Defiant Queen

Defiant Queen

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“It was five minutes!”

“Five minutes or five hours, you were still late.”


“Give me one more excuse, and the only butt we’re going to be talking about is the one filled with a plug right now. Actually, I think you’re almost ready. One more size to go, and we’re going to see if I can finally fit my fat cock in your ass.”






How can my nipples be hard, my pussy be wet, and my hand itch to grab the lamp on his desk to bludgeon him to death all at the same time?

This man drives me absolutely insane. If I don’t get away from him right now, I’ll do something unthinkable.

Like lay yourself out on his desk and beg him to fuck you in exchange for whatever he wants, as long as he lets you come? I shove down my inner voice as I tug my wrists from Mount’s grip.

Surprisingly, he lets me go.

I edge away from the desk, trying to gauge his expression. He’s impossible to read.

“I assume you’d like to go to work today?” he asks.

Work. How the hell did I forget about work?

“Yes. Of course. There’s always more to do there.”

“That I understand.”

It’s strange to think about, but maybe it’s the one thing we have in common—we both run our own business. Or in his case, an empire. But then again, that’s my goal too, for Seven Sinners to dominate the world whiskey market. My dad’s plans were never so grand, nor were his father’s or grandfather’s, but I think bigger. I see what we could be, if only I had the right connections and the cash. That’s part of how Brett sucked me in so easily. He made me believe that he shared my vision. He painted the picture of the future I wanted so badly, and I fell for it and him.


The thought of him makes bile rise in my throat as I remember the note on the first appointment reminder that popped up this morning. Your prior appointment has been handled.

I take a few more steps away from Mount before I voice the question I originally rushed to his door to have answered. “How did you— What did you—” I stumble over the words, unable to get them right. “What happened with Brett?”

Mount’s unreadable expression shifts into that granite-like hardness I’ve come to know well. “You won’t ever have to worry about him again.”

“But what does that mean?”

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