Sahil put an arm around me for good measure. He should hire himself out as a portable heater for outdoor spaces. “Things didn’t go so well with Maddie?”

I glanced up at him. “You saw that?”

“A little bit of it, not much.”

“Yeah. She wasn’t interested in accepting my apology. I’m not who she thought I was or some such.”

He pulled me closer, and I let my head fall against his chest. “That doesn’t seem very fair. Especially since Maddie has changed so much over the past year.”

I looked at him. “Right? That’s what I said. It’s not just me?”

“Psh, no way. I mean, even I could see it, and I rarely speak to Maddie.”

“Exactly! And she was all, ‘How could you do those interviews with my friends, blah, blah.’”

“Wait, the interviews at the cabin?”

I nodded. “Yeah. You know, the ones you set up?”

“Yeah … but we talked about it that night. I thought you decided not to use those.”

“No, we’re definitely using those. And we’re not editing anything out either, even though I know you told Maddie we were.” I scrunched up the sleeves of his hoodie in my fists.

“But … you wanted to apologize to everyone for the way you acted.”

“I did. I do.” I shook my head. “That doesn’t have anything to do with the interviews, though.”

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