Defiant Queen

Defiant Queen

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“Quit referring to yourself as a dog. You might act like a bitch sometimes, but you’re sure as fuck not as obedient as one. Be fucking grateful I had that tonight. What else could’ve happened to you if V and I hadn’t gotten there?”

When she yanks at the chain until it threatens to break her skin, I close my fingers over hers, stilling her movement. “Leave it alone. It’s not coming off.”

Her gaze burns into mine, and I can see the words she wants to speak but has been forbidden from uttering. I hate you.

At least she’s learning.

We reach the hidden library entrance, and I pull her against my chest.

“Let me go.”

She struggles against me, but I squeeze tighter. “Shut up, Keira.”

The platform spins, and I release her as soon as we’re in the library.

She darts across the room as if she can’t get away from me fast enough.

Try all you want, hellion. It won’t work.

She stops in front of the sideboard with the crystal decanters, not waiting to be served.

Lifting the stopper from one decanter, she sniffs it and wrinkles her nose, then unstops another bottle and inhales. She repeats the process until she whirls around to face me, and I know exactly which decanter is gripped in her hand.

“How did you get Spirit of New Orleans? You can only get it in our restaurant, and I sure as hell didn’t send you one of the promotional bottles.”

I give her a look that can only be interpreted as Are you seriously asking me that question?

Keira rolls her eyes. “When I find out who got it for you, I’m going to have to fire them. You know that, right?”

My laugh booms out, surprising us both. “Like I need inside help. You, on the other hand, need to upgrade security at your storehouses.”

Pure shock flashes across her features. “You stole a barrel of my best whiskey? How dare—”

I stride across the room, stopping a foot from her. “I dare whatever the fuck I please. One of these days, you’ll figure that out.”

A growl escapes her throat as she turns around and pours herself a tumbler before tossing it back. “You’re—”

I close the gap between us and press my palms to the wood on either side of her, trapping her against my body. Her spine stiffens when my chest touches her back.

“What am I, Keira? Tell me.” My lips almost brush her ear.

She releases another growl of frustration, and I want to fucking devour her. “Impossible. You’re impossible.”

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