Defiant Queen

Defiant Queen

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“I want to spank your ass for putting yourself at risk, and then I want to fuck the hell out of you so there’s no question in your mind about whether I want you. Maybe then you’ll finally realize who you belong to.”

I should be feeling terror as this brutal man pins me against the wall, but raw emotion claws at my insides, and it has nothing to do with fear. No, it’s anticipation at the thought of him following through on his threat.

He’s turning me into someone I don’t recognize.

“Let me go.” I voice the demand, but there’s no power behind it.

He lowers his face to mine and whispers a single word. “Never.”

Mount’s mouth collides with mine, his teeth closing over my bottom lip and tugging at it with a sharp nip. When my tongue slips out to soothe it, he steals inside, angling his head to gain better access.

The kiss is pure chaos. A wild, angry tempest of a storm. It strips away all my inhibitions and sparks a recklessness in me I don’t recognize.

With my wrists pinned over my head and his chest pressed against mine, he owns my mouth, taking it over and over with certainty, but completely lacking in the clever skill I would have expected. This is no tried-and-true move he’s cultivated over the years. This is something completely unpracticed and unhinged.

I said I’d never kiss him. What the hell am I doing? He’s breaking all my rules. Stealing every bit of my control over my body and my emotions. How can he do this to me? I can’t pretend I don’t want it. Want him.

Before I realize what’s happening, Mount tears us away from the wall and backs me up against my bed before we both topple onto it. His heavy weight lands on me, sending a feeling of satisfaction screaming through my blood.

I struggle, tugging at his grip, but I’m not seeking freedom from him. I want the freedom to touch him. I want to bury my fingernails in his shoulders again, uncaring that my brain has lost its capacity for rational thought in favor of this animalistic craving.

He tears his mouth from mine, looking as crazed as I feel. “Tell me you want this as bad as I do.”

I wet my lower lip, loving the sting his teeth left behind, as I pretend to pull myself together. One coherent thought breaks through the primitive need firing in my blood, and I pull back an inch so I can see his face clearly.

“You have to promise me something first.”

He says nothing as his dark gaze drinks in my features. His pulse pounds in his throat as his lungs heave. The scent that I remember all too well wafts over me. Finally, his eyes lock on mine.

“Promise you won’t let anything happen to my family. You won’t let Brett or anyone else hurt them. Ever.”

The muscle in his jaw ticks, but he pauses only a single beat before replying. “Done.”

His lips crash against mine again and I pry my hands free, grasping his shoulders and lifting my hips to press against the bulging hard-on barely contained by his suit pants. My new piercing sends jolts of sensation streaking through my body.

“You make me fucking crazy,” he says on a breath as he reaches down to capture one breast in his big palm, teasing the nipple into a taut peak through my blouse before pinching it between his thumb and forefinger.

Pleasure rushes from my nipple to my center, and I buck harder against him. I let out a moan because, holy hell, it feels more incredible than ever.

He releases my nipple and lifts up just long enough to shove my skirt up my body and tear my thong free with a single snap of the lace band. I tense, expecting the next onslaught, but he goes still.

“Say it.”

My mind, devoid of rational thought, can’t grasp the question. “What?” I ask, looking into his intense face.

“Tell me you want this. Right here. Right now.”

I lift up, again seeking pressure, but he holds me down with a hand wrapped around my hip.

“Please—” I stop short because I don’t want to beg.

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